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  1. Angus told me to go back to my country for telling the truth about Carlos Slim and his fortune (I did not mention Carlos collusion with Hillary and his ownership in the New York Times.) Can you imagine the explosions if we share taco recipes?) Mexican collusion! This is a stupid business offer from someone who has NOTHING, but a promise of using telephone poles, as far as has been shared here. I cannot even shoot geese at my house from all the Mexicans in the TelMex poles at my house in Santa Cruz getting free electric! And the posters here (which is not legal given the rules here) and their promoters telling me to leave the country for pointing it out. Cholos!
  2. I am of Scottish heritage. My Mother is Spanish (Martinez) and my father was German, English and Scottish. And I slurred whom?
  3. Here is something nice for you Canadians who always try to impose their wishes on my life. And a request you do not sink any more of my boats. (Last one cost my almost $15K USD) Canucks! https://safeshare.tv/x/PKYPTOarUx
  4. This is the craziest thing I have ever seen! "They need about 300 prepaid 1yr contracts costing $9948 MXN" That is $829 pesos per mo... and they want a legal commitment in advance before installing even the main trunk lines, based solely on their allegedly having permission to use Telmex telephone poles? Cable providers install based on market research, not legal commitments. This is bass-ackwards if I ever saw bass-ackwards. This is a recipe for heartache for everyone but the cable-provider. Carlos Slim, the former richest man in the world (Jeff Bezos seems to have taken that spot.) But the question still arises, How do you become that rich off a 3rd world country without really screwing the people on the cost of services and failing to invest in services and infrastructure so severely that people are willing to legally commit to $829 pesos per month to a different provider to hopefully get even moderate services that TelMex should already be providing.... services provided by the majority of the the internet providers in the rest of the world. Speedtest used to show your "grade" based on Mexico and based on the world... and usually our internet speed was rate "D" or "F" compared to the rest of the world. I guess you don't get really rich providing service... only providing a monopoly.
  5. My question is, do you think this toy would be practical for the lake? Manta5 pedal-electric hydrofoil takes to the lake The Manta5 has an aluminum frame, two carbon fiber hydrofoils that provide lift, and a 400-watt motor that augments the rider's pedalling power to turn the propeller. Although it has no actual hull, it does have buoyancy modules that keep it afloat when stopped. Additionally, unlike the case with some hobbyist hydrofoil bikes, it's possible to get back on and get it planing again, if you should dismount while out on the water. So, when can you buy one? Well, the XE-1 should make its public debut in mid-November, then be available for pre-sale within New Zealand starting late this year or early next – delivery is estimated for late 2018. Pricing has yet to be established, although it will reportedly be "similar to that of other quality water sports products." An international roll-out will follow. A couple of the prototypes can be seen in action, in the video below.
  6. I know I am replying to an old post, but El Torito has some Johnsonville brands and a couple other sausages (and of course, Chorizo) that might warrant looking. I was looking for Salami and picked up a pack of pre-sliced Cappola brand. I do not like it as well as the Johnsonville Ahumada Salami in the case in front of the meat counter at Walmart but thought I should share. I need to find a medium quality sausage machine and good casings.
  7. Doesn't help us, but we are out more than that much per car from potholes in Riberas. Drivers compensated for pothole damage México state municipality pays up to 7,000 pesos for vehicle damage News October 5 There is some consolation for victims of pothole damage in one municipality in the state of México. The local government of Naucalpan — located within the metropolitan area of greater FULL STORY
  8. Are you suggesting Joan Rivers is a liar? I am not taking positions on politics or the sexuality of your heroes (who accomplished exactly what to be your hero?) Oh yeah, half-black and hates his white side. We are supposed to stay off politics. I worked the Hill for 35 years. I know.
  9. What crap? It is verdad. There is nothing in there for men... unless you want to become a woman. Prove me wrong, but you can't.
  10. I was a federal lobbyist for 35 years in DC... (I know this conjures images of bagman carrying briefcases of cash between special interests and congresscritters!) Nope. Nothing quite so covert or nefarious. I lobbied for Men's Health (apparently rather ineffectively -- as the gay Kenyan has nothing in Obamacare for men, unless they want to become women.) Nothing for testicular cancer, prostate cancer or male breast cancer and sadly nothing at all for negro-specific diseases. (Blacks will learn one day which party betrayed them.) I do however work in banking (Tier One Trading) in Hong Kong (via internet) with HSBC and Standard Chartered -- with a trading platform that is not available to the public and is usually only available to sovereigns nations on Black Screen and some government pension plans, that have the ability to block funds.
  11. Peso to Dollar Forecast Mexican Peso to US Dollar Exchange Rates Forecast Values Mexico New Peso per One U.S. Dollar. Average of Month. Month Date Forecast Value Avg Error 0 Aug 2017 17.797 ±0.00 1 Sep 2017 17.76 ±0.22 2 Oct 2017 17.98 ±0.30 3 Nov 2017 18.29 ±0.35 4 Dec 2017 18.66 ±0.40 5 Jan 2018 20.09 ±0.44 6 Feb 2018 19.26 ±0.48 Updated Sep 2017
  12. Make sure you have your wi-fi on. Somehow my wi-fi got turned off and I was streaming TV to my phone and lost all my GB's of internet access that month. 'Jeopardy!': 10 of the Most Memorable Moments 11 Epic Moments From "Jeopardy" That Made You Laugh 41 Of The Funniest Celebrity Jeopardy Moments From SNL ...
  13. While your card likely has a chip in it, they all still have magnetic strips, as well. This way stores and ATMs that that do not have chip readers can still accept the cards. Machines that can read chips, are not supposed to allow the magnetic strips to be read and require the chip to be processed.
  14. An elderly friend (in his 90's) got ripped off by the identical scam, fender bender, BMW, $3,000 pesos, etc., with my friend thinking he was talking with me (hard of hearing) and he went straight down to an Oxxo and sent $3K to the account number the scammer gave. Nobody knew about the scam until he called me and wanted to know why I never came by to repay him the $3K pesos. It hurt me that he got ripped off, but on the flip side, I did not realize he was such a good friend that he would pony up $3K for me! <g> He did not want to waste time making a report and now knows how to avoid such scams in the future. We are not sure how the scammer got my information, but suspect he got it from hacking my friend's e-mail address book.
  15. Exatamento! I bought Saint Augustine grass there, but they had a finer, higher quality sod, too. Very inexpensive, as well. Good thing, because the other-half decided to bleach an ants nest (which to her surprise bleached the sod, too) and I needed to replace a portion. Go down the street by Absolut Phoenix Real Estate in the Superlake parking lot (toward the lake) and enter the second cyclone fence gate on the left (the first opening is into a mechanic's garage) and follow that dirt road to a big parking lot, where you will most likely see the sod growing on your right hand side. Someone may or may not be there to help you and may or may not speak English (I do not recall as I speak fluent Spanglish.) But, you will spot the way to the service center.
  16. I just got my renewed US passport and had the pictures taken at the Pharmacia Guadalajara in Ajijic. No problems other than my failure to smile! But, I suspect that whenever you need your passport, you will likely not be smiling anyway. <g>
  17. I got a bunch of it several years for a long driveway in Santa Cruz de la Soledad from that quarry on the Libramiento at the top of the hill headed to the Guad highway, on the Chapala side of the Libramiento. I had to order it though, as I needed several dump-trucks full.
  18. I lost a Chase Debit Card and they said they cannot send a replacement to Mexico, so I had them send it to a friend's address who FedExed it to me. Alternatively, I suspect I could have had it mailed to Mailboxes Etc's Laredo address. Even though I do not rent a box from them, they do let you use their address for one-off items. I also keep two accounts, each with a debit card at Chase, so that if one card is lost, eaten or stolen, I can transfer funds to the other account via computer which allows me access to the funds while awaiting a replacement card. One of the accounts is a business account and I have to remember to use that card 5x per mo or they charge me $35 for not using it!
  19. Don't be silly. I'm a just white Supremacist!
  20. Just a lame response to VetteforRon: This is one of the other-world aliens who are kidnapping men! These female aliens are invading the earth and kidnapping sexy, good looking, highly intelligent older men for various experiments. You, personally are not in any danger.. I just letting y'all know… to say goodbye. By the way, what on earth is a "Christian Numerologist?" Is that like Rachel Dolezal ?
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