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  1. Aquaponicsman

    Accident in Riberas

    San Juan /Pemex/ Oxxo turnoff got a lot more fun with the huge taco truck that was trying to set up there permanently so you had to deal with pedestrians all over the place, too... that is other than in the middle of the turn-off where people appear to think that the middle of the street is the bus-stop going East with 4 or 5 cars trying to re-enter the Caretera from the gas station plaza area turning left and right in front of each other not to mention the cars from San Juan trying to get onto the Caretera. I did not pay attention to where people parked when Pemex turned their grassy section into an Evento, but was quite surprised to see the lawn covered with tables and chairs and people freezing to death wearing winter coats and waiting for their dinner to be served. But the nativity scene was nice. I did not like the laser light show or the disk jockey, but it was not my party.
  2. Aquaponicsman

    CFE grace period

    So you mean the bills they throw in your driveway (even though you have a mailbox) on windy days never to be seen again are the only thing acceptable (not the official pdf copy of it on CFE's website) and can keep you from closing on your house? This is the most backward thinking I believe I have ever heard other than needing 10 copies of a utility bill in somebody else's name to prove your address.
  3. Aquaponicsman


    I use a debit card at stores that accept them, always checking the total on the register before handing over the card. My card is a Debit/Credit card which requires me to sign the receipt. Sometimes they ask for ID, most of the time not. Lately, Walmart has even quit asking me to sign. Like Johanson, I also always carry an assortment of various denominations of currency $500, $200's, $100's, $50's, $20's etc as well as coins for propinas and beggars. And, I always keep one 10 peso coin at all times in case I ever need to take a bus home.
  4. Aquaponicsman

    Screw for glasses

    For future reference: Dr. Pinto Hidalgo 77-2 Riberas del Pilar Tel. 376 765 7793 Emergencies: cel 333 106 1634
  5. Aquaponicsman


    http://www.ajijicweather.com/ Although I believe they get their extended forecasts from: https://www.accuweather.com/en/mx/ajijic/233361/astronomy-daily-forecast/233361/
  6. Because of all the scam phone calls in the area, I do not know how well cold-calling people will work here. A lot of people do not even answer the phone unless they know the number. However, I think the service is a much needed service and one which I would use and tell others about. I just had my oil and filter changed two days ago. Word of mouth especially on a Bulletin Board like this one would be of tremendous value. You should make up a flier that you can post here... at least in text format. It will be like an evergreen ad, as people can search key words and that original post will come up in the search results.
  7. Aquaponicsman

    What recourse if you're cheated?

  8. Aquaponicsman


    I just got prices from COSTCO for tires for my Honda CRV-SE SUV. Thought I would share so you can get an idea of their prices in pesos. There is a discount for buying 4 tires at the same time on two of the brands. BF Goodrich SUV Advantage Go $1849.00 ($95.02 USD) less $500 ($25.69 USD)/4 tires Bridgestone Dueler HP Sport 98H $1949.00 ($100.15 USD) no 4 tire discount Michelin Primacy $2499.00 ($128.40 USD) less $700 ($35.96 USD)/4 tires The discount is the total discount on all four tires if purchased at the same time, not the discount per tire if 4 are purchased. You have to divide the discount above by 4 to get the discount per tire. With the Michelin, COSTCO carries at least two lesser value tires. The Primacy listed above is allegedly their top of the line.
  9. Aquaponicsman


    I have a triple abdominal (incisional) hernia and cannot lift anything until I get it repaired. A garfon is definitely off limits. I use Bonifant and Jorge is very timely, friendly and efficient. The price just went up from $33 pesos to $35 pesos, not surprising given the cost of gasoline and diesel. I give a 5 peso tip.
  10. Aquaponicsman

    Men's electric shavers

    More from the School of Shaving! I was unfamiliar with shaving oil for electric razors, too. A good article appeared: Pre-Shave Oils and Electric Shaving An oil can’t soften the hair by itself because the hair is covered in a very tough outer shell called the cuticle and it can only be weaken by alkaline components found in a quality shaving cream. A pre-shave oil works by penetrating and holding the water into your skin, making it supple, plump and well-moisturized. This greatly reduces the risks of irritation when shaving. The mention of "good quality shave creams" led to another article below, with recommendations for good shaving creams: What's the Best Shaving Cream? The Ultimate Guide
  11. Aquaponicsman

    Liability insurance for driving in the US

    Good info solajijic Thank you. My problem has always been driving my US plated car to the US once a year or so and being forced to buy 6 mo US auto insurance to get any coverage. After more than 10 years in Mexico, I pay through the roof for not consistently maintaining auto insurance in the U.S. (one of the criteria for setting rates) and not having good credit in the US because I don't use credit in the US. (In the US, your credit score is also one of the criteria for setting rates.) It is a double-ding! Getting a 6-mo policy is getting more difficult, too, as I always cancel after a week -- upon my return to Mexico. Insurance companies don't want to take me on as a client. A Mexican plated car is the only way to ferry items back and/or forth. Insurance booth selling temporary US insurance abound on the Mexican side of the border. But you must have a Mexican-plated car. Flying and renting a car is the best way to go, unless you want to ferry items back and/or forth... which is the only reason I make the arduous drive in the first place. It costs more in tolls, gas, food, lodging, etc., than it usually does to fly anyway.
  12. Aquaponicsman


    A couple of links that might be helpful: Export to Mexico Brokers and Importers YRC Freight Import and Export Requirements for Wood Packaging Material ... For additional information on wood packaging materials (WPM) - natural or unfinished wood pallets, crates, or dunnage, serving to convey or protect cargo, see the APHIS Miscellaneous and Processed Products Import Manual, Table 3-199 on page 3-167.
  13. Aquaponicsman

    Men's electric shavers

    A foil shaver works in an oscillating manner (like that of a desk fan going back and forth). A rotary head shaver works like a weed-whacker spinning around incredibly quick (in the neighborhood of 15,000 RPM!) Also different from the foil head is that with a rotary shaver you go in a circular manner when shaving. Philips Norelco (1150X/46) Shaver 6100 Braun Series 7- 790cc Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor
  14. Aquaponicsman

    Men's electric shavers

    Not really on topic, but a fun article w/shaver recommendations: https://www.toolsofmen.com/electric-shaver-vs-razor/ Some barbers here still provide shaves... naturally, with a single-edge razor.
  15. Aquaponicsman

    Traffic Rule Question

    Going West on the Caretera and turning right onto the lateral in La Floresta, with my turn signal on, a motorcycle going quite fast in the bicycle lane (no motorized vehicles allowed) plowed into my right front fender and flew over my hood. He was okay and no damage to my car. Alberto, "the kissing cop" was two cars behind me in his own car (not a Police Truck) and saw the whole thing and pulled over. I was on my way to very important meeting and like Spencer, didn't have hours or overnight in jail to wait, so I gave the guy $500 pesos to get a new mirror (which appeared to be the only damage to his motorcycle) and Alberto told me to go ahead and go to my meeting. Is Alberto still alive? Last time I saw him at his wife's store in Riberas, he said he was having some pretty serious medical issues.