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  1. Zam's cigarillo sketch? Eddie tried so hard to rip it off.
  2. Expats, is a British tax term for those who live outside the U.K. For at least one year, paying taxes according to their income. Pure and simple really. Somerset Marquagm enthusiasts aside. Kk
  3. You seem to have acquired a lot of "exes" on your short time on this good, and forgiving short Earth. What is the difference between MGTOW, Mysogonism, and Incel?
  4. Jerry Lewis for example? Marcel Marceau? You have to very careful listening to what Eddie says about himself, he is a trickster and a shapeshifter, part of his appeal I guess. He is also a marathon runner, completing 27 marathons in South Africa as a tribute to Nelson Mandela. Or did he?
  5. After conceding so much territory, Mexico thought this buffer zone, prohibiting foreigners from owning land, would discourage military incursions, which included a lot of cannon artillery back then. This is a fact. The realtors want to do away with fideicomiso, and the bankers want to keep it - 100% profit for them.
  6. The fideicomiso laws have been close to scrapped over various political regimes in Mexico, usually pressure from the real estate sector that this will greatly improve marketing efforts. It makes sense to scrap it when you realize the only reason it exists was prevent foreign nations from installing cannons on borders and sea routes. The distance is based on maximum imaginable cannon range at that time. The best remaining beachfront and beautiful natural reserves in Central Mexico (including Lakeside) are nearly all in Ejido. There are certain lawyers who have specialized in the process of titling Ejido lands and they have done very well financially.
  7. It is funny that Eddie Izzard is not a transvestite, transgender, or even gay. He found that "dressing up" made him more comfortable and confident on stage. When the Frenchman in Paris asks if he is transvestite, he says "um er - more like an executive transvestite. He says there are no stand-up comedians in France.Is that true?
  8. Yes, I remember the Italian professor case, it was interesting. The professor was trying to foment a full blown Marxist rebellion. When they detained him, he was happy because he thought he could turn it into a full blown showtrial, impressing his Marxist activists back in Europe. The trouble was he had not checked his paperwork, he was two weeks passed his working visa date. So you are right, on the next plane out.
  9. Another solution, in a seasonal drought area, the homeowner basically built a swimming pool on top of his house, and they filtered the water to drink. A definitely no peeing in the pool house!
  10. In British Columbia, where we were originally from, government has exclusive rights to generate electricity from running streams. Then they allowed micro-hydro projects which feed into a grid, some of finest recreation locations are now home to these projects, and their cabins. If you have travelled Mexico, as you say, there are many prime locations for micro hydro generation. The government is encouraging this. There may the same opportunities to build in these protected areas.
  11. I can see now why Eddie Izzard has not included any dates in Mexico on his current world tour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1sQkEfAdfY
  12. I already know many will say this has nothing to do with Mexico. It does expose a layer of inhumanity and hypocrisy which do not exist in Canada or Mexico because of their long, patient struggle to introduce universal health. Quite the true, but tragic story https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/the-clinic-of-last-resort/2019/06/22/2833c8a0-92cc-11e9-aadb-74e6b2b46f6a_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.32deb1e45825
  13. The egg shells are so thin here. The old trick was to pierce the egg at the "pointy part" of it, before you boil them. There is even a gadget to pierce the egg in an exact way. I read somewhere that there was a way to eliminate dark stains on the yolk, but I don't remember it.

    Perry's Pizza

    Maybe your homemade pizza uses a yeast dough which takes two to three days in and out of the refrigerator. This accounts for the strong nutty flavor of good pizza and breads. Flour is also important of course. You have to build what is called a "sponge" of yeast flour and water. This is the start of the days baking. Other than restaurants and bakeries, most do not have the time to keep a sponge alive for many days. I should have mentioned the refrigerator part is to temporarily interrupt the yeast fermentation but still enough sugars to encourage bacterial fermentation, which are flavor enhancers. There are commercial additives too, all designed to make the dough cheaper and faster.
  15. What about the Tequila train? Seems to make money. I am not thinking a high speed commuter train, but rather a tourist train, possibly using narrow gauge steam. I can think of many places in the world where this has been very successful. I don't think many Mexicans would want to live Lakeside and commute every day. More likely the European model, easy to maintain condo in the City, working long billable hours, commute on weekends or vacation time to a big, safe family home with kids in good schools. A happy life for many.
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