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  1. Slightly different request, but tangentially related... where is the best place to obtain a Mexican Hosted server to upload my own content?
  2. I concur that off-gassing is something that deserves more study. The house looked nice though and earthquake resistance is a huge plus. It reminded me a little of a 3D-printed house I saw recently. Using a Vulcan II 3D printer, it took 48 hours to make at a cost of US$10,000. 3D-printed houses come to a Texas village for the homeless
  3. Be careful doing this if you are married! I read where some guy's wife shot him because he refused to put new batteries in his hearing aids!
  4. Having flown many times in light planes over the lake, it is quite a spectacular sight. Heck, even just seeing the area in a boat from the lake is an awesome experience. It gives you a totally different and more appreciative respect for the beauty of the area. I can assure you the helicopter tour is going to go the way of the big boat tours (out of Chapala and Jocotopec) and even the airboat tour business. Completely unprofitable. The noise of the helicopter last less time that a Z-Gas truck's speaker blaring driving down your street. If your skin is not thick enough to handle that, you live in the wrong country. Tough it out a little longer and economic nature will take its course.
  5. It could just be the Riberas side of the Carretera, not all of South Riberas. I think it was yesterday (might have been the day before) I saw them replacing a concrete electric pole at the Oxxo across from the Pemex at Calle San Juan, for high tension wires, not local wires.
  6. With the lirio returning, I think I found the perfect boat to replace the old airboat. Old airboat: Replacement: 16,000 HORSEPOWER! HOVERCRAFT This bad-boy might even be able to race the new helicopter on Sundays.
  7. OP: "I think I recall reading of a Roast Beef Special at a local restaurant." That said, I, too, prefer Prime Rib.
  8. Paninos has the best medium rare - medium (your choice) roast beef that I have found Lakeside. While they do have (open face I think) roast beef sandwich specials on Mondays, of Fridays, you can order on half-kilos or kilos (sliced) to be picked up on Monday. (A tad expensive, but not bad for something you can't find except in a high-quality NY Deli.)
  9. I seem to recall some communication towers being stopped on the Libramiento because of blocking resident's views... but that might have been an action brought by an entire Fracc, rather than an individual homeowner.
  10. Not what most of us prefer, but this is the closest I have found (at Walmart, I think): Here is a nice rice-straw whisk broom from Garret Wade that would be perfect for that space between the seat and the door. They might ship it to Mexico. Good price, too.
  11. Walmart delivers, too. You can order online. That is what the big orange parking area is for, delivery vehicles.
  12. For those who get stopped and blew over .025 BAC, (as one of my friends did) they take you to jail in Zapopan. (12 or more hours in jail, depending on your BAC.) My friend was barely over the limit and only had to spend 12 hours in jail. Then you have to go to Chapala (same place you renew your drivers license) and pay a fine... a "Pagado" receipt is required." Then you have to go to Tlaquepaque to the Vehicle license verification office. Have originals of everything! Then you have to take that verification to the towing company office (which is only a few blocks) Show them the license verification and all all accompanying seizure documents and pay for the towing (Somewhere around $3000 pesos) Then they give you discharge papers to be able to get your car out about 35 minutes drive to Zapopan, where your car is stored. My buddy was not drinking, he took Nyquil 5 minutes before he was pulled over. None of us support people who drink and drive... but the system needs improvement... especially when your car is confiscated and you have to drive so much distance. It is absurd the bureaucratic hoops they make people jump through and I think the most absurd silliness is towing your car an hour and a half away from the infraction... and making you drive (by cab or Uber if you do not have a friend like me... kiss at least another $1000 pesos away) and traverse all your favorite roads in Tlaquepaque and Zapopan. Do not forget going to Chapala first to pay your fine and definitely do not forget your original paperwork or you will be going back the next day. Bring your ID... passport, driver's license, registration, insurance papers, and Immigration paperwork... especially the original import sticker papers if you were driving an imported car. Copies will not suffice. They should really provide a list of these procedures and requirements, too. But they do not. Unless you have a lawyer or someone who is familiar with the system.. you will spend a lot more time and money than is needed.
  13. After 1 Hour of Drinking *10 oz to 12 oz of beer at 4% to 5% alcohol Legal limit in Mexico .025 BAC (Saw a gringo get busted for having one Nyquil over the weekend that he took 5 minutes before being pulled over.) Not sure about different states having different limits. Legal limit in most if not all US states is .08 BAC After 1 Hour of Drinking Body Weight (MEN) Number of Drinks 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 1 021 015 010 007 004 002 001 000 2 058 046 036 030 024 020 018 014 3 095 077 062 053 044 038 035 029 4 132 108 088 076 064 056 052 044 5 169 139 114 099 084 074 069 059 6 206 170 140 122 104 092 086 074 7 243 201 166 145 124 110 103 089 8 208 232 192 168 144 128 120 104 9 317 263 218 191 164 146 137 119 10 354 294 244 214 184 164 154 134 11 391 325 270 237 204 182 171 149 12 428 356 296 260 224 200 188 164 _______________________ Does Your Blood Alcohol Concentration Really Show Impairment? When people talk about the legal alcohol limit being 0.08 percent for drivers, they're talking about your blood alcohol concentration. The police can use breath tests and blood tests to measure it and see how much you've had to drink. If your BAC goes over 0.08 percent, you can get a DUI -- though you can also get one if you show clear impairment under 0.08 percent. But does that BAC really show how impaired you are? Is it a reliable indicator? In many ways, it is not. As noted above, you can be impaired even if you're still under 0.08 percent, and the police know it. Alcohol impacts different people in different ways. The opposite is also true. You can hit 0.08 percent or even go over it and not be as impaired as someone else who is still under that threshold. One important factor is how often you drink. If you almost never drink, you may be significantly impaired at 0.06 percent. You're just not used to the way that alcohol affects your body. Many young drinkers fall into this category because they haven't had any time to build up a tolerance. If you drink often, though, your body adapts to it. You get used to it and you can often function even after drinking. You could reach 0.08 percent and fail the breath test even though your ability to drive isn't actually impaired much at all. Of course, the technical level of impairment does not really matter if you're over the legal limit. They can still give you a DUI based on that result, even if you argue that you're safe to drive.
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