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    Remember it well and there was also the Red door.
  2. The closest I can think of Dra. Candy, who has put in a lot of time and money making a trip to the dentist as less anxious and pain free. For example she can bring a pysical therapist who works with massage, and I believe she also administers natural herbs and oils. Dra. Candy will still have the last say in the use of aneathetics Dra. Candy is a second generation dentist and her husband is in the dental supply business, so she is alway up on the latest trends and equipment.
  3. Wow, posts from 2013. Shows how many people have left town or this mortal coil
  4. I don't know about the Hammers people. But I have built a murphy bed just from the hydraulics, instructions and hinges. It was a lot of work, heavy, and looked clunky. I then thought about importing them to Mexico. I went to this factory and was very impressed with the steel tube construction and the service. I couldn't meet the owner to negotiate an international dealership. He was having personal problems of the worst type. He had beautiful wife. They went to Hawaii for a Tony Robbins miotivation seminar, he motivated the wife alright, she left her husband to live in Hawaii to be with Tony. The husband was of course as the English say "gutted". One cool thing you can do with Murphy beds is to install a big screen tv and speakers when they are up. Instead of an "enormous black hole" as designers call them. Here is the company I visited, they seem to have U.S. distributors, and I think it would be faster and lighter if you just ship the hardware. Then you get any finish you want. Mexican rustica or plastic laminate. apparently saving you up to $800 ,according to their website. Mexican customs has some inconsistant rules about shipping wood into Mexico, for example their public list includes a ban on wooden pencils, but you can buy them nearly everwhere. https://www.murphybeds.com/BuildABed/Mobile
  5. That is excellent More Liana. I have tasted "scrumpy" looking apples from a friends farm near Zacatecas, they were all the things that a good apple should be.
  6. You can apply for an import license for that product. If they issue one, you are good to go, for that order and items of the same. The problem is that it takes two weeks to process, by then most carriers will have returned to sender.
  7. Imported apples are expensive here too. I pass this on, not because I am being smug, but I truly believe planting trees, especially those that bees can feed on, is very beneficial to everything. There is a variety of apple called "Anna" which should do well here, but it also needs a pollinator, such as crabapple, which will also pollinate the two tropical peach trees I am growing.
  8. Of course hydraulic rock splitters and log splitters are everywhere. They are not expensive, but they are dangerous. What you saw was probably rock trimming, by hand, not splitting using drills and feathers. Ask the 200 years worth of slaves, who sang while they worked, if they were unhappy. Ask the soldiers who marched while singing, walking to an almost certain death, if they were unhappy.
  9. Even simpler - the law of nature, evolve or die. Lawyers are of many stripes. Some are like scholars, knowing every nuance in the law, others are master negotiators and fixers ( connected over many generations), guess which one I have chosen? Oh wait, I also know one who is an expert in automobile questions and immigration, but he only speaks Spanish with his legal hat on. Also a friend in Guadalajara with extensive knowlege about anything on wheels, and the big, big money to back it up, for two generations. He has commercial pilots license, and a race track license/number. My life works for me, apparently, for many on this board lately - not so much.
  10. I agree, my plates are verifiable legal and I have excellent liability insurance.
  11. Spencer is a Puritan, Boy Scout, and new father. I mean that in the nicest way. I was pulled over two years ago, a low level transito had pulled someone over in Chapalas Haciendas 1 entrance. I guess he thought I was coming in a little fast and reckless, and waved me aside and checked my papers. He was fascinated with by my tarifa card. Didn't notice my B.C. driver's license had just expired, I was issued my Mexican driver's license the very next day. Then he waved me on. I don't doubt there is a lot of fraud in the Mexican used auto business. It is a bit of a game. I am told the ones to be careful of if you have no pedimento (import documents) are the Aduana (customs) patrols. Which I have never seen, and they are more interested in real smugglers than some old geezer in a 25 year old truck.
  12. I don't think Alex is doing border runs anymore. But I want to emphasise that he is still available for airport runs and Guadalajara. Very nice man, bilingual, and Mexico wise.
  13. There is also the question of nut allergies, serving to the public. About ten years ago, when the "grease burners" became popular with LA commuters. The grease containers were raided and the used, but filtered cooking oil, sold on craigslist for about 50 cents a gallon.
  14. Doesn't matter. Mexicans can have vehicles registered in other regions for a variety of legitimate reasons.
  15. I thought everything was cheap palm oil these days? Which is unfortunate because it is high in saturated fats and its growth and harvest is resulting in rainforest destruction in Africa and Brazil. Do you know the name of the man who collects used oil? I can convert my truck to run on used cooking oil or diesel.
  16. You get a printout of the annual tarifa circula from the internet and then pay it at a bank. You are not issued a yearly sticker, other than the original hologram card. Produce the stamped receipt if challenged. If you are late paying in CDMX you pay a fairly large penalty.
  17. Or possibly "none of the above". Canada did something unusual last week, like increasing their currency reserve. Something at the Bank of Canada level, and investors responded. Many are now hedging with the Canadian dollar, especially since the leader of the U.S. has announced that he wants a lower dollar to help with exports. Using his emergency powers to bypass Congress and introduce a currency trading tax.
  18. Don't know where to park this one. Not about Mexico but a Pulitzer prize winning journalist and humorist. Very funny observations about growing old: https://wapo.st/2zdE2BL
  19. Ms. Chillin went down to renew Seguro Popular in Chapala yesterday. Big sign, no services until August 26. She went inside, there were still doctors working, but no clerical services.
  20. Ask again. They charge one month for finding and signing a tenant, if the owner wants ongoing property management, collecting the rent etc., that service is typically $200 per month.
  21. Many small, unfurnished houses for rent under 10,000 pesos per month in Chapala Haciendas. These are often very big lots, and many people buy those metal pole and plastic canvas kits, to cover anything. It is most assuredly very quiet up here. Security is pretty good, but now systems like Ring are affordable, portable, and easy to install. With software like the Ring Neighbor app, you can send any suspicious video to the community's security patrol. I wouldn't waste too much time with real estate agents. They get paid one month's rent for securing a years lease. They get many times more if they sell a property. The smart ones use rentals as a lead generator, very soon they will ask you why are not buying a place. The prices are so low, and they are only bound to increase. I'll bet you have heard that one before! The variable is the value of the US dollar. There is talk of a currency trading tax, which purposely lowers international value.
  22. The lady who was in the country house has passed away. She had already sold the house. Her husband has returned to sell off the furnishings, probably through Julie and Wayne Hensley. If you want to sell fine antiques, you pretty well have to go through Guadalajara. I am interested in, and skilled in, decorative and applied arts. Happy (pedro) is into folk art, much of which I find quite laughable and a bit of a rather clever con. To be fair though, this is much the same in fine art.
  23. Was the chocolate drink atole? Sort of like hot chocolate thickened like a gruel with fresh corn masa. Love that stuff!
  24. Could be a Coco Chanel design. The metal could be called ormalu, Gianni Versace collected a lot of this when he was alive. If any of these things can be proven by provenance, you could have some very valuable pieces. We just bought a used office chair on beg/barter, the person is liquidating a large country house. They seem to have excellent taste, and probably even have some horse tack.
  25. Mexconnect included a very vigorous forum, heavily moderated for a few years. The owner switched the website to paid membership, with all the best intentions, he wanted to be able to contribute at least a token amount to the many excellent article contributors. Well, that didn't go over too well, and by time it switched back to free, many people had left to find other forms of social media.
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