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  1. Appreciate knowing contact information of any bakery or private individual that prepares rich Chocolate Cakes to order anywhere in Lakeside area. Thanks
  2. Opened today, did well on first day....very clean stainless steel kitchen, comfortable new chairs with four tables inside. New private banos/ common sink in rear. Fried chicken looked good, will have to compare to KFC or Tony’s. Probably a lot of take away clients due to location across from soccer field on lower Revolucion where Wednesday market locates. Kids will like the little “ slider “ burgers ! Ismat’s recipes at Gossips are always very tasty so will expect the same for his chicken & burgers. A Satisfied Diner at Gossips over the years !
  3. Appreciate anyone’s “ first hand” medical experiences within the past two years both positive & negative as require a trusted specialist opinion whether locally or in Guadalajara. Thanks in advance for your input/ suggestions/cautions.
  4. Thanks Natasha for the detailed response that is greatly appreciated & Spencer for indicating that your office provides facilitator services. Gracias
  5. Appreciate advise by anyone that has personally renewed their Chofer Mexican Drivers licence in 2017 that can comment on documentation required , cost , experience & office location to process/website info or facilitator contact information. Four years ago we renewed in a Chapala municipal office which was convenient albeit a five hour saga ! Gracias !
  6. Thanks Zed for the information... just wondering if you bought tickets right at the stadium just before the game started or at another outlet in Guad the day of the event or a Ticketmaster ? Appears I have located a trusted Mexican driver( English speaking) that would make this trip/event more enjoyable. Saludos
  7. Appreciate recommendation on local driver that would enjoy the game with son in law & grandson. Assuming the traffic really backs up near the Omnilife stadium requiring an early start.... anyone have practical expierence of attending a game in past/ ticket & driver costs ? Thanks
  8. I may be interested in purchasing this LNB if I can confirm the model number/age as the plastic cover deteriorates over time Advise me how I can contact you. Thanks
  9. Appreciate your insights on the quality/longevity of auto tires for SUVs made in China from anyone that has actual practical experience in purchasing rather than just an opinion. Research indicates many well known name brands tires are actually manufactured in China for many years. Price differences are very significant but safety in the main concern. Thanks for sharing your experiences !
  10. Appreciate an update from anyone that has been to the GDL airport within the last 24 hours on conditions to pickup arrivals due to demonstrations as per the Guad Reporter ? Just wondering if demonstrators are still making it difficult to park & then exist the airport area. Thanks for your feedback !
  11. Would anyone know the 2015 IMSS renewal fee for the various age groups ? Any pro/con experiences with the current Director of IMSS in Chapala as in the past years numerous foriegnors were denied coverage ? We have paid the fees for six years, no exclusions noted on paper booklet & have not met with the IMSS Dr as recommended by the facilitator which seems strange. Fortunately we have not had to use this " catastrophic insurance option " so far , hopefully never will have to & we don't mind supporting the Mexican medical system with this minimal contribution. Appreciate replies based upon personal experience ! Thanks
  12. Well this topic is timely as we expierenced a burglary attempt at our casa earlier this evening & thank goodness our monitored S.O.S.E system foiled the perps breakin intentions! After scaling the high wall to gain access to our property, the perp crossed the beam of the exterior Takex Passive Infrared Sensor which triggered the exterior siren . SInce we do not have any bars on any windows, the siren must have scared the perp to run immediately without even trying to pry open the sliding glass doors to gain access to the house. S.O.S.E immediately called my spouse's cell as we were at a restaurant & since they can tell which "zones" were breached, we requested they call the police . Then my wife got another call from a concerned neighbor due to the siren to advise the police had arrived. In the meantime, another neighbour's saw the perp push out our vehicle gate hydraulics to get out of the lot & run down the road. The neighbour knew we had walked to a nearby restaurant & came to pick us up.On our way home we ran into two police trucks that had already been to our house to watch the site as our vehicle gate was partially open. The polices response time to the house from S.O.S.E was approximately 3 minutes & they joined us to enter the property, search for any perps hiding on the lot/casita/bodega & inside our home which was not breached. The $40 USD monthly monitored system that we have had for five years has proven to be an excellent deterent along with vigilant neighbours that believe in Neighbourhood Watch ! So we secured the house/gate & confidently went backout to finish our meal at the restaurant. We will be posting the incident on the local Crime website as well as reporting to the Ministerio Publica. The benefit of S.O.S.E is that all your interior window/door alarms & motion detectors/exterior sensors can be setup as zones so that they can easily determine a breakin by the "zones" breached in order to call the police immediately. Their monitor can easily tell when your batteries are failing which can lead to "false alarms" & we have had exceptional service from Juan to better understand our system. Kudos to S.O.S.E, our responsive local Police & of course our attentive neighbours ! Signed- A satisfied client in Ajijic................not a shareholder !
  13. In response to JRPJR No ! The wife & I do not have any other affiliation with S.O.S.E other than being highly statisfied customers. Actually this was my first post as I have always appreciated the comments of expats regarding product/services that they would recommend...certainly assists in the research. Perhaps I gave to much specific information but hopefully beneficial to some. Sorry to hear that you did not have a "positive expierence " JRPJR !
  14. S.O.S.E has a new sales office @ Ocampo # ? , across the street from Edith's Salon. Ph : 766-0159....main office in Chapala - Morelos-172 email: sose_seguridadelectronica@hotmail.com Ph: 765-4921 Cell: 331891798 We recommend highly as excellent servicing expierence over the past four years on a monitored system @ approx $40 USD monthly, immediate telephone response (English) to false alarms & less than ten minutes response to our house when we could not be reached by phone to check lot perimeters for access as well as entering gate to see if home secure from exterior. They monitor exterior infrared led sensors,door & window sensors, motion detectors so they can determine if the perps are moving room to room, if so they contact the police & both attend as SOSE has a gate key only . We have had a motherboard problem which they replaced for a nominal fee & well serviced by Juan that makes recommendations for security based upon his viewpoint of soft spots of the lot & home. We prefer a early warning siren & monitored system as opposed to bars on every door & window. Hope this assists anyone looking at options to secure their premises for peace of mind.
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