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  1. Yes, I guess being born with a Groucho Marx nose, eyeglasses and a cowboy hat makes for a tough road ahead! Are you related to Kevin "Bloody" Wilson from Australia. He was an electrician until he decided to become a comedian. Funny bloke, but a bit too raunchy to make it outside of Oz. Manuel the Bandito. Remember this is from the 1980's. He is 75 now. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HiYVCNZ-Kzc
  2. Our house is filled with the delicious aroma of slow roastIng, super crispy, pork belly. So many recipes and techniques over the world. Pork belly used to be an inexpensive cut used to make smoked and cured bacon - which is still easy to do at home. Now it is very popular, and in fact is one of Hannah Rose Menendez's more expensive cuts. But it is also much better using her heritage breed porks. The Bon Appetite Recipe was chosen. https://www.bonappetit.com/test-kitchen/how-to/article/crispy-pork-belly
  3. I will be upfront about this and say the missus has good catastrophic insurance because I don't think she would be able to tolerate the bawdy freak show that exists at many of the public and general hospital wards. Especially with her 40 plus years in healthcare. I, on the other hand, have thick skin and can see the humor in practically anything, however surreal. The last time I was in a public mixed ward here, men and women, about 18 beds, there were not even any privacy curtains and there were two families actually living in the ward! Let it all hangout, living the love of the common people. The comings and goings were far more interesting than anything I have seen on television - except maybe Scrubs.
  4. Well, we have had radiological procedures at both Banuelos and SAH. Banuelos is vastly superior. Though a trip to Guadalajara is stressful, and requires at !east one day rest to get over it. This is an add on. I was prescribed a kidney scan by Dr. Hugo, a internal medicine and kidney specialist at Quality Care. I believe he is also head Nephrologist at SAH. The young technician, no longer there, or his ham handed oreplacement, refused to do a contrast. Too dangerous he said, the prescribing doctor had to actually attend the procedure. The technician telephoned the doctor and he told him.to just do it. He still refused. The doctor said he was getting mixed up about iodine dyes that were widespread 30 years ago. Guess where he sends patients now? Banue!os.
  5. Of course, I would never really want a colonoscopy either. If you want gold medal results and diagnosis that means Banuelos in Guadalajara. Especially for kidneys, heart and liver. Eye,nose and throat is another Guadalajara specialist. Hospital San Antonio is good for exrays only - at this time anyways.
  6. Excellent post Rick. Meaningful and helpful. Having paid in 100's of thousands $$$ for healthcare benefits for myself and employees, then to walk away from all that to practically brag about how much you have spent on private Mexican Healthcare, just to keep alive? Makes no sense at all, unless your money is from lucrative drug deals or real estate flips, and you somehow avoided paying tax or prison on all of that. In the situation I am thinking of the bulk of the money was raised on the backs of taxpayers by way of a teacher's salary and retirement plan. Now the beast, who we should not awake, will be awoken and spread his foul poisons, and his extraordinarily bad breath. Apparently Martyrs do not feel justified spending money on dental hygene.
  7. Grilling BBQ season, just around the corner, or for many, it never ended. Hannah Rose Handcrafted has added some very special grilling items to her selections. One is Boerewors South African Sausage. This is usually rolled up into a circle, then onto the grill. Cutup the size pieces you want. It is delicious and uniquely spiced. https://www.curiouscuisiniere.com/boerewors/ The other is an experiment, to see if people are interested. These are Korean BBQ style "kalbies" or thin cut beef ribs. There are so many recipes. They are extremely popular all over Asia and Vancouver. They are often grilled by men, coming home from a night on the town. For this reason, many recipes call for Asian Pear, which is widely considered to be a hangover cure, but a fruit or juice hard to find in Mexico. An apple sauce, with a good shot of pear brandy flavor would work. They are always tender and juicy, because are thinly sliced and marinated. Remember to soak them in cold water before marinating to remove any bone dust. She might decide to sell them like arrachera, in a vaccum pack with the marinade. Hannah Rose Handcrafted on Facebook. Get on her mailing list for her usually weekly, on Friday deliveries. She does not do customer pickup from a coffee shop anymore, she has a canopy and coolers off the carretera for pickup. Next week, is a good week for beef. She is harvesting a well fatted beef. Here is an easy recipe to make homemade pear liqueur using inexpensive Mexican brandy and a Mexican vanilla bean. https://www.seriouseats.com/homemade-pear-liqueur-what-to-do-with-brandy-recipe
  8. Because it feels like free. Taken out of tax collection in the middle of the night, by politicos wearing ninja black and wearing felt slippers. Canadians can't handle the truth that the biggest income earners and many corporations pay no tax at all. Just like the U.S.A. and offshore banking business.
  9. Yes. But medical is free. Public education is free. Tax on a shack valued at 1.5 million is not free.
  10. We used to race Basenjis, called lure coursing. All the sighthound love it, chasing a white garbage bag for over 500 yards. I used to train one of the dogs on my mountain bike with a special leash attachment called a "Springer". This was a male unneutered dog. While running on the fields near our home, the dog stopped dead in his tracks and tumbled, almost taking me off the bike too. This guy comes running out his house, yelling you are killing that dog. I explained that no, he was actually a field champion and had never done that before. Then he had enough grace to admit that his Rottweiler was in heat, and he used to let her do her business on that spot.
  11. I am sorry Pedro. I had a look at those cost of living websites on the internet last year. I was very surprised to find that the cost of living in Guadalajara was the same as Abbotsford, a community about one hour south of Vancouver. On the other hand, the cost of living in Vancouver was 117% higher than Guadalajara.
  12. I thought this was a pretty good summary of healthcare in Mexico, although a little biased to conservative. Sorry Alan for my constant dictionary soup error about INSABI. https://mexicobusiness.news/health/news/mexicos-right-health
  13. I am surprised that Alan did not mention the INEGI hospitals, formerly Seguro Popular. The public and general hospitals in Guadlajara have been rated as among the best public and general hospitals in Mexico. General Hospital Occidente, is excellent, but public wards. I have heard good things about Cruz Verde hospital, the old civil hospital is chaotic, but has all the right equipment and staff. Also the new hospital at Tjamulco, just 20 minutes away from Lakeside. Also Jocotepec community hospital. You don't hear about them too much right now because COVID has locked most of the beds. You would hear about it in CDMX because AMLO has frozen all the funding to eliminate graft by starving out the parasites. While not completely free, they are all very affordable. You should supply all your own prescriptions, however, in case of shortages. If you are convinced you would receive better service or outcomes if you pay, you can negotiate with the Military hospital in Guadalajara or the Naval hospital in Puerto Vallarta. Both highly rated.
  14. The trouble is the epoxy would change to an ugly yellow in a very short time. You can seal it/protect it with an Aliphatic Urethane sealer, with added UV protection, but this is just one more step playing around with expensive and toxic materials. The best, which I have unable to put together, is Magnesium Oxichloride cement, as sold by Hill Brothers in California. It is tinted to look like terra cotta, then trowelled in place by master masons. A large number of heritage homes feature this product, indoors and outdoors. It is used on staircases, decks, etc. The problem when this product first came out it was reinforced with asbestos fibers. The fibers do not escape the cement, but the worker claims for asbestosis lungs cost the company millions of dollars.
  15. By accepting Permanent Residence you are an immigrant to this country. The Universal Health care here is a work in progress, and all stakeholders have to pull their weight. There is also the principle of reciprocity. In Canada, my ex home, there are a great many Mexicans moving there, certainly far more than Canadians moving to Mexico. The Mexican immigrants receive free medical, free public schooling, and a generous safety net if things turn out badly. I have some impressions of how the U.S.A. handles new immigrants but not enough experience to make a meaningful comment.
  16. Good to hear. This plant is called "Milk of Mazar" or "the Golden One", it is used to produce Mazar strain of handpressed Afghan Bahlki Hashish. I am more of a collector than grower or consumer. I seem to pick dangerous places and war zones. I plan to order some seeds trom Kandahar, Afghanistan and am growing out some Kibustan Sativa from the Phillipines mountains, where if you get caught growing, you get a life sentence in a cruddy prison. That is a good reason to move here. You can grow things year round, once you understand the minor flucuations. There has never been a frost here, ever. Cannabis is perfect plant for this climate, it is a penstroke away from being legal. But selling anything off the books will get you in deep s##t really quickly!
  17. David, nee Eric, has had run ins with restaurants, then disappointed when no one takes his side. The most (in)famous was Mom's Deli. He ordered an ice water, which is free, then squirted his lime wedges, from another dish, and then raided the artificial sweeteners left at his table, added them to his "limeade". The owner charged him something like 10 pesos, on his bill. He was outraged. Another stage of ridiculousness, reweighing portioned dry products at Soriana, and posting very slight descrepancies. You picked an easy target Ibarra. Please understand the mentally ill walk among us these days. It is part of their "therapy" and adjustment to society.
  18. Sorry, I thought I already posted this. If it was me I would buy some 4 foot wide galvanized expanded metal lath, 1/4 to 1/2 size. The good stuff has ribs, but I doubt that you will find here, other than roll Fasten to your intended walkway, use hardened steel concrete nails to secure the mesh to the tiles, using the grout lines. Wear gloves when handling lath. You do not want to make them too tight. You might also think about expansion joints at this stage. A special wood or more expensive plastic/rubber waterstops. If the concrete shifts it will split at these joints - much easier to fix. If you have clayish soil, these expansion joints should be about every six to 8 feet. Now the concrete. Standard cement mixed with coarse and fine sand, then lots ot pea gravel. Add some acrylic resin concrete fluid, to make it stick better and much stronger. You can make the admixture stiff and trowelable (strongest) or runny, self level which will will require some used motor oil covered boards to keep the concrete in place while it sets. cover with black plastic for one week, or sprinkle water everyday for a week. This might be as thin as 1 inch to be very strong and relatively lightweight. As the cement wears away, you will be left the good grip of the sand and gravel. To remove, is much easier than slabs or old tiles. Sounds like a lot of work. It is not. Have fun with it! Get creative, shells, broken ceramic shards, pretty stones all embedded before it sets.
  19. For some reason, which I forget, professional fiberglassers, use crushed walnut shells, rather than sand on boat decks and outdoor sundecks.
  20. Ever since they allege that my team hit three casinos in Europe and one in Macau, now I am Interpol top ten. They made documentary about my so called exploits. It is called "Oceans 11" . I thought George Clooney played an accurate role as their fearless and brilliant leader.
  21. I don't know - fear of incarceration? 😇😇😇😇
  22. Ferret is on the right track. This is a type of acid which etches the tiles or bathtubs to make them non- slip. It usually requires a company approved applicator in the U.S. or Canada, but I think that is just a marketing trick. It can create some nasty fumes so be careful. Once belonged to a gym in Canada, they had a steam room, sauna and pool. They got what they thought was a good tile on ceramic tile, but the deal was for wall tile, not floor tile. It was so slippery. Plus there were a lot Sihks and Punjab members, who like to add coconut oil to their hair and skin. Made the surfaces like ice.
  23. Well someone led you from a feckless fool to fraudulent news. WHY?
  24. This excellent piece of journalism as to how the rumor that vaccines were killing people was spread. Washington Post has no agenda but to turn in professional journalism, they have won more Pulitzer prizes than any other U.S. publication. There are correspondents of all political stripes, many of whom were considered conservative before the Trump administration. Writers like David Ignatious, Jennifer Rubin and George Wills. All superstars in the journalism world. I hope it is not behind a paywall. A trial look is, if I remember, $1.99 per month. This cautionary tale alone is worth that. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/02/01/how-falsehood-athletes-dying-covid-vaccines-spread/
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