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  1. Yes, many people have complained about the IMSS clinic in Chapala. Our Mexican driver says you wait for hours, then they send you out the door with some paracetamol (tylenol). Try the newly refurbished IMSS hospital in Tjamulco de Zunigas for a contrast. As per Mostlylost who is a key member of this forum and he always (correctly) remarks from a point of view from actually living in the middle of this. Like everywhere in the world, you have to learn how the system works. The ropes and pullies. Which hospitals and doctors to go to for their strengths, and which ones to avoid. Dam
  2. Ativan is, or can be, an addictive drug. That is why it is controlled. Don't be The Pusher Man. Maybe she should try medical cannabis. Has helped a lot of people.
  3. Time Warp? I don't recall too many Mexicans in that one!
  4. Better get used to the smell of skunks once cannabis is legalized ( Dec 15). There are many strains which are called skunk because that is the way the flowers smell when they mature. My friend has seeds for Rhode Island Skunk, that he will start in December.
  5. I would think that is a large majority of the general public, including foreigners right now. Prices of medical equipment are skyrocketing. An appliance for hip replacement now costs over 70,000 pesos. Equipment only. I was recently quoted $10,000 US per year by a broker who was touted as having the lowest cost, but reliable, private health insurance plan. Don't despair though. The INSABI hospitals are generally quite competent, especially in the Jalisco area. Then there are the public general hospitals which are very affordable, then charity private hospitals run by nun nurses, then the
  6. I remember when Eagle Hardware left Mexico many years ago. It was said the stores suffered from an unacceptable level of package tampering. People would open packaging and only take the parts they needed for repair. Of course the next customer comes along, thinking the package is complete, only to return it for refund or replacement. This has been largely curtailed in recent years with the heavy duty plastic blister shells. I imagine this still might be a problem except that people return after purchase. Principles of American customer service would say the customer is always right, and store
  7. Do you know if he works on a retainer contract? Always nice to have sharp lawyer on speed dial to get quick results. My lawyer in Puerto Vallarta, a litigation and real estate specialist, is getting close to retirement
  8. The fake information here is what a medical specialist actually is in Mexico. A Dermatologist, a Cosmetician, a Esthetician can all call themselves a skin care specialist. Only one completed a 4 year medical degree, one year medical volunteering in some backwater area of Mexico for almost no pay, then 2 to 4 years (both Briseno brothers did 4 years) studying a medical specialty, again unpaid, they have no time available to be a General Doctor. Then the cost of sharing or opening an office with overheads, etc.
  9. I would give these steam cleaners a try. I think Spring Clean just uses a water extractor and shampoos, based on a bad clean they did for us a few years ago. They eventually got it right, but the point is I wouldn't allow it out the door as finished in the first place https://www.chapala.com/ajijicsteamclean.html There is another one in Guadalajara which has a more powerful dry steam extractor. They were actually booked to come to our house yesterday. They phoned in the morning that they were not willing to come out to Chapala unless there were three customers, which I assume
  10. Be aware that mechanical gas level meters, especially old ones can be faulty. We lived with one that required a tap with something metal, it often stuck showing more gas than was actually in the tank. Advice from Oregon Chapala is as usual, absolutely correct. Juan, from Los Altos has been very good to us over the many years. He answers his cell. He can also fill portable tanks at the same time with a special fitting. I don't think he would come out just for small, portable tanks though. Here is a digital one which sends the level to a smartphone app: https://www.amazon.com.mx/El-Gaa
  11. Do you know that Pixies song, "Gouge Away"?
  12. Have you seen a picture of Shane after he got all his teeth fixed in Spain? I used to appreciate this song when I lived in Edmonton. Spring time, dirty sand, slushy snow. Yuk.
  13. You probably remember this Shel song Unicorn, Irish Rovers. A world wide hit.
  14. I was trying to find a song written and sung by Shel Silverstein. He tries to get sold out tickets for a Johnny concert, he plans to pay for them by pawning his wedding ring, but no way. He gets the idea to create a diversion by shooting a pistol in the air. Unfortunately, he is caught, because someone else shot him, and sent to prison. He grabs a front row seat for the prison's concert, and hears "Hello, I am Johnny Cash" it was the San Quentin concert! Anyways, Shel was always in demand for his songs, but he was not that great of a voice. Here is someone's list of the top ten songs, inc
  15. Poor old Johnny died soon after this song. Six months after his wife died. The song is more attributed to Trent Reznor, who was the frontman of Nine Inch Nails, but he has a much broader scope of songs and collaborations. I forgot to mention that Beverly Glenn-Coupland performed on the beloved Canadian children's show called " Mr. Dressup". Sort of a Canadian Mr. Rogers. Can you imagine anywhere else in the world where a Transgender person is performing on a children's show which encourages imagination and dressing up? As far as the Doozy Chicks, is there an emoji for "tacky"?
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