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  1. Epoxy grout is a 100% water barrier, but it does turn yellow with UV light. There is one that is resistant more than most, but it is not available in Mexico. You have to protect it with a clear, or colored, aliphatic urethane resin as used on airplanes and marine. As far as the "best" fortified cements they are designed per job, often mixed on site. I wish I could help you but I became "sensitized" to epoxy quite a few years ago, I break out with terrible allergies.
  2. Welcome to Mexico! You are sure to find fresh inspiration, colors and sounds around every corner. Any legit art galleries are going to ask for work permits - their money, their rules. Likewise music producers (I think - no experience). You may have to rely on a "gig" economy, based on your contacts and agents back in New York until you get your status. The good news about this is there is great deal of curiosity about Mexico right now, so chldren book writers and musicians would be interested in travelling down for collaborations. I know there is musical studio space available, legally. The problem for an illustrator is that Mexico has one of the lowest numbers of book readers in the world. Sad, but true. Good luck.
  3. Or this other story which did the rounds a few years ago. A gringa is in a line, in a small tienda, in front of her is a Mexican mama with her of course adorable young son. The boy is acting up, wanting the candy which they always display at child's eye level at checkouts. The gringa interrupts saying that she would pay for the candy. The Mexicana says you don't understand, I can afford it, I probably have as much money or more than you do, I just don't my son to eat sugar at this time of the day!
  4. Ah yes, the old brassiere burger at the Diarrhea Queen. Where I lived the Chinese restaurants did a booming trade making "chips" with gravy.
  5. My lawyer told me a story. He was closing a substantial real estate between an American investor and a Mexican property owner. The American signed the agreement and carelessly tossed over the pen to the Mexican. The Mexican stared at him, walked out the office, and refused all attempts at apology. Yes, Mexico is a hierarchial society, but the glue which holds it all together is respect. What Henry did was not discrectful in any way. In fact many of these seniors that I have met, in learning more Spanish (they have the time and patience), often live with extended families and use the extra money to treat their grandkids. In which case a candy bar shared out would be a treat.


    The best tasting fish, without a doubt, the Kokanee. A landlocked, freshwater sockeye salmon. Hard to hook because they have small mouths. Also unrelated, Kokanee beer, which goes well with freshly fried Kokanee. Good memories fishing for Steelhead on the Copper river. They stay deep in the pools, and rise for baits/lures in an explosion of silver. Was also only a short bicycle ride from the exact spot on the Skeena river (a deep, hidden boulder) where a Chinook Salmon, 93.5 lbs was landed. Very common in those days for a reel to run out of line(typically 30 lb test), while the Chinook bull dozed through the river. The worst part was that you couldn't do catch and release for fish this large, it required one or two gaffes. Then the remote lakes, where you could catch 100's of trout a day, on just a piece of tin foil. Then the population would cull itself with an infection of internal worms.
  7. Justin Trudeau has promised to plant 2 billion trees over ten years if re-elected. Lots of opportunities for Mexican contractors. Canadians don't want this hot, backbreaking work.

    Real Chef's

    The gastronomy part has a lot to do with "front of the house" and marketing. Just like the fine art world. What is needed here is more of the management type, someone who can deliver a reliable, and profitable price for lets say a wedding party of 40. There is always someone starting out who says they can do it for 20% less. A professional quote is much more appreciated, and it takes years to build these trusted relationships. A skilled chef would know how to negotiate supply chain contracts. Instead of going to the local carniceria and grinding down the price on a one time retail purchase, they go to the wholesaler and ask what if I agreed to buy, lets say, 80% of my raw pork through you for an entire year? Marcos was a professional chef here, yes, accredited here. His brother Christian is also a cook. Marcos wife was a wonderful front of house hostess. Their father is French born and a chef/ cook whatever. Marcos did a wonderful job at Chula Vista Country club, then the buffet at the driving range. Then they converted the family home to a restaurant (el rey taco) and catering. He started to find job offers in other parts of Mexico. I last heard he was Chef in an Italian restaurant in Baja. Christian is back to Cancun. Damn hard work, as Anthony Bourdain wrote about this exact subject.
  9. Just started this book. It is about forests and trees. It has over 500 pages, it won a pulitzer as well as the man-booker prize in 2018. It means a lot to me. I grew up in the forests, lakes, rivers and mountaintops of Northern Canada. Here, I live in the forest, on three sides. amazon books overstory.

    Real Chef's

    The real demand though are for what are normally called "executive" chefs. It is all about management of costs, negotiating supply contracts, etc. Within one hour an executive chef should be able to tell the owner/s exactly how much a plated meal costs to produce. If the owner is also the chef, an even more critical skill.
  11. How about the old Italian family kitchen with an endless pot of 'ragu', or the Chinese country people with a constant pot of looing sauce?

    Malta &Grill

    Remember it well and there was also the Red door.
  13. The closest I can think of Dra. Candy, who has put in a lot of time and money making a trip to the dentist as less anxious and pain free. For example she can bring a pysical therapist who works with massage, and I believe she also administers natural herbs and oils. Dra. Candy will still have the last say in the use of aneathetics Dra. Candy is a second generation dentist and her husband is in the dental supply business, so she is alway up on the latest trends and equipment.
  14. Wow, posts from 2013. Shows how many people have left town or this mortal coil
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