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  1. Rosario on Ocampo in Ajijic is excellent.
  2. Thank youconejorapido. That might work very nicely. Certainly far more convenient. These friends love to party.......
  3. Thank you. Considering all the amenities in Roco Azul I think that is their best option. Somebody will simply have to be the DD for the night, Jajaja You need all your faculties driving that road at night.
  4. Recently met two couples with RV’s wanting to drive down to Lake Chapala in January. To my knowledge, Roco Azul is the only official trailer park but wondering if anyone knows of other options closer to Ajijic. One of the ladies has an incredible voice and will undoubtedly be singing in any bar/restaurant that has a band. Hate to see them driving back to Roco late at night.
  5. Dewayne played for me in Club Hidalgo and for a year or so it was the best place to go. Dewayne was a very interesting character and wrote many songs including Honkytonk Man for the Eastwood movie of the same name. It was recorded by Marty Robbins who sang it in the movie as did Eastwood himself. His first million record song written when he was 17 was Call Me Mr. Blue recorded by the Fleetwoods in 1959 and later by Bobby Vinton and Bobby Vee. All his songs had stories to go with them. There were some really good songs that never got recorded. Correction on one account Dewayne and I did not finance Señor Azul. But that’s a hole other story. Jerry Mayfield and his band joined us there on Thursday nights’. Dewayne’s health is not good and I speak to Jerry every so often in the Plaza. Jerry has probably been Dewayne’s closest contact in recent years. Sure brings back some great memories.........
  6. Anyone in the area of Guadalupe/Victoria/ Privado 2 experiencing outage today?
  7. We now have Ilox available on our street so we are considering a switch from Telmex. In coffee shop chatter with a few people, we have still one question after someone said their iPad and iPhone would not work with Ilox. Anyone else experience this problem?
  8. I have Internet TV now vis Wickedentertainment . It’s a Canadian co and when it works, it’s great. However, I have a problem with the DSL fluctuations and Shawn ran a test which I showed Telmex. Shawn recommended asking Telmex to change m6 line into the house. I’ve been there 5 times now with no success. Telmex admits there is a problem with fluctuations but claim it’s a software problem.

    im just getting frustrated with the back and forth and may go back to Satelite try8ng to avoid Shaw. It may be my only choice.

  9. Has anyone found Satelite TV options Lakeside that’s includes Canadian channels other than Shaw.
  10. Need to consider having Dental Veneers for a total of 14 teeth, 7 up @nd 7 lower. Received an estimate from one dentist which was surprisingly high for what I was anticipating. Perhaps I was simply wrong and intend to seek alternate estimates. Just looking for anyone who has had this type of work done here and what their experience has been. Looking for good experiences and recommendations or not so good could be by way of PM.
  11. just got 500. Pesos on Liebromiento. Arrived about 7:15 and waited less than half an hour. Lineup much longer now. Gas station just west of Ajijic has gas but lineup is back to entrance od Los Sabinos.
  12. Just came from the gas station just west of Ajijic. Got there 2:24 and went just past to a road on the north then came back so I’m now coming from the west. Suggested by two people. Within one hour I was at the pumps but was too late literally by 3 vehicles. If I hadn’t taken time to go pee first I would have been OK, at least for gas. Jajaja,,,
  13. If anyone is looking for accommodation over the Christmas holiday period, please send me a private message.
  14. Thank you very much for your input.
  15. Telcel keeps saying I can use my cell phone in the US and Canada. What I want to know is if I use my telcel package does the person in Canada who is calling me while I’m there get charged long distance charges as they are calling a Mexican number.
  16. Totally agree with Daniel . You might want to phone first. Little hard to find on your first try.
  17. When we left in May this year, Salvador’s had been sold and we were anticipating the new owners would open a new restaurant. I have not seen any reports on this board about the new eatery . Any info in this regard?
  18. You just made of my mind for me RVGringo. Gracias!
  19. I find it interesting that no one recommended TioCorp neither good or bad. They are my current agent but I was disappointed they would not switch my previous vehicle for a Mexican plated purchase even though there is still 5 months left on my policy and I’ve been in Canada for the last 5 months. Any other experiences?
  20. PM didn’t work. Call me Bob 331 746-6080. I’m in the Ajijic almost every morning.
  21. I tried a PM but it would not send. I’ll buy the coins if I can meet you in the Ajijic Plaza at the Black/White coffee shop. I’m there almost every morning. To be sure I’m Bob at 3317466080.

  22. Thank you everyone for relating your experiences in this matter. Your comments will help us decide whether to plod on or give up the cause.
  23. My wife and a couple friends have been trying for two months to apply for DIF cards. They went to Chapala and were told what was the required for documentation. With the documents in hand they made 4 trips to Chapala each time being told they had no cards available and to come back next week. They even tried on one occasion to go to the office in Joco with the same results. As they were being told the cards had to come from Guadalajara, they decided this week to go there instead. The first location was closed due to renovations. With difficulty they located another office where there were long lineups. One of the friends speaks quite good Spanish and went over to another desk to ask if they were in the right place and was told if she wanted to ask a question, she had to go to the back of the line. She said she fully understood they would have to go to the back of the line but just wanted to be sure it was the right line. Again she was told she had to line up just to ask that question. So the question is despite being told we are welcome to apply for these cards, in reality do they simply not want us to have these cards? Has anyone else experienced such a run around?
  24. My problem with the new store is not parking as I can walk. The problem is the lack o& product on the shelves. I only went to Superlake for those items iI couldn’t find else where. Pancho is not solving my problem. Sorry, but I can’t see him lasting on l8mited choices
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