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  1. Pot. Kettle. Black. For the past 20 years, until my retirement 10 years ago, my stated occupation on my Canadian income tax forms was "professional artist and mason" A professional artist is someone who has fine artist skills, but chooses to sell those skills to the highest bidder. That is all that I am recommending here. Simple. I have worked alongside with some of the best fine artists in the world, a very tough game to get recognition. On wood working, I owned a golf tee factory, into which investors poured in enough to purchase five automatic hollow chuck lathes, a chain driven circular saw, dust collection, two heavy duty router tables, automatic pad printer. The wood we used was B.C. interior Birch which was inexpensive because it was often gray water stained. In short, I have been through truck loads of birch, yellow cedar, maple and alder. All that time you were running around to flea markets, as some sort of grifter, trying to hoodwink people into thinking these extremely ugly articles were actually highly valuable works of art. I always remember when you asked if I could connect you with a famous architect. You sent a picture of all these firewood logs dressed up in old clothes. You claimed he was a famous folk artist, yet when he died, there was not a single word about this in his lengthy obituary. Out of my ken, really? I double dog dare you to send in a picture of the firewood people which I believe you wanted $20,000 cdn for.
  2. For not much more you can buy a Phillips One Blade electric shaver. It uses blades which must be replaced every few months. It includes combs for beard, mustache trimming, is very lightweight, easy to travel with. Most importantly it is wet or dry. The best shave soak your face, then shaving foam. Much faster than a traditional wet blade. I think it was $39 U.S. plus some sort of deal on blades.
  3. Beware that some of those rubber backed carpets, especially the ones from China, have a nasty chemical smell.
  4. Daniarte. If you are doing this for a living and are still fairly young, you really have to step your game to learn how to create content for cnc and vector graphics. This a top job right now and you could probably freelance. I know of a large cnc machine in Chapala and a family friend has one in Puerto Vallarta. He made a lot of money making metal gates, which incorporate artwork. The problem is that the people who own these machines and sell their services, have strong engineering skills, but few creative artistic skills. Most of just steal or purchase images off the internet. This a good introduction to the skills you would have to learn. https://www.instructables.com/id/CNC-Tutorial-Image-to-Vector/
  5. I had a woodburning kit when I was 9 years old - does that count! Sr. Google sure disagrees with you on this one. Also less problems with warping. As Ferret posted there seems to be only one company in this area that seems to understand the wood curing process. Here is forum for pyrographers and you google wood burned baltic plywood under images you will see how incorrect you are. https://pyrographyonline.vbulletin.net/forum/pyrography/pyrography-for-beginners/92-birch-plywood-question
  6. This a very common thing in all senior communities. The only solution I know of is to learn the local language and attempt to acquaint yourself with more diverse age groups.
  7. Ask the wood suppliers if they can get baltic birch plywood. I tried to search for a source in Mexico but couldn't find one. Mexico has some strange laws on the books about importing raw wood. I was trying to import some raw wood fishing lure blanks. Couldn't do it, and don't want to invest in a cnc machine or copy lathe. Baltic or Finnish birch plywood, is very strong and lightweight, the outer surface is always clear of defects and bright white in color. It is used in many industries including furniture, airplane construction and fine foundry work. Unfortunately, for you, laser engravers cutters have taken over much of this market, with many low cost machines. https://www.omnicoreagency.com/best-laser-cutter-engraving-machines/ https://www.google.com/search?q=laser+engraver+wood&prmd=ivsn&sxsrf=ACYBGNRkl8DF4ijQg5qQhTraipiRlbJBIQ:1579208595149&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjw8Nu6gonnAhUGIqwKHVgGBfMQ_AUoAXoECA4QAQ&biw=962&bih=601


    This new to me, chamoy, is the Mexican equivalent, except it adds chile to the mix. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chamoy


    Ukiyosan. do you know the latin genus name for omobushi plums. I would like to pickle some - or many. Outrageously expensive here. The fruit tree store in Veracruz has some nice plum trees, Japanese plums, but I don't know if they are the right ones.
  10. Well there are always fools who think they deserve better treatment, better foods, better education than the common rabble. Just think, they pay high income taxes to support the public system, then an even higher amount for private health care and private education.
  11. A good pool or hot tub pump will offer two speeds. One barely circulating at night using low power, another high speed when the pool is in use and needs full filtration. The best pool heater is basic solar water heater, which feeds into an energy efficient, but expensive heat pump. Have always preferred pools and excercise in the water is the very best. They even use pools to exercise top racing horses.


    Back to mesh. I saw a gardener video how he used organza gift bags which are typically given out at weddings, etc, and are certainly inexpensive on amazon.I think the actual material is nylon.
  13. This may sound silly, but there are a lot of people doing this - buy a tropical weight, 3mm wetsuit. You can also buy boots and gloves. This will keep you warm in 65f and above water temperatures. I also have a jogging belt for deep water workout. There is a wide range of qualities and prices, still far less money than paying electrical, over time anyways. There are only two or three months a year you can use an unheated pool.
  14. Still illegal, and always a battle. Profit clinics and doctors are not allowed to provide services offered under the Federal Health Care Act. http://www.canadian-healthcare.org/page6.html


    Good to hear from you! I believe there is another 6th taste in Japanese cuisine which refers to "mouthfeel". This is where I bought the spores from, the chuhaka-kin spores, 100 grams. No problems into Mexico. Some people in the U.S. are growing cultures directly on meats, but this is illegal for sale to the public. https://store.organic-cultures.com/kokinspsu.html
  16. Instead of advancing another useless powerplay on this forum, why don't you do what Rony and Barcelonaman suggested? I have noticed that many cleaners, gardeners, and in our case taxi drivers, seem to think private care is more suitable for their loved ones - especially if a gringo is giving (they will say borrowing) the money. Lakeside7, for profit hospitals or specialty clinics would be illegal in Canada. Sometimes important people like CEOs and highly paid athletes are shipped to the U.S. because their companies or teams want them back to work as soon as possible. The U.K. has its beloved national health, but they allow a second tier of private insurance for above reasons.
  17. Don't know where you are receiving your disinformation about Canadian healthcare. Canada is even accepting royal refugees now. Canada is attracting world class doctors now, the ones who left to work in the U.S. or Arab countries only last a couple of years, enough to buy a house in Canada.


    Better to look up soji kin. I have enough starter for 50 lbs of sweet, sushi rice. This, in term, could make a lifetime of spores. Come over and pick some up. PM. I originally wanted to make a batch to sell in plastic shakers. Someone has to do this, it is like introducing a whole new flavor to the Western world.


    I once ended up in a Puerto Vallarta hospital for overnight observation after face and tongue swollen with a food allergy. The culprit, the only food I had eaten that day, was KFC spicy chicken, including their nuclear green coleslaw. Upon further research I found many were cutting way back on MSG, but there was a pack of five additional chemicals which greatly enhanced the remaining MSG, but none of them had been tested for human consumption! The best source of unami flavor is ground, or whole, koji kin rice, fermented sweet rice. It is extremely popular with top chefs. Computer Guy will remember when we attended the sushi and knife sharpening demonstration, that he said he had brought 3 bags of koji kin for his chef friend in Guadalajara. I have starter in the freezer, but have not done anything with it yet. google koji kin recipes, you will surprised about the enthusiasm for this ingredient, and it shouldn't be difficult or expensive to import it. Last time I checked, Fuji foods, in Guadalajara did not have it.
  20. Sorry, I thought I edited this post to include this link. I will post it again in case someone searches this in the future http://si-mar.com in Guadalajara with delivery here.
  21. I have posted before, this is an old principle "do unto others as you would have them do onto you". In Canada, under a system I paid into with taxes for over 60 years, immigrants, refugees, (legal or illegal) and workers from Mexico are given free medical and free education. There are a few crackpots who moan about this but the vast majority of Canadians are proud of this nation defining role. There are far more Mexicans enjoying their new life in Canada than ex- Canadians in Mexico. In the U.S.A. ,in another nation defining role, immigrants from Mexico, or any brown country, are treated with fear and disdain. Whole families are forever split up and destroyed. I don't know how Mexicans are medically treated, but I mentioned that the nearest Seguro Popular hospital charges 16,000 pesos for a caesarian delivery, the average cost in the U.S. is $50,000 U.S. No wonder the population is declining there and the U.S. leads the world in medical related personal bankruptcies. Also relying on a U.S. based insurer while living in Mexico is not good idea. They are genetically prone and trained to just say no as soon as a claim hits their desk. Then there is not a darn thing you can do about it.
  22. Where can I buy large size rolls of fibreglass fly screen. I know there is a factory in Mexico, owned by Saint Gobain, but that gets me no closer to a vendor.
  23. I am moving my large, wooden easles to our back deck, building a painting space. It is covered but still open air. They are a red tropical hardwood, but I don't think teak or mahogany What kind of oil would I use to protect them fading and termites? Our gardener used an oil that they use on the farm to protect wooden posts. It works on the rustic wood beams, but is nasty smelling and makes the wood very dark color.
  24. Got my Melacoton peach tree today. These are the famous peaches from the Aragon region of Spain. They are grafted onto a quince/membrillo root ball, so should grow well. The peach fruit is covered in a bag when young, for two months. This farmer from New Zealand also bags his mangoes. Sounds like good idea to me. One worker should be able to bag a mango tree within one day. It also stops fallen fruit, which can deliver a significant thump.
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