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  1. Yes, a problem I have had since a young boy. On a road trip at 9 years old, pointing out to my parents different conusulations in the night sky. Idoitotee maybe, but idoitee savant, happy where I am. No tentacles sucking life and bones from my body and income. And yes, I will admit I have always had a love/hate relationship with the Irish. Sometimes they write or speak words of brilliance, other times mouthfuls of shite. What is the favored cut of beef in Eireland? Curious minds want to know.
  2. yawn. tipico. blah. blah. blah.
  3. I don't know your level of fitness, but you might be wary of recliners that just have a spring to release the recline. You need enough strength to push the recline down, otherwise you are trapped like a mouse! You can pay a lot of money for some of these chairs. My Mother has one which cost a couple thousand dollars (probably more). It has all back vibration options, all electric assist, and the company replaces the fabric every year as part of the price.
  4. I have written that I was not interested in someone hanging out their memories to dry, from another country, in another culture, from 50 years ago. This is the same man who has claimed, many times, that he is writing his autobiography. Snork! indeed. I know about blade in beef chuck. If you look under the what I miss Lakeside, I posted a couple weeks ago that I missed this fatty cut, cooked in a ceramic Romertopf cooker for a couple of hours.
  5. Sorry mam, bullying, braggarts who also lie, just get under my skin. I have been trying to get the topic back to Mexico. Not one of those photos represent meats available here locally, only expensive imports have that much fat and marbling.
  6. While I apologise for not keeping up with every detail of Pedrostronics. I do not find it interesting. The part that I did find interesting is that you claim to be in management training - for a company which became known as the worst example of labour and management relations - in Canadian history! They still have problems finding workers. I have two nephews that worked there for a very short time.They managed to get special permission to sponsor Mexican workers, with their families (this is unusual). About 18 families came, a few months later, only 4 remained. Sound familiar? https://www.packingtown.org/timeline.html
  7. Is he permanent or filling in for maternity leave? I would appreciate to know. I have this cloud of serious pain which travels from my left knee, to my inner thigh, then hip, then a day of normal. My knee crackles like a popcorn maker. What I have read suggests a series of excercises, weights and cardio. I already have these machines, but need some guidance how to reintroduce them to my neglected body. As a point of reference, I used to be a real gym rat. I guess Doctorita Lety will know. Dr. Briseno is so lucky to have found her.😍
  8. According to this chart, designed by a beef association for professional butchers, I would say blade chuck steak, a custom saw cut diezmillo steak. Didn't you work for the marketing dept. of that meat place? Selling Peter Pocklington's pickled pig's knuckles. try saying that quickly! https://www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com/cuts/cut-charts
  9. Is this research for your new book, "History of Meat" volume 1, abalone to beef, author I ¶edrovius? This article is very good about beef IN MEXICO, there is also a link to chart of the more obscure NOB cuts. https://www.vallartaeats.com/mexican-beef-cuts/ The foodsaver brand UMAI recomends is model 2244. Also note you cannot dry age individual steaks (with bags that is) only primal cuts such as brisket, blade roast etc. That dry age video I sent in, the end product would have weighed 30% less than at the start. Part of the reason why it is so expensive.
  10. I would think are available. The Umai site has listed the best. When we made a primerib, bone in roast, the vacuum sealer we had borrowed did not work, so we made sure the bag was fairly tight on the meat and I used a drinking straw to suck out the air, while my lovely assistant sealed the bag with zip ties, and we backed up the seal with duct tape. This was local beef, aged 30 days, it should went at least 45 for more flavor and tenderness. I notice you can now buy bags in Mexico from mercadolibre.com.mx
  11. A lot will depend on the strength of the U.S. $. If the economy flops, so will the $ , things will no longer be such a bargain. I can' t wait to get rid of my glasses next year. It will be a 2020 year!
  12. And I am going to raise you, 45 day dry aged. It really is this easy, but if I make another one, I will ask the butcher to cut off the bones at that fat line, they tie them back on the roast with butcher twine, then aging. Beautiful, beefy ribs, and the roast cut into thin steaks.
  13. I am hardly an expert on the Puerto Vallarta nightclub scene. Back then we lived above a beach restaurant (the El Dorado Beach Club)that a new leasee wanted to turn into a nightclub. The noise people used come out on a regular basis, and then not, and then it went broke, then Alberto Perez of La Palapa bought it and turned it back into a very successful, fine Mexican food restaurant. The one that definetly got shut down was in the romantic zone. A flamboyant and many storied businessman bought a three story building and gradually built in many businesses, each with separate licenses. He billed it as the largest gay club in Latin America, it ran 24 hours a day, including a breakfast and coffee shop. He was also the one who brought in the "Latin Fever Days", the largest gay gathering outside of New York's Fire Island festival. The problem was this was within an old Vallarta family area, and near a school. The locals managed to get the whole place shutdown. As usual, these locals had all the votes, that's what counts. There were at least two, low budget clubs shut down in El Centro as well. The local kids cannot afford the high entrance fees and required wardrobe swag of the big clubs. Many of these clubs, including some restaurants, are all about grabbing the cash and shutting down before the fines and inspectors start happening. The new clubs, in the hotel zone, have all been constructed with state of the art soundproofing So I sympathise with you, but if you filed a complaint, and nothing was done, there is not much you can do except to buy wax earplugs or noise cancelling headphones. Many Mexican businesses think loud music attracts customers. You go inside, and there are no customers, because the music was too darned loud!
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