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  1. Not available in Mexico. I quit cigarettes about 14 months ago and got in on the tail end of patches being available here and even had to have one box -- the last one in the series -- brought to me from NoB. Apparently e-cigs are banned here, too. But, I understand they are still readily available as is the "juice" for them, locally.

    The patches seemed to really help me a lot. The first month was very difficult for a 2 pack a day smoker for 45 years (1 pack for half that time but increased to 2 packs)  and after that first month, things got a lot easier -- at least for me.

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  2. Epinephrine (also known as adrenaline, adrenalin, or 4,5-β-trihydroxy-N-methylphenethylamine) is a hormone and a neurotransmitter.

    Below is an article regarding the availability of EpiPens and alternatives, that might be worth investigating and discussing with a local doctor.

    I second the recommendation of Quality Care. They have excellent specialists. Make sure to make an appointment as the specialists are not there full-time and often only come in 1 - 2 days per week. Other days, doctors with other specialties are there. 

    I put the link, too, in case the Headline with the hypertext link doesn't work.


    Mexico doctor offers cheap alternative to EpiPen

    Also, while you are still NoB, here is a link where you can get free EpiPens:


    How to Get Free EpiPens


  3. bmk is correct.The program is actually known as KYC (Know Your Client) which is part of Basel III bank compliance program in part designed to eliminate money laundering and depositing of illegally gained funds into the mainstream banking networks. Publicly, Basel III is touted as a global, voluntary regulatory framework on bank capital adequacy, stress testing, and market liquidity risk. It was agreed upon by the members of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in 2010–11, and was scheduled to be introduced from 2013 until 2015; however, changes from 1 April 2013 extended implementation until 31 March 2018 and again extended to 31 March 2019. Most banks are finally becoming fully Basel III compliant.

    For those in banking or financial services industry, there is actually a very substantive form that must be filled out by the client.

    Rumor is that Basel IV is being drafted now.

  4. A little off topic re: iron on patches, but still involves holes in clothes.
    But, does anyone lakeside do reweaving for a hole in a cashmere sweater?

    It is s pretty good sized hole, about the size of a 10 centavo coin... a little bigger than the lady of the house wants to attempt using cross-stitch methods.


  5. Gabriel Garcia M.D.

    Dr. Gabriel is an excellent source of information and assistance with any medical condition, since his perspective is both from Traditional Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    Gabriel Garcia, M.D. - Integrative Medicine - Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Surgery, Herbology, Homotoxicology. Consultations with appointment only, 8:30am - 10am. Open Mon-Fri 10-12:30. Sat 11-2:30. Centro Laguna (across from Marti Sports Store, next to the Scandinavian Bakery) Tele: 0045. 333. 841. 0653 email: allesheilkraftig@hotmail.fr 
    Dr. Gabriel Location revA.jpg
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  6. They just ask for ID when picking up equipment. We got our phone line so long ago I do not recall having to even show proof of address. We had our own installers install the line from the Telmex box to our house, as the house was never built with phone jacks and needed them installed, too. We then just went to Telmex and told them what address to send the bill (which could have been any address, they didn't care as long as they got paid.

    Odd thing lately, they have been e-mailing us weeks ahead of due date, reminding us to pay our bill... and then about 2 days before the bill is due, an automated message calls us and tells us our bill is due... for two days before the bill is actually due. At least they call us "Esteemed Clients." Maybe from never missing or being late a bill for 10 years? Naw, just standard protocol.

  7. 10 years ago, but Multivolares would not let Tourist Visa holders open an account. Had to be FM3 or Peramanente. I know there are all new classifications for immigration now,  but am surprised that any bank would allow tourists to open accounts.

    I still have to go into Multivolares once a year and show them my immigration papers. This might have to do with the Casa de Bolsa (managed investment accounts) side of the business. I'm not sure.

  8. I am not very sensitive to pollen, but got a painful sinus congestion over both eyes today and while talking on the phone to friend, he said he was in bed yesterday with sinus congestion and even pain in his ears. Is there some pollen going around right now or is it a mold? What is the best method for treating it?

  9. GoodRx seems to send coupons to you for Ativan (and other drugs) that you pick up at most major pharmacies in the US When you go back to the States and get a script, maybe you can get a coupon from these folks.

    The lowest  price for 60 tablets of lorazepam 1mg is around $8.88, 78% off the average retail price of $42.25

    I have never used GoodRx so I cannot vouch for them, but the discounts might bear further investigation.




  10. No endorsements, I know nothing about the service. It was just an ad in a tech newsletter I receive.


    World Cup fans take note! PureVPN is dedicated to ensuring you can watch every incredible moment with additional servers dedicated for the Cup. You can download PureVPN’s app on any device for fast, buffer-free streaming of your favorite matches anywhere, anytime! Support teams will be working nonstop 24/7 to provide dedicated assistance for match-day streamers and best of all, you can get access to the PureVPN network right now for as little as $2.49 per month - that's a 77% discount.   Read more

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  11. On 6/9/2018 at 10:21 AM, Curmudgeon said:

    how my US will could be altered if I have the only original signed copy.  

    My question is, how will anybody find your "only signed copy" as they step over your dead body -- find it in your secret hiding place (if they can) -- and modify it?

    Copies you send to others are not legal documents. Yes, they go to show possible intent, but are not valid.

    I do not believe any reputable US lawyer would participate is such ineffective representation.

    He could possibly be liable for participating in such folly -- knowing your intentions.

    Wills are difficult to deal with personally, because you are addressing your own mortality.

    And, probate court is where you would find out the true nature of people you would wish you had left out of your will.

    My wills are not secret and my Mexican Will is registered here (and it makes reference to my US Will and visa versa -- as the only two legal documents pertaining to my will) and my US will is registered with my attorney in the USA, who has a legal and fiduciary obligation to maintain the integrity and intent of that will... and is under seal. (Which is a legal option) to prevent the greedy heirs from finding out how much they want to spend on holiday gifts for me. <g> 


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  12. I have a friend who paid a year in advance here and it worked out well for him. He did it because he is retired and monthly bills annoy his retirement.

    I don't know if they still do it, but Lloyds used to pay all my bills (rent, electric, Telmex, etc) for me.

    But, you need to review the statements. It turned out my neighbor had tapped into my electric for 6 months and I did not see the drastic change in my electric.

    There are ways to effect auto-bill-pay without having to pay in advance and be stuck, should and unfortunate situation occur... like a tree crashing through your roof and you can't live there for a while.

  13. Dang, Angus! Your speed rocks!

    I live near Mike the Computer Guy and am thrilled with my speed, especially formerly living in Santa Cruz and only got 1 -2 Mbps down.

    I use the $599 package and the Telmex guy said I could downgrade to the $299 package and get the same internet speed.

    But, daddy told me don't fix it if it ain't broke. I am scared to do anything that might cause me to get other parts of lakeside speeds.

    I think the key (in addition to having "backbone" access) is making sure you have the correct modem that can handle it.

    There is some difference in Telmex modems. I'll let Mike explain that. I think it is ADSL vs some other kind.


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