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  1. Oh yes, I know Luis and have used him often. Thanks for the info on Uber and the reminder of Luis. He does have a van and I quite like him.
  2. Any idea how, when or where the foreign community might be able to get this or any US produced vaccine?
  3. Need a professional, with crew, who is also excellent with siltra. I had an excellent painter a few years ago. Alejandro (big help) but so far cannot find his number. Younger man, tall with good English. Any recommendations will be appreciated. thanks!
  4. SUV or mini-van or “tall’”car. My knees are gone but I can get in and out of a taller car. I’ve sold mine since it was impossible to get out of. Any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
  5. I stand by my statement. A lot can change in ten years. He’s a miserable failure IMHO.
  6. EVERYTHING JUan CARLOS did for me SUCKED and had to be redone! The man can’t even measure! Plus he destroyed more than he fixed! Broken tiles and masonry. Cheap cheap parts he charges a fortune for. He has no business calling himself a carpenter! He’s simply terrible!
  7. Ummmmmooopppps....just saw your courtesy web site 😳that, ummmmm, has the phone number. Quite embarrassed.......muchas gracias again!
  8. Is there an eye doctor who works with patients who have had cataract surgery? I had the surgery around 10 years ago but notice that my vision is getting progressively blurry. TIA
  9. my albije needs cleaning......but I’ve no idea what I should expect to pay. Is there an average anyone is aware of? Also need someone to clean it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. gracias!
  10. Alberto....my aljibe also needs a good cleaning.....what is your rate? Gracias
  11. I’ve used Rene for years, but I’m afraid the creatures are So embedded only a “full tenting” would do and maybe not even that ...the fight goes on. gracias por your response
  12. Hi Al! Sounds like what I’ll be doing. Have been, sin the Raid. Do you replace with the perrota wood? So far seems to be keeping them in abeyance, but you never know with them....so tiny, so destructive. So invisible until it’s way too late..this very same area was treated by Fumiga, whom I’ve used consistently. I think once they get a hold you’re pretty well screwed, as it were. gracias for your response 😿
  13. Ayunda! I’ve been plagued with these hideous creatures for years. I’ve forgotten how many treatments......old wood replaced with perrota (sp?) which they don’t care for. Unfortunately, mí casa has an inordinate amount of wood. They must be cut off at the pass! Currently in cocina island...can’t have them head to the cabinets! Eck, ick 🆘 does anyone know of a good exterminator or solution!? Would be most appreciated! Gracias 😻
  14. Have they moved yet again....without leaving a forwarding address? Not open Monday or today.
  15. I find myself in need of some care due to a dislocated vertebrae that is m i s e r a b l e! Probably a week or two. Can anyone recommend such a place for me? gracias in advance....
  16. I just got a message computer guy can’t receive messages! How do I reach him?
  17. Thank you very much! I thought it was 3.
  18. Does anyone know the hours in Chapala for car tag renewal? Muchas gracias!
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