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  1. All you need to know about snarks. http://justtheplaceforasnark.blogspot.com/2018/09/fry-my-snark.html?m=1
  2. Next time you are there, try some deep fried snark. I think you will like it!
  3. If you get a chance order pork, beef, and usually turkey from Hannah in Guadalajara. The family has a large farm there. She comes to the Lake once a week for deliveries. Their pork is a heritage breed, much more "porkier"tasting than usual. Right now, they are butchering 2 wild boars, while quantities last. They do not raise beef but she says they have found a beef supplier which has the best tasting prime rib she has ever had in Mexico. Give her one week to fill the order. They also have a big, commercial smoker and are offering, for example, smoked wild boar pork bellies. She is also working on Chinese BBQ pork strips (Char Sui). Her Facebook page and # are on Pedro's thread about where to buy pork bellies. Like Pedro, we are also fans of their Boston Butt cuts.
  4. Yes, to grout lines. Like new again. Even on 100 year old buildings. Stains on furniture, mattreses, carpets are mainly oil - human oil. The steam blasts them away. This type of steam is only 8% water. Through a micro fiber cloth, it cleans and soaks up the mess. I don't know, this is maybe Omar. https://m.facebook.com/ajijicsteamclean/
  5. They seem to be only on Facebook. https://m.facebook.com/ajijicsteamclean/ I think you are describing a steam mop. The trouble here is that the cleaning ladies are afraid of these newfangled gadgets. They are excellent if you have pets because they get itchy and swollen paws from some of the floor soaps we use here. If you search "vapor cleaners" that will get you lots of hits in the U.S. and Mexico.
  6. Yah but, this is my planet too bud. Joni Mitchell is widely recognised as a brilliant song writer and musician. My problem is that I am losing my high frequency hearing. There are only a few female singers that I can properly hear. Joan Jett and Patti Smith come to mind. Also, you are forgetting that this is a socialist country. The people of Mexico own the Lake, all rivers, streams, the wells, even arroyos. They make the rules to benefit the common good.
  7. I have removed 100s of acres of moss, algae, mold and insects from historic buildings. The tool of choice is a super heated steam cleaner. I have a consumer level steamer here, which would do the job, and are not expensive. There is a local company offering steam cleaning. The steam " cooks" the organic matter and bugs. Most importantly, this goes down to the roots and kills them. Chlorine just makes the organic matter white, you have come every year because like a grass lawn, it will just grow back. There are two reasons pressure washers should not be used. The first is that weakens or destroys the grout more than the brick. Repointing the mortar, using a professional Mason, and project specific grouts, is not inexpensive. The second is that it creates a big mess. In Vancouver, where I was from, all water and detergents have to be removed from the jobsite. The steam cleaning works up to three years versus an annual haircut. One tip I can give you is go to a local vet or agricultural store and buy a jar of horse shampoo, containing Laural Sulfate. This is a wetting agent, not a detergent, it loosens the crud, making it easier to remove. It is used for horses because it cleans out the dirt, not the oils. This way the horse does not have frizzy hair. A lot of humans use the 'mane and tail ' cleaners on their own hair, for a nice shiny coat.😊😊
  8. Decarboxilation. I forgot about that. Many years ago in Mexico, I made green dragon and gold dragon. The decarb is put in a coffee filter, then overnight in the freezer, cane ethyl alcohol 95%, then pour it on. Run a max of five times before the alcohol warms up. Throw the cannabis away. Get a metal tray, pour the liquid in, then put it out in the sun. It will evaporate quite quickly. Then you are left with a tar like residue. Scrape what you can, it is very sticky. The next stage is to add a liquor of your choice. I used Presidente Mexican brandy. You can use, and save, the brandy to clean your pan. The green dragon uses "trim", left over from trimming flowers. Gold dragon uses flowers. Just a few drops under your tongue. Be patient, to start. Yum.
  9. Ha, Ha Mudgirl, hissing of summer lawns, Joni Mitchell. You can google the lyrics on your own.
  10. Try some milder strains. Some are very low THC, mostly CBD. Back in the day, Mexican brick weed was 6 to 8% THC. That one I sent in is a whack a doodle 19.45%, not a beginners ride. The point is to grow to put the cartels out of the weed business. Even if is to give away. I have given away more than I have ever consumed, but a sharp prosecutor could decide that is distribution. The cartels will switch to hard drugs and sex trafficing.
  11. Maybe buy a male Golden Lab. The best answer is to let the grass die, it will come back rapidly during the rainy season. Water is too valuable to waste in this country. Water the trees and plants.
  12. Not a secret. It has passed the Mexican Senate three times now by a strong majority. They want to control all cannabis seeds, and when they are sold they want a full accounting from seed sale to consumption. Impossible. Five years ago the head of police for Jalisco publicly announced they will not be knocking down doors of seniors growing a couple plants. You might be surprised how many Mexican seniors grow to make pain ointments, etc. Medicantes de Abuelas. The permits for consumption and growing up to 8 plants are not yet available. I think the annual cost is 200 pesos. The secret is that the cartels are growing with slave labor and use a lot of herbicides and insecticides. The rumor now is that they are introducing a new strain, when actually it is the same old crap, dusted with Fentanyl. An addictive poison.
  13. Another big problem for health care workers is sweaty hands from long term use of gloves. Painful dermatitis, etc. The solution is to buy silicone barrier cream, in Mexico called Bepanthen. It is used for babies to prevent diaper rash. Then you have to import white cotton inspection gloves with fingers that are free, or just cut them with scissor. Wear them under your latex or, preferably, nitrile gloves. When they get soaking wet, change the cotton liners and hang them up to dry. They are difficult to wash because it is easy to accidently shrink them. Maybe soak them and wring them out to remove perspiration. Another problem is sore feet from standing too long. If I was a supervisor, wanting to keep workers on board, I would gift each ot them heated, vibrating foot baths. If they are carrying too much weight they might consider compression stockings, which have to be custom fitted. My Vascular Surgeon told me that the heart has difficulty moving blood from your feet back to your heart, you must flex your foot muscles and calf muscles to help the blood flow. Hope this helps someone!
  14. The dental supply store in Centro Laguna, the part that is across from Walmart has good quality masks. The dentist, next door, Dra. Candy is his wife. He knows what he is doing (Canadian of course, ☺☺) we ordered a Waterpik from him that is unavailable in Mexico. His disposable surgical masks claim 99.9 effect. My solution, after not recommended to drive, and selling my beloved 4 x4, I have all the distractions in the canyons of my mind. Hah!
  15. No, you have to make homegrown organic like the rest of us. This one looks dam tasty, but they do not ship to Mexico. If you want I could combine our order. You have to go through my grower in Dublin, Ireland. It is shipped super stealth. No one suspects Ireland of being a source for exotic cannabis varities, but they are. https://www.aceseeds.org/en/new-strains/thaia5hazefem.html
  16. The dental supply store in Centro Laguna, the part that is across from Walmart has good quality masks. The dentist, next door, Dra. Candy is his wife. He knows what he is doing (Canadian of course, ☺☺) we ordered a Waterpik from him that is unavailable in Mexico. His disposable surgical masks claim 99.9 effect. My solution, after not recommended to drive, and selling my beloved 4 x4, I have all the distractions in the canyons of my mind. Hah!
  17. Will keep up the research. I have a theory that Pakistani Cherali Kush crossed with Malawi Killer will do the trick.
  18. I have a self contained breathing apparatus from 3M. It has 4 HEPA cartridges on the belt worn blower. It blows purified cool air down your face. If you are working in very hot situations, you can run the tube through a cooler filled with ice. My one is not as Darth Vader as this one. So many accessories now, like hard hats, welding helmets and Peltor sound blocker earphones with built in radio communications. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/respiratory-protection-us/products/papr/ We test the fit of masks by using banana oil. If people are not masked correctly, they smell bananas when the bottle is passed around the mask. I got 100% tax write off for health and safety gear. I used to order a lot from Lab Safety, but I haven't visited them for years.
  19. Interesting situation in Canada. You can't buy pot or liquor from government run stores unless you have proof of vaccinations. Anti Vaxers will have to rely on bootleggers 🔹😂😂😂😂😂😂
  20. Why not go for HEPA and get 99.99997 % particles. This new model from Leaf offers clear masks and UV sterilization. It lasts for about one month. Then you change the filter. https://leafmask.com/
  21. Buy some stylish frames and lenses from www.eyebuydirect.com Chinese, but good value and thousands of choices including lens treatments.
  22. I will be meeting an O'Rourke relative tomorrow. I will ask him. Haven't heard about Lloyd for many years, I think their wheeler dealers are long gone. My parents had a lot of investments in Lloyd in Puerto Vallarta. A lot of people think Lloyd's, as in Lloyd's of London, but no connection at all. In fact Lloyd's of London has faced bankruptcy many times taking bad underwriting conditions.
  23. The flooding and backup at Vancouver seaport has caused a potato shortage. McDonalds in Japan is refusing medium and large french fry orders
  24. The problem with U.S. grown russets is the fast food industry. Millions of $ bought by them, usually semi processed and frozen. The industry has very specific sizes the fries should be. This requires the potatoes to stay in the ground much longer to reach this size. The spuds are under constant attack from bugs and diseases. They need constant applications of pesticides, a winter kill, etc. I have seen for sale seeds for nugget size russets, they may be worth a try. Our favorite is the Okinawa Sweet Potato. Brilliant purple flesh, not too sweet, and a nice creaminess. We are growing them from a tuber gifted by a friend. They take months to grow. If you see some in a market, buy them, try them, and grow some.
  25. Our english pickled onions using the large root balls of the green onion looking variety turned out to be pretty good. The onion is crunchier, but that couldbe a first time cooking error. One I have never tried are the wild "ramps" of the U.S. - they have fights in the stores when they start to show up. The main source is on native owned land. So it is a nice gig for the locals. They have never found a way to commercially produce ramps. Also, interesting, a sweet onion has as much sugar content as an apple.
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