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  1. Another top of the line potato are from Prince Edward Island. They grow in the red soil there, for some reason they have been banned in the U.S.A. at the behest of the powerful lobby group. Someone should import some from the PEI, they would duty free under the new trade agreement.
  2. No Danny Boy, it is what I consider edutainment. I was groomed for that role by Canada's national broadcaster - the CBC., since I was 16, but never took it up. Got the looks, got the foreign vocabulary, inheriated the typing skills. Anyway, give your behaviour some serious thought . Remember, you have a lot of responsibilites, you like that, but not when deadly pandemics are involved. All you are inspiring is "haters", which I am not. Regardless of your opinions you are a community leader, SO LEAD! Even the Dumpster is now telling people to get the jab.
  3. You are correct Ferret. Chapala.com, about 15 years ago, was developing a real small town America, redneck, bigoted feel to it. I asked be removed, their own computer tech had no idea how to do that. Before you pat yourself on the back (no one else will), have a look at the new Super Spreader emoji I created for you. Do you invite me to post it here?
  4. Hannah has managed to find what she thinks are excellent beef prime rib roasts. We are leaning towards the vegetable and whole grains pole, so I have not tried her offerings. Pork is the most reliable meat in this country. Her Blade Steaks from heritage breed hogs are excellent and clean.
  5. Another good thing about piggy bank programs is that it may not be enough to drastically change lives, but coins are handy for bus fares throughout the year. Liquipure you are a very lucky person, getting to see all those Mexican smiles lighting up on King's Day.
  6. Again, humans have been through this many times before. I don't mean Typhoid Mary, she was an asymptomatic carrier, when she realised she had typhoid, she was too poor, and there was no safety net for her. But then there was Gaetan, an Air Canada flight steward based out of Montreal. He was apparently a very handsome man, with blonde hair and mustache. His hobby was visting gay bath houses, all over the world. He started getting sicker and sicker. They began to identify thIs 'gay flu' as a highly infectious deadly disease called HIV and then AIDS. Gaetan though was unable to curb his desires and he became a super spreader of AIDS all over the world. I don't recall how many people (gay and straight) died from this horrible disease, which is still a problem in many parts of the world. It was only very recently that have some trials of new vaccine are in progress. A problem with getting volunteers, paid or unpaid, if they are wrong, you are doomed to a life of taking very expensive drug "cocktails", which are unaffordable in poor countries.
  7. Before Covid, there was a local woman who paid for a number of pretty handpainted clay piggybanks. These banks could only be opened by smashing them. They were distributed for people to put in their small change, or bills if they wanted to. The piggybanks were then given as prizes by teachers to students who had excelled in some way or another. Great program.
  8. I think you have to get the paper wrappers from a bank. The bank will the unwrap them and dump them in their change counting machine.
  9. There was such a creature on the organic vegetables growing group. Check with the poster Joco or Sunfan.
  10. Yes, but they also sell the Pedro 9000 models with authentic reproduced BSA vibrations. With limited edition " Los Occultos mc club" decals.
  11. This pdf you begged me to read is nothing but a mish mash of mush. There are so many contradictions, it would never pass a peer review. Yes I do have a BSc but it is in economics. I focussed on International Politics and Law, which I graduated Magna Cum Laude. I have always been a science geek. When I was 9 years old I built a working model of the human lung system. I gave it to my science teacher. Do you want me to quote what she reported to my parents in my report card and graduation gift to me? This is by all means not a put down, because all advanced studies are worthwhile. But you have told us you were a sanitary engineer (whose job is to make crap flow downhill) and a real estate speculator. Now you have taken on the responsibility of becoming a mentor, to two young women. I know you would love to see them get married, have children, get careers, etc. Take a chance, man up, take the well proven popular road. There are very few lessons from death - except that your tear ducts can completely empty.
  12. MC: Bad Boy, Bad Boy, what you going to do when they come for you? Maybe you should go into deep cover in rural Oaxaca. Don't infect your precious students or their family. You, and they, have put in a lot of time and pesos making their dreams come true. Don't shatter everything now. Get the vax and protect them, and yourself. This is not an exercise in human rights, this is clearly civil disobediance by rebels without a clue.
  13. My wife was socially known to Chris through her Bunco Groups. She was a delightful and generous person my wife says. She gave us cuttings from a Meyers lemon dwarf tree, which we now have two healthy bushes in our garden. We will always think ot her when we admire the trees or eat the fruit. Sorry for your loss Harry, she was one of the good ones.
  14. As someone who has spent a lot of time in a past life as a business ratio analyst, the problem seems to be that becoming an internet provider is not a gaurantee of high profits. Remember when Carlos Slim Helu got Telmex as a failing business, the government hoped he could turn it around. To help, they gave him an internet monopoly and long distance phone call monopoly. He turned Telmex around as a reasonable profit maker. All that happened was to attract competitors from all quarters (including outer space - satellites). These competitors and Telmex were stripped of any monopoly benefits. Losing long distance charges and only internet in town is costing Telmex billions of pesos. They are forced to cut costs of maintenance, repair and upgrades. The newcomers still have stars in their eyes, thinking of the obscene riches they are about to enjoy. It will take some time for them to learn, their expectations be should be about the same as I don't know, a dry cleaning shop.
  15. Thank you Pedro. Here is Nagi's recipe. I have made it and it is good. I tend to use agave syrup rather than honey - because I am cheap! Red food coloring comes as a powder from Asian grocers - imported, but lasts forever. https://www.recipetineats.com/chinese-barbecue-pork-char-siu/ Here is a Texas supplier of red powder. You could also use Kashmiri chili powder, which is mild with red color added. https://ranibrand.com/products/rani-red-food-color-25gm-fda-approved-all-natural-non-gmo-vegan-gluten-friendly-indian-origin
  16. Now I have a new one. Have found the perfect, Char Sui BBQ pork strips recipe from Australian blogger, Nagi, Recipe Eats. She pestered her local Chinese butcher as to the best pork cut to use. The reveal was Scotch Fillet Pork. Hannah is out of town until next year. It looks to me like pork tenderloin with all the fat and meat which surrounds it. Very popular on Aussie Barbies. Anyone bought this? What did they call it in Spanish? I am getting a custom hanger rack fabricated to hang Char Sui strips over charcoal. It might vertically rotate, might not. The fat , smoke dripping on the coals not only adds flavor but also keeps the flies away and the customers coming in. Maybe eventually a mobile cart, selling Chinese BBQ strips and sausages and duck and - whatever.
  17. Her double smoked Keilbasa is really good. It shows a real woman's touch of restraint. All the men I have purchased from, including the Polish Butcher on Hastings St. in Vancouver, use too much garlic salt and salt in general. I haven't asked her, because I am not the one who goes to gate to pay and pickup our order, but I suspect she has a Mennonite background. Her, and her neighbor also raise turkeys, but they were all stolen in early December. She did mention today that the fat on, Pork shoulder roasts turned out to be huge. She is going to debone them, so ifyou want to smoke, slow cook, a pork shoulder roast for a crowd, contact her soon. Read a funny story on WaPo, this woman cooks a giant pork roast for a family meal. She stays up all night basting the fat every hour. By morning, she is tired, decides to have short nap. She gets up to serve the roast. Someone has ripped off a large piece of crispy fat! She is outraged, suspects one of her sisters. It tastes that good, and one reason I could never become Vegan, especially in Mexico. Here is the story. Hope it gets through. Subscription $9.99 per year. https://www.washingtonpost.com/food/2021/11/18/pernil-pork-roast-recipe-thanksgiving/
  18. Second the choice of Hanna Rose Rodriguez (on Facebook). She has a delivery to us today, in fact. Leg of lamb roast, Pork shoulder roast with fat on, Keilbasa sausage, blade pork chops. She normally doesn't deliver direct to customers but we are on her route home. You are entering a whole new world with pork bellies. They are extremely popular in Europe and Asia as a wonderful tasting, inexpensive cut. Hanna, and her husband, raise heritage breed pork and lamb. Any local carniceria with a big metal vat in front is frying chicharones or carnitas. They cut off the skin and a good layer of fat. Hanna does the same (I imagine) but sells the rest of belly in strips of mostly meat. These pieces are grilled three minutes per side, or oven roasted 20 minutes per side, for delicious, super tender strips, which still have a bit a crunchy fat. To cut the skin and fat layer from a fresh pork belly is a lot of work. But skin can become a tooth breaker and bellies cooked this way are also typically overcooked. The carnicerias make a good profit selling chicharones, which are added to the bean pot. Let them have it. They are not consumed like pork rinds. Get on Hanna's weekly list. There is a central restaurant which she uses for pickup orders. You are in for a flavor treat if you follow through on this!
  19. This a practical option for yourself and your neighbors. Buy a wholesale box of emergency air horns. They are very, very 130 decibel loud. You should use ear protection with them. Print out label, One Toot means where are you? Two Toots mean come here? Three Toots means emergency, get help. Glue it to the bottle. You could also include telephone numbers if you want. Give the horns away to your neighbors. The horns have a locking toggle, which will keep the blasting for at least one half hour. If you sense danger, blow the horn three times and throw the horn where the danger and your neighbors can hear it but hard to access. Roof? Figure it out. The nice thing about the three toots that is not likely to be tried by your curious but bratty six year old nephew. This system is used on construction sites and movie sets all over the U.S. and Canada. In Vancouver, the sometimes militant bicyclists were upset by drivers using the bike lanes. Apparently, they were almost always pickup drivers. So the militants sent sound grenades in their pickup beds. The drivers had to find a safe place to pull over, only to find the trigger had been crazy glued to be open.
  20. True about restaurants in Guadalajara. On a family vacation in 1974, one week in Guadalajara (three weeks Puerto Vallarta) we mostly dined at El Tapatio Hotel where we were staying. On American Thanksgiving, we tried to find a restaurant in Guadalajara. All we could find was a Dennys, with a turkey special. Bland and disappointing. Now owned by Sanborns, Carlos Slim Helu. I noticed a lot of gay men there. Turns out this was a popular hookup place for gay men because it was open 24 hours and the booths were comfortable. Of course gay night clubs were illegal back then and the police were brutal.
  21. The most powerful computer for 2022 is the Mint Box 3. Built by Compulabs in Israel. All the computer geeks are drooling for one. It starts with 12 lb cast aluminum heat sink case. No cheap sheet metal cases or thin motherboards here. It can use a six core, or optional 8 core processor, can handle up to 32 mb of memory, has two high end video cards available, can run up to seven monitors. It is already loaded with the new Linux Mint 20.0 and all supporting programs. Is blinding fast and could probably run Windows 11 on a dual bootable installation. The hard drive is solid state, up to one T. It is completely silent, has no moving parts, fans etc. If you want to dip your toe in the water first, try to find an earlier Mint Box 2, for about $299. You would have no problem reselling it. These boxes are an engineering masterpiece with the well proven stability, virus resistantance and ease of use that is Linux Mint. https://liliputing.com/2019/12/mintbox-3-fanless-desktop-pc-with-linux-mint-now-available-for-1399-and-up.html
  22. Yeah I have had enough with this censorship. Besides my virus protection says this board has donavirus - yuck!
  23. Propane powered bird scaring cannon. 120 db. Or make a joke about it. Around our house if I ,er, "pass wind", I always mutter "Damn kids and their rockets".
  24. Pete, do you think you can sleep wearing headphones? Sony has a line of noise cancelling headphones, often on sale on Amazon. I am sure you can buy rolls of soundproofing. This is a black rubber foam with noise catching pyramids on it. You could install in a "bomb shelter" for your pets. Dr. Hugo the Audiologist at Quality Care has a hearing testing booth with this stuff - it really works.
  25. Got mine this morning, she even came out to the taxi for my arm. She also has a lifetime, once only, Pneumonia shot, which I have never heard of, 1,700 pesos though.
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