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  1. Yeah I have had enough with this censorship. Besides my virus protection says this board has donavirus - yuck!
  2. Propane powered bird scaring cannon. 120 db. Or make a joke about it. Around our house if I ,er, "pass wind", I always mutter "Damn kids and their rockets".
  3. Pete, do you think you can sleep wearing headphones? Sony has a line of noise cancelling headphones, often on sale on Amazon. I am sure you can buy rolls of soundproofing. This is a black rubber foam with noise catching pyramids on it. You could install in a "bomb shelter" for your pets. Dr. Hugo the Audiologist at Quality Care has a hearing testing booth with this stuff - it really works.
  4. Got mine this morning, she even came out to the taxi for my arm. She also has a lifetime, once only, Pneumonia shot, which I have never heard of, 1,700 pesos though.
  5. Yes, there is a chemical injection which makes clay in foundation soil very hard. There is another injection which uses expanding polyurethane foam. The force is strong enough to lift driveways, garage or other concrete slabs, or concrete sidewalks. The problem is that much of the concrete poured here had weak sand and no expansion joints to give way if the concrete shifts. Then you grind out a seam with a diamond crack chaser, wet the seam with some acrylic sealer, then fill the seam with fresh cement mortar. You could get fancy with some stainless steel stitch cross pins, and color matching mortar, but for most people, this enough. After all that, I don't think anyone locally or Guadalajara has this level of skill or the special equipment necessary for this type of repair. This from an ex- landlady who has a brother who is a structural engineer. That is actually the best source to find someone who can do this work, structural engineers. Riding through Chapala Haciendas this morning I noticed many people have extensive damage to their sidewalks, paths and driveways. Lots of work Lakeside, probably Guadalajara too. The equipment package costs about $10-15,000 US. https://www.theconcretehero.com/average-cost-to-raise-and-level-concrete/
  6. Dra. Gaby Flores 333 156 1024 She is the only Dra. I would call.
  7. Just be grateful that Pedro is not showing pictures of how to remove the scent glands, skin and clean the carcass, then roast over a Weber grill! Hmmmm, varmint cooking 101.
  8. Many houses in Mexico do not have vented toilet or vented washing machines. This creates a vacuum when any large quantity of water, like the rinse cycle of a washing machine. Sewage gases need somewhere to go, so they can bubble up anywhere that is connected to the system. Also, making it hard to flush toilets, showers, etc. It is expensive to retrofit venting systems.
  9. I like the Pedros boys version best. Actually a political protest song.
  10. Simple. Buy a silicone caulk container, put it in your caulking frame, place some dental floss as deep as you can in your ear canal, get your assistant to squirt the silicone in your ear. Use the dental floss to pull them out. You are in Texas for chrisake, do things the Texan way. Patriot.
  11. Appreciate your notice Stephen. I have some sensitive plants to protect. You need to get a weatherman photo for your login! https://blog.marketo.com/content/uploads/2013/06/weatherman.jpg
  12. I know, at your age you think you have tasted every flavor out there. Then a spice company catering to professional chefs and adventurous home chefs comes along. https://www.burlapandbarrel.com/pages/faq#order-one
  13. What happened to your stainless steel chimney made by the Young brothers? It was pretty cool, made by their CNC cutter. I like to start a fire with wood too. Lots to burn around here. Get a nice bed of coals, then charcoal, then chunks of smoking wood.
  14. The Audiologist at Quality Care gave me a hearing test. My left ear drum has some sort of swelling, which can be dangerous if left alone. He made an appointment with the ear doctor there. The ear specialist removed a bunch more wax in my left ear, which helped my hearing a lot. He wants an MRI at the hearing specialist in Guadalajara to make sure there are no underlying problems (tumours, growths, etc.). The company is DRI (Diagnostico Especializado por Imagen) in Zapopan. cell for Dr. Eduardo Soreda 33 3121 9913. https://www.deidiagnostico.com/ My other symptom is ever increasing loss of balance, leading to many falls, bruises, and scars. I look like a retired UFC fighter. That is actually my main concern, more than minor loss of hearing in one ear. So I might as well get the best diagnosis possible. After the diagnosis, I go to the audiologist for a free hearing aid fitting. I know the difference between an amplifier and tuning band model but the market is very confusing. I am interested in trying an amplifier model because of the low cost, but so far, I am finding no vendors willing to break up a pair. The doctor's prescripition is for a Tomografia de oido y mastoides. The specialist at Quality Care is Dr Luis Garcia Nogueira, he is an Otorrinolaringologia. So there! Say that five times in a row. A lot of info here, hope it helps someone now or down the road.
  15. Ellie, you do so much for LCS, but people will want to know the cost and if this is the 3 strain vaccine or the 4 strain.
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