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    Great Burgers

    My favorite burger is medium ground beef 70%, then coarse ground pork belly, 30%. When seared over high heat, the pork chars nicely and greatly enhances the flavor. I sold my meat grinder, trying reduce meat consumption, and the carniceria is reluctant to switch out grinding blades when they are busy.
  2. I am sorry, this was just gentle ribbing, partly because I just watched a chef David Cheng video with comedian Seth Rogan where they are always dreaming up funny, hip, restaurant names. Best restaurant name to attract Brits, "Free Beer!" .
  3. It is too bad some of you have had bad experiences growing papaya. In fact Mexico is the beginning home of a variety called "Red Lady". It is bright red flesh and sweeter than other varieties. It grows well here, but does not like soggy roots as I found out. You are right to wait until they start to yellow, same as green mangos. I don't know about juicing, green papaya is usually shredded, like a cole slaw salad, and green mango is small chunks, to make a delicious Indian pickle. Worldwide, shredded green papaya is more popular than ripe, and the ones from Hawaii are often touted as a GMO success story.
  4. Can you imagine watching this in surround sound, blu-ray quality big screen, you would feel like you are actually in the crowd. I used to have a bootleg recording of the Sex Pistols live at the London 100 club. They were crap. I was in a band for a short time with this guy, he refers to the event in this song. I Ludicrous, David Rippengale, or Will Hung as he used to call himself back in the day! They have many recordings, one time I believe they opened for The Fall.
  5. An unfortunate name for anyone of British persuasion. Famous camping song: https://boyscouttrail.com/content/song/weewee-2245.asp
  6. There are two issues at play here. Firstly, amateur or even semi pro musicians can't believe people would want to talk through their amazing performances. The extreme is they play so loud that no one can recognise their lack of skill. The most famous example of this was Sid Vicious, bass player for the Sex Pistols. When they started he had no idea how to play bass, but he eventually became quite skilled. Another famously loud band was Motorhead, the musicians were talented but Lenny had such a high energy, to the limit voice, the rest of the band had to keep up. No ballads from Motorhead, the same as the guitarist for AC/DC, Angus was a briliant thunderbolt that the rest of the band had to follow. They recently tried to reunite, but they had to fire the original drummer because he was deaf! The second issue is if they are using house sound systems. If so, the DJs set up for high thumping bass, especially for electronic dance music. Then a live group comes in, does not change the settings, and you have very loud boomy set. Bass travels a long distance. In Vancouver, the low frequency bass sound is factored into the overall reading at a much higher rate. I'm sure they will evolve in this direction. Sub woofers are a fairly new piece of equipment. I have a 10 inch, 120 volt powered Paradigm subwoofer, and even this size can accurately recreate an earthquake or overhead helicopter in dolby 5.1. I have a whole system, including an up to date Onkyo amp for sale by the way. It would be great for a small bar or venue to have blu-ray live concerts. It is spine tingling realistic, and the advertising easy, "Friday night, Pink Floyd live in concert, the Drunken Clam bar" then the necessary smaller print of course.
  7. Yes, very lucky. They are now saying if they can't find an alternative to antibiotic resistant bacteria, hip/ knee replacements and joint surgery may not be possible. Bring on the robotic protheses please. In the meantime, lose weight, eat well, exercise including weight/strength training for your bones. My doctor has this tatooed on her wrist, ha ha.
  8. Thank you Ibarra, I will pass this on.
  9. I am halfway through reading Bill Bryson's book: The Body, a users guide. What a fascinating creation our bodies are. Three small things stand out so far. Smoking only causes cancer in 1 out of 5 people. Liver diseases, of which there are many, alcohol abuse is cause less than one third of one type. Lastly, on topic, the statistics of death among the elderly who have had a broken hip are astonishingly high. Leading one famous member of the British medical community to quip "We come into the world through the pelvis, and leave the world through our hip". Also I wanted to add, the general hospital occidente recently added a whole new wing, specifically funded for senior care in Jalisco. It has 320 new beds. Yes, they require a lot of paperwork, and opinions, before they make any cut.It does require patience and perseverance. Isn't this better than hiring an egotistical private surgeon (of which there are far too many), who is prepaid and then charges in like Zorro. If you die on the slab, the worst your family will get is a shrug (you pays your money, you takes your chances) the best you might get is a crocodile tear and the offer of thoughts and prayers. I was also wrong on palliative care, it is different than Canada or the U.S., where you typically might end up in your dying days. In Mexico it is more like what we call adult daycare (a good new title for this forum, eh wot!) it is nursing care for those who should not be left alone during the day, they are returned home to their family's care at night. I don't know what they do if you have any family. This is why there are so many Social Workers involved in any public medicine systems in Mexico.
  10. I think you are referring to Amanda. She is the daughter of a popular multiple restaurant owner, Ruben. She is married to a skillful lawyer based in Jocotepec, he only speaks Spanish, especially on legal matters. If anybody is dicking around with Mexican workers, racism, etc., she is the one who will seek regress.
  11. Does this repair require parts? Or is it just fill, sand and paint? Do you mind used body parts in like new condition? I have got an excellent work guy, specialising in used parts, then painted to match with quality Dupont paints.
  12. I am interested in how they enforce this? Big problem in many fraccs. Also, limits to how many pets may be owned. Animal hoarding is now recognised as a mental illness by the U.S. journal that keeps track of these things.
  13. What has worked well for us is to get a diagnosis from top dog specialists from Guadalajara, then treatment from a Seguro Popular covered General Hospital with a great reputation.
  14. Another thing I forgot, if you have cats or small dogs, do not allow them to free range. there are coyotes, grey foxes, and jaguarundi about. Grey foxes can climb trees just like a cat.
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