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    Gardening, composting, berries, music, watercolor, 4x4 vehicles, windsurfing....

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  1. I have for sale my Toyota FJ Cruiser 2009 clean records Mexican Plated... In case you are interested contact me.
  2. I have for sale my Toyota FJ Cruiser 2009 4x4 in Excellent condition 87,000 miles... you can check my add and pics in Automobiles topic.
  3. FOR SALE Toyota FJ Cruiser Mexican Plated - Guadalajara Dealershop Invoice Year: 2009 MIleage: 87,000 miles Transmision: Automatic Traction: 2 WD, AWD and 4 x 4 with assisted modes Price : $339,000.00 pesos Excellent Condition Cell: 33-1424-1667 Email: pcabralk@gmail.com
  4. Unable to reach you by phone. can you contact me? I am interested in your vehicle.

    1. Pantaleon K

      Pantaleon K

      Hi HoosierMex, sorry for the delay replying. I forgot to check my add here. Are still interested?

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