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  1. Misleading. Bacardi has bottling plants and aging facilities all over the world. It is primarily produced at a huge facility in Puerto Rico. The Bacardi bottling/aging plant in NYC serves the whole USA - does that make it American Rum?
  2. I had an ex brother in law, since passed, who was a hoser. He could walk around with a beer bottle in one hand, a lit cigarrette in the other. If he tripped over a rock or a root, he would shoot right backup with the beer and cigarrette. He wouldnt then say I almost hit my head, he would say Wow, I almost spilt my beer!
  3. Available everywhere, Soriana, Walmart. Paz is kind of confusing right now, they are making some major changes right and are keeping the business open while working. Seldom a good idea. Also pickup some Mexican Presidente Brandy. Also very inexpensive and not nasty at all. Mix some with the sherry to soften the sugar load. Do not buy Paz least expensive vodka, it tastes like wet cardboard moonshine. Buy at least Oso Negro. I don't know why Mexico cannot produce a decent rum, but they don' t. Then there are all sorts of non alcohol flavor extracts from the U.S.A. They are usually mixed with vodka and sugar syrup, if the recipe requires it. Some are very tasty indeed. Oso Negro is triple carbon filtered, but really needs on more filter for a neutral unflavored spirit. If you are buying 95% proof cane alcohol, that also should be carbon filtered. An easy process, gravity does all the work. These ingredients are all available from https://brewhaus.com/
  4. You are in Mexico now. You are promoted to Pince Pendejo๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  5. Most people would use Mexican Tres Coronas Sherry, which is medium sweet. Leave out any added sugar to your dish until final testing. It has a rich, fruiity sherry flavor and is inexpensive (especially compared to imported dry sherries). I find that I can substitute this sherry for Japanese Mirin and Chinese Shangxoi. An expert taster would probably notice the difference though. Cooking wines went out of favor quite a few years ago. They are usually vastly inferior table wines.
  6. How about "Covid Club" for those who enjoy the angry political rhetoric surrounding the efficacy, dangers, and treatment of the Covid Pandemic.
  7. Called Vintage plates. 15 years or older, Canada, 25 years or older, U.S.A., 30 years or older Mexico. They do not have to meet vehicle emissions, except to the specifications to the year of manufacture. Might be a problem with a new engine though, did you get a California smog control certificate? Mexicans love classic pickup trucks, and the labor for bodywork, sandblasting, mechanicals is so affordable here. I met two brothers from Jocotepec who have a whole yard full of restored classics, imported as salvage from California. They know how to get that tag off the paperwork. Everything is very different down here, especially when it comes to car culture. You can buy legal paperwork, vintags badging, etc for about 3,000 pesos. Classics are much easier because they don't have VIN numbers all over the place. https://www.bidndrive.com/salvage-cars-auction/classics.html
  8. So just over three months ago is now ancient history!?!?! Washington Post has a more in depth story - if you are a digital subscriber. The number 5 million vehicles in Mexico is mentioned. Times $120 US each, is a lot of road repairs.
  9. I had a friend, Jaconaba, who lived many years in Uraguay, the only other country in the world, where cannabis is legal - but a not a big deal. They came home to Mexico and Texas because it was so cold and rainy.
  10. Do you have a reference for that? I can't find one anywhere. Even if it is true, what is to stop a Mexican citizen bringing in a U S. plated vehicle, amnestying it, state plating it and then selling it to whomever comes up with the dubloons.
  11. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/illegal-used-car-amnesty-signed/
  12. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/illegal-used-car-amnesty-signed/
  13. This is a more up to date to the situation. Too bad it is in that Mexican News Daily Rag. Other details will be in the Spanish language. There was a good article on Washington Post, but it is behind a paywall. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/illegal-used-car-amnesty-signed/https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/illegal-used-car-amnesty-signed/
  14. There is a rubberized, flexible keyboard which is waterproof. Originally purchased in Puerto Vallarta, and replaced with the same here. Working in broadcasting or sound mixers it is ingrained to never drink liquids over the electronics. If you do, you are gone, as in fired.
  15. Does this apply to the new amnesty in Northern Mexico, eventually to land here too? Blatant vote grab after the farmers. Our handyman is from Chihauhua, his family still lives there. His van has Chihauhua plates. The other day he was pulled over for a shakedown, and it took over 4 hours to clear the paperwork. Apparently it is the State Police causing all these problems, especially on the carreteras.
  16. Check out the flooded cars auction websites to see the appeal. Incredible bargains, even on classic cars and trucks. Drive across the border as a tourist, then to the nearest chop shop.
  17. What! Are you living under a dry rock? There have been billions of dollars of damage, most recently British Columbia and Seattle. This CBS article says at least 210, 000 vehicles in the South U.S. alone. This seems low to me, maybe a lot of people cannot afford a writeoff, so they try to bluff their way through, trying to sell without the salvage flag on the title. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/flood-damage-used-cars-hurricane-ida-pirg-nicb-vehicles/
  18. Watch out for rehabbed flood write off vehicles imported from the USA. Search on google for tips how to spot them.
  19. I sincerely hope you had a warm and wonderful, memorable vacation. This is not an invite for four pages of holiday snaps though๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. Hope you got good use of your new SLR camera.
  20. Real Time News huh - I never knew you could read Hebrew. A man of many hidden talents, apparently. https://www.rtnews.co.il/?view=article&id=49&catid=22
  21. Out of courtesy, I decided to fact check MC claims. I started with the FIFA claim, and found the Reuters had already fact checked and it proved to be absolutely false. I not wasting anymore time on fear mongering anti vaxxers. https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-coronavirus-sport-idUSL1N2T81NY
  22. And what about greedy businesses that only care about the all mighty peso or dollar. Such as MC's gym, which allows workouts by completely unvaccinated people - as long as your dues are up to date. There should be a way of reporting businesses like that.
  23. Don't you need proof of vaccination for your up coming vacation? A lot of those fancy joints are asking for that. Attracts a better clientele, don' t you know.
  24. I am interested in Moderna because Angela Merkel, then President of Germany, was advised to get Astrazeneca with a second shot of Moderna. I have no idea if she had a booster. I sort of understand the social democrat thinking in Mexico, to get everyone vaccinated, rich or poor. The middle class and wealthy would deplete the vaccines quickly. But releasing to the open market, as the U.S. had done, got the country widely vaccinated, fast. To line up 4hrs in the sun, for a "free" shot, which at wholesale is $5 a dose, then throw in mass confusion, chronic disorganization, and a faulty computer system, is not a winning plan.
  25. Slavery is a much better idea but Queen Isabella 1 of Spain outlawed the practise in the 1,500's for all her colonies. There was an exception for use in religious training, which they were quick to pickup on throughout Mexico. Maybe start a cult?
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