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  1. I am in  Desperate need of a true jardinero....one who doesn't just water and sweep.  But knows which plants go where and will weed and feed and prune and spray.  Things I "assume" a jardinero would  be skilled in.  

    Mi jardín will be his palette.  I am so hungry for a lovely jardín.....willing to absolutely let him take the lead.  Three times a week in riberas.  Excellent pay for excellent work .

    (Edited by mod to correct word "jardinero")



  2. Don't bother going to the office. Instead call Mexico City tech support at 01-800-123-2222, and ask for someone with English. They are far better equipped. Our guys here in Ajijic know nothing, see nothing, do nothing. Trust me on this. And it's not the servers, it's the infracstructure here.

    Muchas gracias for all the information. I never know how to proceed with tech stuff. ;-)

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