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  1. Now i'm adapting my 7000 BTU Thai stir wok to do flame wok. Only way to get authentic flavors. https://hakkasan.com/stories/wok-hei-breath-wok/
  2. Chef Bruce, in Puerto Vallarta, serves a lot of steaks and other meats. He seems to rely a lot on Sous Vide for waterbath cooking these days, at various temperatures. He can hold a steak to a perfect medium rare, with red up to the skin, for hours (sorry, I dont know the food safety guideline for sous vide) If he gets an order for a medium rare steak, he removes it from the bag, then flash grills it with lots of drama. The prices have really dropped for these units and they are perfect for people who entertain a lot. All the meats and even shellfish, can be cooked to precise optimal levels, an
  3. IMSS is enough, if the business can prove they provided proper training and equipment. If not, they are the ones who get dinged, not the customer.
  4. My advice is simple. Get a fan installed by a proper business, who is covered by their own insurance. Same with security cams. People run off to Costco, thinking they are getting a great deal -until they try to find someone who can install it, and if they fall, you will pay a lot and you will never forget it. I can't imagine the level of cheapness that would be required to fix an old fan. Everything has to fit back together perfectly, and many new items have been purposely engineered that they cannot be fixed by DIY or can you even purchase replacement parts. That is just the way it is these d
  5. Or in some cases, many dribbling old gits.
  6. Well maybe it is registered in memory, training new employees etc. I had to know this stuff inside out, multi floor heritage masonry repair and replacement. Up to 20 floors last and biggest job. Vancouver Block Clock Tower, Georgia and Granville. Reconstructed 20 ft. Ionic columns, and complete exterior repair. Swing stages, window cleaner boards, lots of safety rope and knots. Some important points. Most new ladder deaths and injuries, among newly trained or not bilingual Hispanic workers. Make sure you have your own insurance, or for your temporary employees, or your contractor has it c
  7. It is clearly written. Here maybe this one is better for you. The WHO reports that the U.S.A. has highest amount of ladder deaths and injuries in the world. And this is increasing. Most of the falls are less than ten feet. https://www.nachi.org/ladder-safety.htm
  8. This is a very dangerous job. That is what we found in Canada. It matters in Mexico because someone working in your property or home, falls and kills or seriously injures someone. First come the government, with their penalty books, then the lawyers come looking for your property title. But then you have valid construction liabilty insurance? Right? I just annoys me knowing the proper and safe way to do many things, get tossed out the window by ill advised gringos or greedy contractors. So many pointless and easily avoidable accidents. If you don't believe this, visit the public courtyard
  9. How do you get around the requirement that three limbs must be in contact at all times. Then there are the fall arrest clips, etc. One hand can only do very little work.
  10. Are you ever out of touch. Two men working off a 15-20 metre step ladder, at the same time, installing a fragile light. In Canada, by law, I would have to setup a temporary scaffold, and a complete fall arrest system. It is illegal to work off a ladder in Canada., they are only permitted for access, they must be tied off. Also illegal to lift plastic buckets on ropes with materials, tools etc.
  11. I assure you there is an actual group of gas plumbers, who have some sort of government ticket. But I have never been able to find one. I just want you to know it is a legitimate question. Experience? one gas oven explosion ( failure to install a check valve) and three microwaves, blown diodes, too much voltage.
  12. My experience. No. They would rather install all new. There is one design for tropical areas, with replaceable blades, and strong waterproofing. But that is a commercial model, sold in that market. Some of ceiling fan installatiions we have seen here an Puerto Vallarta are ridiculous. Like buy one in Costco, get your broinlaw to install it for a case of beer.
  13. Maybe fly a fake owl. Keep moving it around until you get results.
  14. You want to hear a LOUD annoying bird in Jalisco, try the Chacalaca.
  15. Baskin Robbins has introduced an old Latinx summer drink to the USA. The Mangonada with another fruit, the sprinkled with Tajin seasoning. Sure looks good with the heat wave coming. Any one know where to buy locally? https://hypebeast.com/2021/3/baskin-robbins-mangonada-new-beverage-launch
  16. Apparently they can take fresh water, superchill it, run it through a liquid nitrogen retort, and then what is left over looks like a crystalline powder. Add freshwater and it turns back into drinking water. Amazing technology!
  17. I'm calling mine the" Curtis Mayfield" Amtrak charges 3.74 per mile - one mile per gallon. Makes no sense at all.
  18. Simapa will only allow the Guadalajara purifying facility to draw as much water from the Lake as they have already approved. The facility would like to greatly increase that amount, building a second line to the City. That was turned down and they were told to prioritize fixing the old leaking line.
  19. There are better batteries, right here, right now. I sent in the links before. The Li Ion batteries are pulled from Electric Vehicles when they are 2/3 used. That 2/3 is very suitable for off grid. With an estimated life of 7 to 10 years. There is going to be a swamp of these batteries entering the market if you get in early enough. Right now, the used LiIon batteries are only considered useful for recycling the material. The Chinese are building a large facility on the Mexican border. I didn' look to far into prices, but $1,200 US rings a bell. plus expensive to ship on a one at a time basis.
  20. Further to an earlier post. Yes, private owned railcars are a big thing in the USA, and this trend will only increase with wealthy seniors and the pandemic. Amtrak charges for a variety of optional services. Great safe way to see Canada, the US, Mexico and Central America. They are not cheap to maintain, although they have no engines, but compared to a barely used Ocean yacht, I would guess the savings could be substantial. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jimdobson/2020/05/29/private-rail-cars-will-soon-become-the-ultimate-social-distancing-escape/?sh=4ab4a0f41f4b Another oddbal travel
  21. In the 1990's my father (rip) used to talk about meeting this woman lawyer. So this might only be BS or ? She claimed to own at least three private railcars. Her and her friends would coordinate visits. I always wanted it to be true. Towable motorhomes, even going to the side rails of Whistler, BC, hooked up to the steam heating generators. Oh well - maybe on another planet.
  22. Our rent has not increased for the past twelve years. There is much more skill to be a good tenant rather than a good landlord. As far as decreased prices, people on the true off grid solar are saving a small fortune. I could save even a lot more running used cooking oil through my diesel, but that seems a lot of work.
  23. I have been told that any medical equipment imported from the U.S. has drastically increased. Just the joint appliance for a hip replacement is now 70,000 pesos. Too many medical monopolies. A company will take on a U.S. brand in Mexico and the way the approvals work, the government has to buy from that supplier. Often many times more than what would be normally charged in the U.S. There may be kickbacks too, I know nothing about that.
  24. Don't get patched by the Emergency doctors at Cruz Roja. You will come out looking like Raggedy Andy. Even the Roja ambulances will ask, wouldn' t you prefer to go to San Antonio Hospital. Go there! The money I saved from going to Cruz Roja I should spend on getting scars fixed. But as our family friend, Ms.C, points out,our faces will be a sea of wrinkles and scars soon enough. Universal Health Care in Mexico definetely leaves scars.
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