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  1. Patsys = Pasties - now I get it! My gardening book says do not grow in temperatures more than 75 degrees F. I don't know of turnips down here either. There may be a variety adapted to warmer weather, I have not searched. Maybe ask the vendor at Tuesday Market who grows parsnips here. Maybe parsnips are a substitute, especially if pan roasted.
  2. Luis. Take the supplements "full disclosure" document to a qualified nutritionist in Mexico. I am sure they can recommend real/live foods as an equivalent. The morning " licuado" is a witch's brew tradition in Mexico as I am sure you know. Find the ones which energise you, and those are the ones you grow. No chemicals, especially if you grow from seed. Many you can find growing in the mountains too. Expresso coffee is a great licquado by the way 😇😇😇😇
  3. I know that this doesn't lessen your frightening experience, but Mastiff breeds typically follow a property perimeter. If anybody enters they tend to try to herd the person and growl if they try to move away. That is their natural disposition anyways. The worst gaurd dogs are the untrained ones, I hate to say it but a lot of Pit Bulls in this category. Their natural instinct is to attack the throat, and hold on. Properly trained dogs, including Pit Bulls, are trained to attack the arms. Especially if their quarry is holding a gun or knife. Live coursing dogs, which are mostly banned, work as a pack team. Hounds such as the Russian Wolfhound, Borzoi, often crossed with Greyhound, hunt in a team, two or three. One takes the neck of coyotes or young wolves, the others hold the chest.
  4. That is a reply for the record books Mexluis! DHL once offered to get me an import permit. I don' t know what they charge. Now I need one for a unique liquid chemical. I have to ask again. Estafeta U.S.A. and Redpack USA also offer this. Send them a link or photo of what you are hoping to buy. They will immediately know, or will personally ask Mexican customs. In CDMX only about 1 in 30 international mail packages are opened and inspected. Some countries are more scrutinized than others. I was quite surprised that much of the fentanyl poison was shipped from China to the U.S.A. was by international mail. Forget about extensions, they return to sender within two weeks, which is not enough time to get an import permit. Now I am curious as to what supplement got them so worked up? Spanish Fly😄😄😄😄?
  5. I don't think you will be able to rent a steamer here. Other than a wallpaper steamer, which is too wet. There is cleaning company using steam but I don' t have their number. Dry steam really does work. It worked very well on some large tapestries which got creased in storage.
  6. I have those big yellow K&C fog lights on our 4 by 4. Never imagined I might need them.
  7. I have always had good luck ordering from the U.K., Royal Mail. Goes through CDMX rather than the U.S. Mexico border. Same items as U.S. but U.K. money is a bargain these days Ordered some vegetable and flower seeds, but they fullfilled the order from Hungary. Arrived CDMX, cleared customs, never to be seen again. My theory is that the postie wanted some Hungarian stamps for their collection. Mail from China is pretty reliable but takes a long time, especially if you choose the free shipping option. China currency also a real bargain right now. USPS is a real mess right now. Not a statement of politics, but a statement of fact.
  8. 17 examples of leading interior design from Mexico City. I thought More liana would like the first one, a tabletop made from land race corn https://news.yahoo.com/sampling-mexico-city-top-talents-120000160.html

    Milpa Corn?

    Got my sack of Ocotillo kernels yesterday. I am going to order a pure grade of Cal/lime from this company which stocks in Zapopan. I can also use the aged putty for painting frescoes. http://www.oxical.mx

    Milpa Corn?

    I have found some land race corn on Mercado Libre. Which do think would be the better tasting source, Olotillo from Oxahaca or Criollo from various milpas. I was hoping for local, I will ask our gardener who is well connected with the mountain people of Ixtlahacan. There is a store there which sells/makes traditional masa dough, it is so delicious, but you have to buy a kilo at a time, and it does not freeze well. I want to buy 10 kilos of dried, then lime them and into my wet stone grinder, as needed. The stone grinder crushes the corn, better flavor than cutting like a food processor blade. Thinking of goining with the Olotillo. https://masienda.com/shop/heirloom-white-olotillo-corn/ Ordered. Free shipping from Oaxaca. Seriously, these.land race corn advocates have to step up their game to make sure the milpa farmers are paid an abundant share for their hard labor.
  11. Weak, you really have lost it my son. Good luck, at least try to be nice.
  12. I hope you haven't taking up flashing. That is a hobby which will land you in jail!
  13. So are these beef and pork products actually you promoting SPAM?

    Milpa Corn?

    Has anyone seen the dried corn from the local milpas yet? https://www.mexicanplease.com/homemade-masa-dough-using-yellow-field-corn/
  15. I want to make sticky rice bundles with banana leaves. Used to make all the time in Canada with frozen banana leaves, now we have abundant banana trees and never use them! I am comparing Chef Marcos combo to the other Asian food offerings Lakeside. Like I say, quality ingredients make all the difference. this instant pot technique looks good. https://thewoksoflife.com/how-to-cook-zongzi-instant-pot/
  16. El Rey Tacos special today was a selection of Chinese cuisine. It was excellent, top quality all the way. Who knew that Chef Marcos could produce the best Chinese cuisine Lakeside, in the limitations of a restaurant delivery setting. I have made BBQ pork strips many times here. I am now adapting one of our charcoal grill to slowly cook and smoke the strips in the traditional way. To make the buns you need low gluten white cake flour. Hard to find. Betty uses hard flour in her buns and pastries - not the same texture or taste at all. We buy high gluten bread flour from what used to be Peter Panaderia's place. Maybe find a cake bakery? The import of Swan's Down flour would be price prohibitive here.
  17. Certainly looks more like an Asassin or Kissing bug than a Palm Beetle. Chagas disease is thought to be what killed Charles Darwin. There are thousands of cases throughout Latin America. The most obvious symptom is lumps on the face and eyes. It usually gets to poor people who live in palm thatch houses, with no mosquito nets. It can detect CO2 emissions (breathing) from 20 feet away. They feed on blood from your eyes and mouth. It is actually their feces which carries the Chaga. I would bring in a professional, or design a trap which emits CO2. In the meantime no hammock naps outside until they are gone.😀 Now, please tell me what is a Raintree in Mexico?
  18. According to Diana Kennedy's amazing book ( not video) " Nothing Fancy", Mamey fruit should be showing up now in fruit markets. Has anybody seen any? I am thinking of growing a small tree, but I should at least taste it first.
  19. The most important thing for fries is the variety of potato. Prince Edward Island russets, Idaho Russets or, in Europe, the Irish Maris Piper. None of these are obtainable or importable in Mexico.
  20. ccrane.com is the reliable place to purchase radios of all types.
  21. Privately? Daniel Briseno of Quality Care, charges about 900$ U.S. for a private hospital in Guadalajara, about 1,100$ U.S. at Chapala Hospital San Antonio. I like the guy, he is very informed and good bedside manner (I suspect), kind of quirky, sort of like you. I think you would like him, even if he doesn't by you dinner before the medical procedure! My own digestive problems were caused by highly processed foods, including white bread flour and corn masa cornflour. He is a good doctor, he went back for his full 4 year training in CDMX, when most Drs. choose two years for their specialties.
  22. Have you paid your initiation fee? It is 1,000 pesos and as a super advanced member I am allowed to collect it on behalf of the forum. Load up a 1,000 peso gift card, and an associate will pick it up from you at an Oxxo store.
  23. Beer and old time music - a winner for me. I was amazed at how many companies offer pressing of seven inch, 45 rpm records. I have been collecting some old time Mexican music, an age in Mexico that I never knew existed. Superb musicianship. https://vinyl-pressing-plants.com/all-vinyl-pressing-plants-list/options/Rpm/45-rpm/
  24. Mario of Ajijic Electronics will be at our house within an hour installing a wi-fi doorbell. I will ask him. He seems very capable and is probably your best bet locally for electronics. You might have to get the power supply and surge protector switched out because Mexican power is ten volts higher than U.S. or Canada. There is another computer technician who picks up supplies in Guadalajara, he knows a good electronic repair shop there. I guess the old machine does not have a motherboard, so least you don't have to worry about that. Todays motherboards are very unreliable and any people that can repair them with component testing are very rare. edit: Mario says he would have to see it, but he is a no bs sort of guy, arrives on time and tries not to use trashy Chinese components and parts.
  25. Of course. They are Ajijic Electronics. Always advertise in Ojo de Lago. There is another technician, Eric, but he is booked for the next month. His business partner, Adrian, does computer repair and basic security. He is also in high demand, of you want I can send you their contact data.
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