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  1. Hi, Has anyone driven North through the Agua Prieta/Douglas border crossing and gone through INM and returned the permit to drive in Mexico and gotten their deposit back? Do you remember how you did it and where? Thanks, Rick
  2. Does anyone know how to exit Mexico through Agua Prieta and get your vehicle deposit back? How about an visa exit document? I have a Temporal.
  3. From Chopo Chapala website: Laboratory ANTI-SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) ANTIBODIES Immunoassay test for the qualitative detection of antibodies, which is approved by COFEPRIS in our country and authorized by the FDA in the United States. They are called serological or immunological tests and are the antibodies present in the patient's blood that are produced in response to infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They are useful tests for asymptomatic patients . Do you have doubts about the study? Solve them here $ 990.00 Add studyhttps://www.chopo.com.mx/chapala/anticuerpos-anti-sars-cov-2-covid-19
  4. "Does it make sense to close stores until 7PM?" My wife is a Mexican who speaks English very well. She often says "until" when she means "starting at". Something about the translation...that is how they think it.
  5. Some of us white haired ancients actually remember paper bags and glass bottled soda. The Environmentalists pushed us into plastic because it saved the trees. Back then we usually brought our own cotton bags, too. We collected discarded glass bottles and brought them back to the store for the deposit. A way for kids to earn some money. How the world turns!
  6. Hi Cedros, I think maybe the poster is correct. Others here have indicated that you can get garafons of water with no pedigree. That will not assure that the water has been treated to remove pathogens or minerals. For best water here, getting reverse osmosis water has an advantage. It removes pathogens with UV radiation and then the minerals by the osmosis process. Wherever the water comes from the deep wells, it can have a high arsenic and heavy metals content. Drinking only RO water has a downside; since it doesn't have any minerals in it, it can leach those like calcium which you need for your bones. If you drink it, please take corresponding minerals. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to maintain good bone structure. My Dr. recommended Citrical but it is hard to find here. Rick
  7. The kids may look dirty, but their clothes are clean and look new. They look well fed, especially after months of COVID difficulties ????
  8. The suggestion to wear a surgical mask instead of an N95 mask is not a good one except for appearances. Yes, the surgical mask will help minimize the amount of virus you spew into the air. But, as they are not tight around the edges, the virus particles will just flow around the mask both while breathing in and out. The N95 masks have 2 straps, one toward the lower back of your head, the other toward the top back. They have a metal piece which you press down around your nose. If properly worn, if you place your hand over them and hold the mask close while you exhale, you should not feel air blow out around the mask; all breath goes through the mask. That assures that all breath, either in or out, goes through the mask filter. That protects both you from other's infections and them from yours. But only as long as you wear it properly. And, if worn properly, your glasses won't fog up. By the way, when I did fit tests to OSHA standards, facial hair where the mask contacts the skin would disqualify the wearer unless it was well gooped up with petroleum jelly or Vicks.
  9. I just spoke with a sales person about changing from a Medicare supplement to Medicare Advantage. I was told that I could switch back within ONE year without answering medical questions and being subject to underwriting. I'll probably stay with my current plan which, although not cheap, has served me well and certainly paid for itself.
  10. I think the Gvt would just as soon totally ban smoking because of the public health issues. This seems to me to be all they think they can get away with. What do you think about the proposed total ban on corporal punishment of children? Don't they occasionally need a spanking? Or the threat of one?
  11. Let them sit for three days and they will be fine. They disinfect PPE at hospitals that way now, especially masks.
  12. Remember that you will have to check the box on your USA tax form that says you have a foreign bank account. And from there....
  13. La MAGA√ĎA had an extensive book exchange...They're gone. Mom's had a small one...they gave it up. Huerto Cafe in Riberis has a small one. Does anyone know of others from Chapala through Ajijic? Thanks, Rick
  14. I am told that Lakeside_Shopper_Service is no longer taking on new members. Does anyone know of another service?
  15. Question: I have a small refund check from IRS; Bancomer won't cash US Government checks. Other than wallpaper, does anyone have suggestions?
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