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  1. I’m in central Ajijic behind El Torito.
  2. For the past hour hearing many sirens. Anyone aware of an accident?
  3. Went yesterday afternoon. Lined out the door and played musical chairs but line moved quickly, renewed the sticker in about 1/2 hour. No actual sticker though, told to come back in April. 2005 Van at a cost of $638. Mpesos.
  4. Anyone looking for a private driver who is professional, reliable and speaks perfect English, I can highly recommend German Esquivel. Asked for a 4:45 pickup yesterday and he arrived at 4:15. We had a large group returning to Canada and we had to wait for the other cab driver who arrived late. German waited patiently until everyone else was gone as I had asked that I follow him closely in my Van as we were going to a Hotel closer to Guadalajara that I wasn’t familiar with. He kept his speed reasonable making sure I was behind him all the way. Excellent service. His number is 331-713-4277.
  5. We and others have had the same problem at Walmart. For me the best solution is we now only pay with a credit card. No change involved. You insert the card into the machine, punch in your PIN then remove the card. The card never has to leave your sight.
  6. We asked two different vendors who assured us they would be open on Wednesday over Christmas and New Years .
  7. Yes again for La Quinta right on I35.
  8. Does anyone have knowledge of A driver with an extended Van capable of carrying 9 persons plus luggage to and an airport hotel, then on to Guadalajara.
  9. Yes Yo1, exactly what I was referring to. Did not mean to insult all of Europe talent. I will contact one of the referrals mentioned.
  10. Looking for recommendations for Massage Therapist, preferably NOB trained.
  11. There are quite a few variations of Internet TV around as it seems to be the way of the future whether we like it or not. Tried one without success and the problem was reported to be internet speed unless you had fibre optic. Got fibre optic .. Ilox and changed internet TV service but early diagnosis is not good. Can the problem be not having a Smart TV? It’s bad enough that we’re not SMART when it comes to this stuff but combined with a not smart tv could be a disastrous combination. Any SMART advice out there based on personal experience?
  12. Thank you very much. Now in my contact list. 😁
  13. I have seen the name Alex Peterson numerous times as a reliable driver for airport pickup. Unfortunately I was not alert enough to record his telephone number. Can someone help me out here?
  14. Thank you so much Mike. I appreciate that.
  15. Been awhile since I’ve needed electrical work done :ie: power window will work today but not tomorrow. Not a good problem, especially in rainy seaso. Any sugg3stions as to where to take it. Previous owner did all his work in Joco so I could go there. However, not a big fan of driving back and forth to Joco especially if it takes a few days to fix. Don’t have a backup car. Any suggestions of your experiences locally?
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