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  1. I have been hampered by the $7000 pesos per day limit at ATM's. Did you have to contact the bank to get more from the ATM machine? If so, who and where?

  2. It was not my intent to be "homophobic." I thought I was humorously pointing out that gay night is Ajijic is Friday nights. I guess my humor did not come across as funny in some circles.

  3. I am interested in a handicapped placard for my housemate, same reason. Although, unlike the other lady,  mine uses a walker. She has no problem getting doctors letters, but anyone who sees her can see that she is severely handicapped.

  4. We live in Riberas and have a bunch of stuff we can donate,  but don't have a car. If you can arrange to get the stuff there, we would love to help. Call for Beverley at 106-0848 (She knows what we have. I don't.)

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