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  1. A friend had a recreational drone held on its shipment from the US to here. We went to FedEx at the Guadalajara Airport and after about 6 hours they brought it to the desk for us. It is always hit or miss. I ordered 6 computer parts and had them shipped to Mailboxes Etc., a couple years ago and when the box arrived, the only thing that was left in the box was the free 2GB USB stick that came with the order. Never got my parts. Never got a refund. It is always a crapshoot ordering anything from the States online.

  2. For the past 4 day In lower Riberas, we have been experiencing multiple Internet outages with TelMex Infinitum per day, at all hours of the day and night -- sometimes only 1 - 2 minutes,, sometimes several hours at a time. It is becoming so frequent that it is getting troublesome.

    Heretofore, for the past year, the service has been extremely reliable. This is a very unpleasant change of events -- especially as my work is in the US and I use the Internet to telecommute.

    Unfortunately, the pastor down the street indicates that Telecable is even worse and he goes several days without internet, regularly.

    I do have a 3G stick, but the speeds are insufficent for my internet needs.

    I have already had to move twice because of poor Internet and it would really bite if I am forced to move back NOB because TelMex cannot get their act together.

    It is painfully evident that one of the reasons Carlos Slim became the richest man in the world is because he did not invest very much money in TelMex's infrastructure nor backbone.

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