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  1. I am relocating to Grand Cayman. It is nice. You need air conditioning and they do have hurricanes. I still have 5 more years before retirement and I work for a bank which is represented there. Here, I was working from home. I will have a big bump in pay there that makes up for the cost of living difference. My love for Lakeside will always stay with me.
  2. 10 years here and the traffic has finally driven me away. They could have forced people encroaching on federal property to comply with the law, but instead paid them for facelifts to disrupt the frontage, while they put in bike paths. Bike paths are great. But this plan didn't fix anything, and this is just my re-locating opinion... not a slight against the governments decisions. That said, tourism and Tapatios are coming more to this Puebla Magico. I am not an engineer, but fail to see any easy fix. (I know, not an engineer, so just shut up.) I will. And "If you don't like it, leave." I will do that also.
  3. You clearly don't drink as many Margaritas as do we! <g>
  4. Orygun Duck.... Bwahahaha! Thanks for the chuckle. Agreed, the sun has been recently missed greatly. Weather forecast puts us back up in the 70's today and 80's next week.
  5. Might be appropriate for this venue: Belts With 'Hip Airbags' Aim To Save Seniors During Falls...
  6. I apologize in advance if I missed answers to similar posts, but did not find an answer. Ever since Walmart quit carrying the Johnsonville breakfast sausages, I have one member of the household who is very sad. We have tried several local sausages i.e., Tony's, Superlake and Puritan in particular, but have not found any sausage that compares. Is there anywhere to get these?
  7. I did not see a forum for health, but have seen a lot of requests here for pain management and wanted to share this link, given the age and health of a lot of our community here in God's Waiting Room. Spinal-Cord Implants to Numb Pain Emerge as Alternative to Pills
  8. Why Most Countries Don’t Refrigerate Eggs Health Nutrition | Posted on November 18, 2017 by Jermane Cooper If you’ve never traveled outside the country, you might think that it’s normal to refrigerate eggs. Although that *is* true in America, in a lot of other places, this is not the norm. Europeans, for example, don’t bother with refrigeration of eggs. Instead of keeping them near the dairy products like we do in America, eggs end up being placed near nonperishable foods. This likely dispels the myth that eggs absolutely have to be refrigerated in order to be kept fresh; this is not the case, and in America, we do it that way because of differences in egg production. One part of egg processing in America is washing the eggs. Specifically, they’re sprayed with a chemical sanitizer to disinfect them. This is supposed to reduce the risk of salmonella infection. Conversely, in the UK, eggs aren’t washed. The reasoning is that the process of washing might actually serve to transfer harmful bacteria, salmonella included, from the shell of the egg to its precious contents inside. Because of these differences, eggs sold in the US could not be sold in the UK. The reverse is also true; both sets of eggs fail to meet the standards of the other region. Salmonella Salmonella poses a risk to health. In regards to hens, it can infect the egg supply in two ways. If the hen itself is infected, then the bacteria can make it into the egg as it is being formed. However, salmonella can also reach the eggshell after laying; this happens if the egg comes in contact with the hen’s feces. In the US, this is not entirely uncommon due to the farming techniques. Lots of hens are crammed into a small space, which generates a higher egg yield for a given amount of land, but causing an infection-prone environment. Among causes of food poisoning, salmonella is a big one for the United States. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration believes that on a yearly basis, about 150,000 people are stricken with salmonella. While common, one might argue salmonella is not a significant health concern, even without treatment. While it is true that Salmonella is rarely deadly, it can result in a number of distressing digestive symptoms- diarrhea, cramps, nausea, and vomiting. If not treated promptly, sometimes it can end up spreading to other parts of the body or becoming typhoid fever, both of which can quickly prove fatal. How the US Handles Salmonella Because of these farming techniques, it is imperative to wash the eggs very quickly after they have been laid. This is accomplished with a conveyor belt washing system, where the eggs are sprayed. However, there is some risk here, as well: due to the way that bacteria can breed in moisture, bacteria on a wet egg can actually breed and perhaps penetrate the shell. Therefore, the eggs must be washed very carefully at a temperature of at least 90 degrees Fahrenheit; this is to control the contraction of egg contents, which left unchecked, might draw contaminated water into the egg. How the UK Handles Salmonella Instead of approaching egg hygiene from the back end, so to speak, in the UK, the focus is on collecting clean eggs, rather than trying to disinfect them after the fact. This is much more realistic for the UK because of the way that they rear their eggs (a free-range system) rather than the space-saving mass henhouse method of the US. There are a number of potential benefits that come with not washing the eggs. For starters, it creates a standard of quality rearing practices on the part of farmers. Also, there’s potential for damage caused by the washing. Compared to the sanitation methods in the US, there is one other significant difference between the way the UK handles the threat of salmonella. In 1997, it became law in the UK that young hens that would become egg layers were required to be vaccinated against salmonella. This mandate came in response to a huge outbreak of salmonella in Britain, and it has been a monumental success in decreasing the number of salmonella cases. As a result, the threat of salmonella simply isn’t as large of a threat in the UK anymore, which is not the case in the US. Vaccinations vs Refrigeration? In spite of this massive success in the UK, there is no hurry to make a similar nationwide mandate in the US. This may be because of the fact that salmonella is only rarely serious, and that current protections do the job often enough. This seems to be the case according to The New York Times, certainly. Regular testing exists to ensure that hens are not infected with salmonella, while sanitary codes are enforced in the housing and processing of hens and their eggs. Additionally, there is the refrigeration aspect. That being said, some eggs producers do vaccinate their hens. Related: 10 Dirtiest Foods You’re Eating Vaccination for hens would help more than just eggs; since chicken is a popular staple food of America, it makes sense to ensure that there is no bacteria lingering on it when it is put out for sale. Proper cooking techniques should solve the problem, but maybe the UK is on to something; it’s better to start with a cleaner product than to have to clean it up after the fact. That would decrease healthcare costs, and likely, the number of visits. However, it does not seem that the FDA will be mandating the vaccination of chickens anytime soon. Final Word In the US egg market, refrigeration serves as a tool to keep eggs fresh and prevent the spread of bacteria like salmonella. While these methods are reasonably effective, there has been a marked decline of foodborne illness in Europe as a result of vaccination and other sanitation practices. If you are concerned about the eggs you eat, consider buying local, if you can. Perhaps even visit a local farm to ask if the farmers vaccinate for salmonella or other diseases. Otherwise, proper storage, cleaning, and cooking of eggs will go a long way in keeping them fresh and salmonella free.
  9. It is a wonderful place and a gift certificate is a fantastic present.
  10. I used to buy my Nori seaweed wrap for Sushi at the Gourmet shop next to HSBC (ironically also next to the Sushi restaurant) but the Gourmet shop has since closed and Superlake claims not to carry it (at least according to the expert there with whom I spoke.) Any alternative suggestions for bamboo sushi-mat investors?
  11. All my gals who get in my cars will have to wear them!
  12. Last Christmas coming in with 5 duffle bags full of electronic gear and I stated I had nothing to declare -- and each of the bags was beeping with some sort of electronic noise -- and I got a green light -- did cause some looks. Two cell phones should not be a problem.
  13. No problem with two. I carry one for US calls, and two for Mexico calls (office and family).
  14. I think Angus is correct. I have heard Pemex will not accept non-Mexican debit cards or credit cards. I have not tried my Mexican debit cards (I do not have a Mexican Credit Card, only a Mexican Debit Card) but will, next time I need gas.
  15. I have heard that T-Mobile has the best international rates., but you have to purchase it in the USA while there. (I could be wrong, but that is what I believe.) I use Vonage, so kids can call dialing a USA number and it rings here. I use Skype for video calls and some SMS messages, as Vonage does not give me SMS options, of which I am aware. I use Telcell Amigo Plana 150, which gives me unlimited calling (and SMS) to all of Mexico, all of the USA and all of Canada for $150 pesos/mo. T-Mobile $100 USD/mo Vonage - $32 USD/mo (unlimited use) Telcell - $7.82 USD/mo (unlimited use) TelMex/Infinitum $31.22 USD/mo unlimited calls and @ 20MB Down and 3MB Up
  16. Not what you were looking for, but thought you might enjoy... Bring the Outdoors Inside with These 5 Great Candles Norden Idyllwild Ceramic Candle Size: 12 ouncesBurn time: 80 hours Inspired by the San Jacinto range of southern California, Norden’s Idyllwild scent gives off dry, woody notes of cedar wood and sage, with a heavy hand of vetiver. Buy Now: $45 Prospector Co. Guaiac Wood Flame Size: 8 ouncesBurn time: 60 hours Guaiac, an ingredient produced through steam distillation of Palo Santo wood dust, is the main player in this warm, musky scent from Prospector Co., the Savannah-based brand behind some of our favorite grooming products. The glass container can be upcycled as a whiskey tumbler. Buy Now: $35 Land by Land No. 772 Oak Size: 7 ouncesBurn time: 60 hours Land by Land, the New York atelier of Japanese-born friends Kanoko Mizuo and Tomoyo Kamio, offers a wide range of all-natural candles, made in the USA. Its Oak scent is a standout, slightly creamy with a spicy, woody base. Buy Now: $42 Frank & Oak Balsem Concrete Candle Size: 8 ouncesBurn time: 35 hours Hand poured inside a concrete container, this balsam-scented candle, with mild notes of cypress and sage, looks as good on the nightstand as it smells. Buy Now: $38 Good Candle Spruce Size: 16 ouncesBurn time: 50 hours Good Candle got its start on a stovetop, when Jonathan Kroeger began making soy wax candles out of his Brooklyn apartment. Today, each candle is still poured by hand — including the spruce scent, which evokes an early morning hike through a dense pine forest. Buy Now: $16 It is cold outside and you want a great drink to help you warm up. Well, this list includes a number of the best drinks for doing just that. Many whiskey, brandy, and rum cocktails are great choices for cold winter days. Some of these are served warm while others simply have the taste and feel of warmth and comfort Find more cocktails: Warm Drinks and Winter Cocktails. Irish Coffee. Steve Allen / Stockbyte / Getty Images 1. Irish Coffee This is one of the iconic ways to enhance (and spike) your coffee and it will long remain one of the favorites. The classic Irish Coffee is simple: Irish Whiskey, sugar, cream, and the richest, strongest coffee you can make. It will warm you up and rejuvenate your senses unlike any other steaming mug can. Similar drinks... Cafe Amore Irish Winter Roman Rasta Coffee More » Hot Toddy. Susie Cushner/Photolibrary/Getty Images 2. Hot Toddy How can you beat a Hot Toddy on a cold day? This is a drink that you can take in any direction you like to fit your mood, taste, or what you happen to have on hand. Rum, whiskey, and brandy are commonly used, but if you have not allowed heat to enliven the botanicals of a good gin before, you are missing out, because a Gin Toddy is a wonderful thing. Then, there is the tea, which can be any style you enjoy and an take the toddy in an entirely new direction. Similar drinks... Gin Toddy Hot Apple Toddy Hot Not Toddy (non-alcoholic) More » Bloody Maria and Bloody Tini Cocktails. Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham 3. Bloody Mary The ultimate drink for chilly mornings and watching the big game, the Bloody Mary is an ingenious creation that also comes in many varieties. You can make it as spicy as you like, mix in a different juice like clamato, or switch out the vodka for another spirit. My favorite option is the last one and I will opt for tequila for a Bloody Maria any day. Similar drinks... Bloody Caesar Bloody Maria Ginger Mary More » 4. Hot Buttered Rum Here we have the best fireside cocktail you will find. Sweet, spicy, and warm, it does not get much more relaxing than a Hot Buttered Rum after a long winter day. Here's the best part: you can make the batter ahead of time to make it even easier. Similar drinks... Black Stripe Hot Buttered Whiskey Tom and Jerry More » 5. Rusty Nail For a warm up on the rocks, this Scotch and Drambuie cocktail is an excellent idea. Despite being chilled, this easy, soothing drink does a nice job of warming your blood with its smoky, honeyed, herbal combination. Similar drinks... Black Nail The Brogue Godfather More » B&B. Steve Allen / Stockbyte / Getty Images 6. B&B Smooth and subtle. Choose a quality brandy for this drink as it can make or break the classic cocktail. It is one of the coziest of drinks, simply made of brandy and Benedictine, and is served at room temperature so you can hold the snifter without getting a chill. Similar Drinks... Beautiful British Invasion French Connection More » Manhattan Cocktail. Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham 7. Manhattan If you are looking for something in the realm of a Martini that is ideal for cold days, the Manhattan would have to be it. Make this with rye, bourbon, or Canadian whiskies - choosing only premium brands - or try out another style of whiskey in the drinks below. Similar drinks... Irish Martini Rob Roy Smoky Martini More » Tom and Jerry. James And James / Stockbyte / Getty Images 8. Tom and Jerry The Tom and Jerry is a favorite for the holidays and there are still a few old-fashioned bars that will serve this up for patrons on special occasions. It is best described as a warm eggnog with both brandy and rum. It is a fantastic classic. Similar drinks... Eggnog Brandy Milk Punch Holiday Spice More » Toastie or Tomahawk. Rakoskerti / E+ / Getty Images 9. Toastie (shooter) A shot that is guaranteed to warm up your blood and taste great as well. The combination of cinnamon schnapps and amaretto is unbelievably smooth and satisfying and it is the one shot that I will never turn down. Similar drinks... Firecracker Oatmeal Cookie Pirate's Treasure More » Snowball Shooter. Fuse / Getty Images 10. Snowball (shooter) On the other side of the shooter flavor spectrum, this fun little drink mixes two favorite flavors of winter to create a mint-chocolate shot. Brandy is the third ingredient and you can use your favorite peppermint schnapps and chocolate liqueur to compliment it. Similar drinks... Girl Scout Cookie Grasshopper Peppermint Patty More »
  17. Too funny using the word "cannon" in your post. I guess if you are not accustomed to the cohettes, I can see how one might think we all have cannons!
  18. I work as an intake officer for a Tier 1 Trade Platform in Hong Kong that buys bank paper (via HSBC-HK and Standard Chartered-HK) typically MTN's (Medium Term Notes) {mostly 10-yr-notes} at @ 20% off of face value from the cutting house {Fresh cuts} and resell to pension funds and hedge funds as "Slightly Seasoned" at 30% or more and I piggy-back on their trades... as all Top 10 (and Top 50 banks) are represented in Grand Cayman. I use a Cook Island LLC in my business name, which is illegal for the Cook Island government to disclose the name of the owner and as Managing Member, have that LLC own a Panama Foundation, which does the trading... but only disclose the name of the Cook Island LLC. This methodology is by no means to avoid taxes. Quite the contrary. It costs me more to invest this way than as an individual. The benefit is more of a security issue for me... and nobody other than the government knows my personal and professional financial business. Tier 1 is $500M Euros minimum to trade -- sometimes more, as we discount instruments 15%, i.e., a BG (Bank Guarantee) or an SBLC (Stand By Letter of Credit) for $500M is insufficient to let us activate our credit lines to purchase the bank paper. We have to block at least $500M non-discounted cash/instruments via MT 799/MT 799/MT 760 protocol. Basically, a non-depletion protocol. I get lucky tagging on to the trade, but is not open to the general public as its specific purpose via the G-20 is to create humanitarian and economic development funds with huge tax benefits for the investors.
  19. I used MultiVa (Casa de Bolsa) and just let them manage my investment account. They did quite well for me. Not that I had any problems with MultiVa, I did not, but I have now moved my investments to another country (Grand Cayman) to avoid disclosure of my account balances locally. Cartels pay more for that information than account managers make in a year. I just felt it wise to remove that temptation -- for everybody's sake.
  20. How about essential oil diffusers w/essential oil? I have essential oils and see then frequently at the Wed market, but never looked for a diffuser. Are they readily available at the Wed market?
  21. I saw some squash at Puritan the other day. It was not butternut, but I remember thinking I should buy some and try it. I love acorn squash and butternut squash... actually just about every squash!
  22. This is a drop in the bucket from all the money Walmart gets for running FEMA Camps in closed down stores and underground railways connecting them all, for the Deep State! This is just legal money laundering.
  23. Using Listerine mouthwash would put you over the .025 limit. It has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with politics, taxation (ticketing is taxation) and misdirection -- i.e., look over here and don't pay attention to the billions and billions every Governor and every Presidente are stealing while you spend tens of thousands repairing your vehicles because of the potholes (some near my house that have been there for five years or more) because they pocket or misappropriate all taxes away from fixing your streets. In the US, more was confiscated by the police from the citizens than the loss from all burglaries combined. That is just civil asset forfeiture, not the cost of tickets, driving schools, DUI schools (ASAP) lawyer, court costs, etc. Unfortunately, I expect to see that direction occur here, too. The concept of putting the horse before thew cart, or hiring a police force before the laws are passed. Kind of the same mentality.
  24. I operate in two fields of business: banking and oil. I was flattered today to hear from my law firm that my name combined with the word "oil" comes up in first place on DuckDuckGo and 2nd listing on Google. NOBODY has the money to sue any of the companies with whom I work, for non-performance. We could screw them for billions and they cannot afford to sue. What power does some Schmoe or Mrs. Schmoe have to fight these people, especially in Mexican courts? I lost a lot of money in Mexican courts. Some on this WebBoard know how much. Do not take my questions about commitments lightly. These people (with an alleged 27 year history in this business) want legal guarantees of payment before venturing into a business opportunity? And you thought Ejido land was a problem. Wait'll you get a load of Uto-Aztecan rights! You will lose in Mexican courts if this company does not perform.. yet be held to pay them, even if they do not perform.
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