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  1. RV are going to come down to help us train for Mexico entry, Senior Olympics Walker racing team? Numerous sponsors, Attends, Ensure, Prep H.
  2. This is pretty easy to figure out. The clear, fresh water falls down from the hills. It finds underground seams, small creeks, then it reaches ground zero. Where the groundwater is now saturated. The only way to get more in, is to take some out. This is where wells come in. They are surprisingly irregular. For example we have one in Chapala Haciendas and another nearly finished - but we are at the top of the mountain, so it doesnt' make sense. Most of the soil here has a high clay content. Not good for running water. So I would say to ensure good water, go as high as possible. Eventually, they
  3. Never had stuffed squash blossoms, are they worth the bother? Way more blossoms than viable zucchinis.
  4. I recently purchased a walker. It really builds up a set of muscles you haven't used before. Be aware they are built different heights and most have weight restricions ( 300 lbs max). Sold the truck, have lots of drivers, will have to see how this works out.
  5. Generally speaking. We have a Handyman and helper who are desparate for a rental before August. She is a school teacher starting in the public high school in Chapala. He is a busy handymman previously based in Jojotepec. They have two well behaved teenage children. They are having one helluva a time finding a three bedroom rental in Chapala. Any tips appreciated.
  6. Pretty smug until you realise you are a mature, well balanced woman, fully bi lingual EMT, and were employed by a well known local Doctor. Of course they are going to rent their choice casita. Next guy who comes along, who just fell off the turnip truck, will get no such opportunity.
  7. Nope. Just too lazy to limp out to my truck and get the name. Here is Pepes number 376 766 0124. or 331 142 9622. Very busy, high demand. The shop manager, Luis, who speaks good english 376 765 3618. Still best to drive by and poke your head in. They will take care of everything.
  8. My mechanic, Pepe, at the garage on parallel to the carretera, just past Soriana, got me great 31" AT tires from Guadalajara. They are made by a company in Eastern Europe who is famous for their rubber slippers. They decided to go into the tire business many years ago. They promised a good quality tire at a medium price. They are exactly that. Very popular with the truckers.Good grip, on or off road, and quiet on the highway. Little wear, but still good stopping power on the wet stuff.
  9. The trend up here seems to be mini compounds. 7 or 8 nice houses, common pool, big fence with doorman. Makes sense for Tapatios who want more choice of who their neighbors will be, who their kids and teens are hanging around with and a common language and interests. That is always the way gated communities were supposed to work. Keep out the riff raff, which back then was based on skin color more than anything else. I wonder if it is sometimes reverse today? People avoiding certain communities because there are too many white foreigners?
  10. Congrats. The big city way of doing things. Here, you will be likely asked if you need room to tie up your horse or burro!
  11. Have you tried Azule Concrete in Chapala. they are a large distributor. Bring a Spanish translation robot. Buy a cool tee shirt when you are there. Hydraulic cement usually has some sort of lime( cal) involved. May not be great for your fish.
  12. nice rainbird Angus. What Joni Mitchell called "the hiss of summer lawns"
  13. Yes, this is going to be a long and winding road. Find a supplier and injector you can trust and stick with them. Some important news, the Shingrex shingles vaccine is off the CDC hard to find list. Many pharmacies offering, with a coupon $155 for the dose. This is in the US, have not checked with Mexico. You do not want to find yourself whith shingles in your later years, or any time.
  14. If you live in the rural areas you get to know your farmers, and where food comes from. A herd which is overcrowded, dirty and listless gets noticed. Just look at the hooves. The biggest abusers are the feedlots, which there are a very few in Mexico. The local beef slaughtered here is typically 4 years, should be sold to the U.S. feedlots, but maybe the price was not high enough. They are smaller cuts than you would be used to. They have not been fattened by any grains ( corn is actually toxic to beef livers), typically just grass and weeds. So the meat is healthy but bland (no fat) and tough
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