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  1. I had to have some work done at the Toyota dealer. (March '19) To say that he was not competent to work on my Lexus is a huge understatement. When we went to pick it up not only had he not fixed the problem, but there were other major things wrong. He did get the car into condition that I can drive it home and to a true Lexus dealer. I hope not to have a Lexus when I return next year!
  2. Hi Spencer, Do w need a new, additional update on Chapala rules? They were just published. Thanks for what you do. Rick
  3. A lawyer recommended to me that I get a document from my maid and helper that states that they work for others and that they are sole proprietors while working for us.
  4. A couple of years ago when I knew we would be here for the warm season I bought a large window swamp cooler from the States. I installed it on the mirador blowing down the stairs. On a very hot day my granddaughters couldn't watch TV because it was too cold! The temp was 72° on the 2nd floor and it was 75° downstairs. Swamp coolers work very well here if properly sized. Remember that the output of the cooler should be such that it will replace the complete volume of air in your home in one minute, two at most. That also means that you go the farthest part of the house and open a window. You should be able to keep your whole house cool with a 500 Watt cooler using 110V power. I have had bad luck with the smaller roll around units. A large window one should work well for you. Rick
  5. Since I am going to San Franscisco, going through Larado makes no sense.
  6. Does anyone know about the drive from Sonoyta to Mexicali on route 2? How is the road? Is there much traffic? Is it safe for a Gringo hauling a small trailer? Or should I go North at Lukeville to Gila Bend and West? 70 extra miles, well over an hour with the trailer. Thanks, Rick
  7. We have a young man who, at his request, does general chores for us for 60 pesos an hour for whatever hours we need plus 75 pesos to wash our car and clean it inside. He has just left for a 3 week job out of town where he will get "about the same" , full time, 6 days a week. So we are paying him "market rate". It reminds me of a story from my mother. During WWII my father was posted to a city in the South; we had lived in New York. She asked the other wives what to pay a maid. She said that what was being paid was much too little, and she paid what she thought was a living wage. The woman came to work on Mon., Tue., and Wed., but then not again until the next Monday. When my mother asked where she was, the maid said that she had earned enough for the week and she came back when she needed more money. My mother lowered her pay to what everyone else was paying and everyone was happy. MORAL: Find out what is appropriate for the local market and pay accordingly. You can be generous with bonuses and Christmas stuff. We pay our maid the local rate, but my wife often has some good food that she sends on with her.
  8. My wife has used accupuncture successfully in the past ad has a need to try it again. Is there a good accupuncturist around? Thanks, Rick
  9. And I thought this thread was about a wall a little farther North that looks like it will be built of steel, anyway!
  10. With fuel in Lakeland FL at $1.86 per gallon it is not surprising that drivers in the USA like their high powered vehicles. If you are a rural driver and occasionally have to tow a trailer full of 1 ton hay bales, that power is nice. So Ford et al highlight the vehicles. And production of compact sedans in the USA is being shut down. I drive a big SUV to go fom here to the States towing my trailer. But am looking for a compact sedan to drive in the towns here. Note my avitar to see what I think the optimal vehicle is for driving around Ajijic. But I wouldn't drive it to Guad or to Mexico City. The point being that one matches their choice of vehicle to their needs and abilities. The car manufacturers supply what is demanded.
  11. Plug a light bulb into the circuit you are concerned about. Turn on a 1000w ± hair dryer and watch the light bulb. If your wiring is in good shape, the bulb will dim very little. If it dims visably and stays there, you ae losing a portion of the energy into the wiring (resistive losses). For an analogy, and not reality, if you run the 1000w device and the voltage goes to half, then you are losing 1000w of power into the wiring of the house. It could be lost evenly throughout the wiring which would warm it a bit but not be a problem. But it could be a bad connection with most of the loss a point loss. That would become a hot spot in your wall. That could blow out the circuit, or cause a fire. If the light dims and you don't know how to use a volt meter, get the electrician.
  12. I second the recommendation to cross at Santa Teresa. Quick, easy, and you can get all the paperwork done there. They have a commercial Xerox place, so if you don't have all the copies you need, it is under the same roof. Not free, but cheap. Also easy going North. As you approach from the Mexican side, keep right and follow the signs to the bank office to return your sticker and get your refund started. Then just turn right and cross the border. We have found the Homeland Security there easy to work with and have never had a hassle. Don't forget to keep the paperwork of returning your sticker. If there is a foul-up you will need it to ever bring another vehicle into Mexico.
  13. My download speed is acceptable. My problem is that the service runs, then stops for a while, then runs again, and repeat. For most things that is not much of a problem. But with some of my applications, the 4 or more second hiatus is greater than the buffer in the program. Sometimes the program stops and restarts, but if the delay is long enough, the program quits. Then I have to start it again. Some of the stops exceed a minute. Most annoying! Telmex said they would have to come and rewire me, but after 3 weeks, no luck. Rick
  14. I have an account with Wells Fargo. I put money into it and then can, on line, have them transfer it to my Bancomer account. I get a very good exchange rate and only a small transaction fee. I can then use my Bancomer debit card at their ATMs with no ATM fee. Works for me!
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