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  1. Had a great selection of their food delivered last night. It was truly delicious and great details, like all the special sauces and condiments. Healthy food too.
  2. This should link because it is a Reuters story, not Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/mexican-airport-site-emerges-as-major-graveyard-of-ice-age-mammoths/2020/09/18/616fc168-f834-11ea-89e3-4b9efa36dc64_story.html I thought this story, about finding the bones of hundreds of ancient beasts, at the new airport project, to be quite ironic. If you remember, this was the massive airport project abandoned by AMLO when he first came into power. Currently it is becoming overcome by vegetation and pools of standing water. Modern concrete beams and pillars, all abandoned. I
  3. I can't imagine in getting into a serious debate about batteries and alternators. The experts seem quite united on this. The Mercedes guy says he has multiple ECUs. My truck has none and can run on used cooking oil, home heating oil, and probably rendered whale blubber. Dr. Isuzu said keep It simple. No need to add stupid.
  4. The real Dr. George franchise lives and works in Guadalajara. The Lakeside shops were/are run/owned by his daughter. They are a disaster, trying to push Dr. George branded products, like hydrogen peroxide, at vastly inflated prices and a filthy shop. Maybe they have turned it around, your money, your results. By the way I may be mistaken about Dr. Foot orthopedics. They may be separate from Dr. Foot the podriasist with a valid cedula number.
  5. I don't have to worry about this. But I looked it up for you. You have to keep the ECM electric before you disconnect the battery. Otherwise it will lose its programming. I suspect this problem is quite widespread in Mexico.
  6. This is the vaccine you are supposed to be using if you over 65. My Dra. can't find. Anybody else? Vaccinations start mid October.
  7. You are in luck, there is a very competent foot doctor from Guadalajara who regularly travels here twice a week. He is also a medical doctor which is important if you need prescriptions. He also has a surgical team in Guadalajara who can operate on bunions, etc. The best part is that he comes to your home, and is very reasonable. He doesn't want the expense of a full time clinic or the costs of keeping as clean as would like. Dr. Daniel 332 850 4834. edit. Dr. Foot is Dr. Daniel. I am not sure if he closed that one down. He owns the building it was in. A kind and gentle man, but defi
  8. Again, be careful thinking you can just throw in a new battery and alternator. It has to be done in a certain way to avoid burning out the ECU computer.
  9. The problem with today's vehicles is the extensive use of onboard computers. They control nearly every aspect of your vehicles operation. The problem is that if a single component in the board fails, probably worth pennies, there is nobody with the skills to track it down. The mechanic just recommends a new computer costing many thousands of dollars. Not saying that Pepe and Luis have these skills, but they have the uncanny ability to track down gently used parts in Jalisco, usually with some sort of warrantee by the salvage yard or parts picker.
  10. That looks like a great system Alan. I live next to a forest, so I know how destructive vegetation can be. Slow and mercilous. Make sure you use lots of gravel or jal to make sure the plants don't take over your wall.
  11. I would try Ajijic Steam Clean. I admit I have never hired them but I have had three steam or vapor cleaners and I know exactly what they can do, or not do. Do they know what they are doing? I don' t know, but it is the right tool to use in so many household and commercial applications. I suspect they will exceed your expectations. If you really like the results, I doubt you want to spend $3 to $4,000 for a commercial machine, and probably terrify yout existing cleaner if you make them use it.
  12. I heard they were giving out donut samples. This is in support their ex Transito brother, Camerone the Bully cop, fired for "irregularities". He has started a high speed drive through coffee and donut shop in that area. Sort of like a Mexican Tim Hortons. True to his style though, if you need to use his washroom, that will be 50 pesos extra.
  13. Agree with this one. There is also a good muffler and radiator shop there, the mechanics are right next door. My wife's friend was having this strange problem with her Jeep alternator and battery system. They went way above normal service levels to competently diagnose and repair the problem. The head mechanic there is Pepe, speaks english well. The manager, Luis, is fully bilingual. It is actually quite a large shop, with many workers. The building actually goes all the way back to the street on the other side.
  14. This topic comes up a lot around here. The key is to install vapor barriers before the masonry starts to soak up moisture. This is one the best reports I have seen, although a little technical in nature. http://www.flyingconcrete.com/vapor-barriers.html
  15. That looks nice. Is the spool insulated? Another possibility is Flying Concrete. com They have around in Mexico for a long time. He could insulate a stock tank with his perlite lightweight concrete, and then coatings of your choosing. http://www.flyingconcrete.com/contact---about.htmlk
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