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  1. I used to live on 10,000 pesos, ($500) 10 years ago in Guadalajara!! Those were the days!!
  2. I checked Guadalajara to Ajijic Uber prices a few weeks ago and was quoted $520 pesos (one way). Your driver wants to do it off app because Uber drivers have to give 25% to Uber. Uber prices fluctuate depending on demand too. I have seen prices from Providencia to the airport (1 way) fluctuate between $170-$450 this year. Uber prices have generally gone up compared to years past. They are convenient though.
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    no, not many voted for him. He only more than doubled his nearest contenders numbers.
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    Scam ?

    Make sure you use a good anti-virus software to keep your computer clean. Malwarebytes or Norton seem to work for me. Don't click on links sent in emails ( could be bad websites), keep your computer updated. So many scams nowadays.
  5. You could diversify. Put some in property, some in a dollar account, some in peso account...I guess you need a financial adviser...
  6. You can buy bitcoin online yourself through companies such as coinbase. You don't need to give your money to a 'specialist'. Use google to do your own research.
  7. I tried google translate but that didn't help me. Thanks for the effort though.
  8. Thanks. Yes, I have seen the changes since I first went to Mexico in 2005. Guadalajara has changed quite a bit, LOTS more restaurants, bars, businesses, plazas, building apartments, new train line, infrastructure... Good to see that its on the up. Mexico should have a bright future in the right hands.....
  9. Buying properties and renting them out is an option I'm looking at. Cetes is another which is why I'm interested in finding out about peoples experiences with banks etc (such as Multiva)
  10. With the Brexit situation the pound has had a rough year and a half but it's still fairly strong against the peso. Once out of the EU, who knows how the UK will fair? Mexico on the other hand has advanced quite a bit (economically at least) since 2005 when I was living there.
  11. It seems that peso devaluation is more of a concern listening to you guys rather than bank fraud. I'm still in the early stages of research so don't have answers to all my questions (obviously) but reading your comments helps. Thanks.. I'll look into expat accounts next and see whats available for the UK too.
  12. Barcaman, they closed the account? Did it have money in it? What happened to the money? I lived here 10 years ago but my UK HSBC account was fine during my few years living in Mexico
  13. Of course currency devaluation is something to consider, but that and other events such as revolution, nuclear apocalypse apart, I'm thinking more of bank fraud within the bank as some people have experienced here due to rogue employees siphoning money away from gringos accounts. I read a case from last year about a bank employee downloading the banks app to transfer money fraudulently from customer account to their own. I would hope that would some good security such as changing passwords, pin number etc it would minimize this sort of threat. I hope generally this sort of fraud isn't too comm
  14. Hi, I'm researching ways to invest a large capital sum in Mexico. It would be sent from Europe. Can you share your investment experiences/recommendations for larger sums of money in Mexico. I am looking at O'Rourke investment funds as a possibility. Any experience with them? Also read that some people use Multiva and Actinver bank for investments. Are these safe? My main concern is how safe is it to have a large amount of money is in a Mexican bank/ investment fund without it getting stolen (through an inside job mainly)
  15. I'm booking a dentist appointment in Ajijic and coming from zapopan (not staying in hotel). I'm booking the dentist before I arrive in Mexico because its a popular dentist and I want to make sure we get an appointment while in Mexico. However coming from Zapopan on bus takes some gooding planning to ensure we get to Ajijic on time. for appointments. I know theres a nice air conditioned direct bus that bypasses chapala altogether but its only every hour rather than every half hour as the chapala buses go. I'll try calling a number I found online to see the timetable for it.
  16. Leaving the old bus station in Guadalajara to Ajijic in the morning. Thanks
  17. Hi, Does anyone know what times the Guadalajara to Ajijic bus goes, the direct one? I seem to remember that its every hour but not sure at what time exactly. I need to take one around 10am on a Wednesday. Is there a website with the bus timetable? Thanks
  18. Hi, Does anyone have or know of a 2 bedroom rental in Zapopan for 2 weeks in July? We are visiting family. There are 3 of us. A house or apartment will do. I've looked at airbnb but perhaps members here have something available too. Closer to the basilica the better! . PM if you have something! Thanks! Rich
  19. I was living in Mexico back then! I still didn't want to dirty my shoe.
  20. Thanks for the input guys. It helps when others share their opinions and experiences. Having bought 1 house ever in my life and not from a previous owner (it was brand new) I didn't know how it all worked.
  21. Hi, I quick question. If I wanted to buy a house in Mexico, lets say $2/3 million de pesos, how much should/could I offer under the asking price? So for example, If a house was a $3.6 million pesos, would offering $3.2 million pesos be insulting or expected or is it totally dependent on who is selling? Not sure on protocol in this situation.. Also would be buying from Mexican sellers. Many thanks
  22. I used to take a deodorant and turn it into a flamethrower to burn them to a crisp. That way I didn't have to dirty my shoe by wacking it or get too close to them. It worked a charm. Calling in professional help is probably better if you feel the need.
  23. I know this is a lake side contact. Is there something similar for Guadalajara?
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