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  1. Buy an inexpensive super heated steam cleaner. Cleans/blasts latex no problem, also cleans out gunk in your window frames, kitchen grease, 100 other possibilities. Works with environment friendly water. Only problem is that it requires an electrical cord.
  2. Well Eric, you will be pleased to know the Mexican government is right on top of this. They too found the temperature scanners were not accurate enough, so they have switched to the much more reliable anal thermometer method. Happy travels!
  3. I don't know if this recently completed wine cellar is anything - but it is impressive. Sculpted cement over carved polystyrene foam. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=B2JUbacYw1C&ts=0&fbclid=IwAR3WODCYSbVrM5fDPHFfPpy_6shqT257WtxXnwfjmIOVXOrG6D8CwhihX_o
  4. conde naste traveller 13 best beaches in Mexico https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/13-best-beaches-mexico-222700252/photo-five-mile-long-playa-los-222700517.html
  5. Dear Baffled. A couple more facets to your knowledge. Ants have been observed in nature making bridges of live ants. The sugar ants, more properly Pharoah ants, diet can change from sweet to fatty tastes. The ground up live ants probably caused a massive dose of formic acid. It is their flight or fight trigger, but also is used in low doses for marking food trails. Again, in nature, scientists have observed a " circle of death" behavior, if the ants get trapped in a circular trail, they will follow it until they die. I used to admire the sugar ants, such hard workers, but outside in the garden, they can weaken your plants, leading to further problem such as aphids, whitefly, and others.
  6. If it is an important diagnostic scan, many specialists recommend Banuelo's Diagnostics in Guadalajara. They are a multi- generational family who have spent considerable time and money to do things right.
  7. I think I like the idea of a burger with a lot of char. The idea of a burger, especially run of the mill quality ground meat, running with red juices is kind of gross.
  8. Thank you RickS, when I need another peer to challenge my Phd defence, I'll look you up.
  9. I have seen many times that the ants nest under the pots. If they the tiny sugar ants, a bait with borax and sugar water will kill the nest in about a week. If they are leaf cutter or red fire ants you have a more serious problem, which will require you to sleuth out where they are nesting and placing poison. In the meantime, many gardeners here use that clear, shiny packing tape, and make a three inch wrap around the pot. Those ants are not good climbers and they slip and fall off the tape.
  10. My sister was/is the same way. Raising chickens, ducks, all on a tightknit island off Northern Vancouver Island. One day the oldest said " it was just gross Mom, the new girl brought a cheese whiz sandwich ON WHITE BREAD! " They had a freezer full of salmon and halibut but in later years the kids didn' t like fish anymore. I think MC is on to something about Freddy's burgers and frozen custards. It was new to me, and I had to look it up. Based out of Memphis. Certainly a novel way of cooking a burger. https://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/freddys-burgers/
  11. Walmart U.S.A. has announced they will be saving $60 million per year by not providing free bags. That is a sound business decision and will be a major influence.
  12. From the same source as the other article. McDonalds food sales have dropped every year for the past three years. Only 20% of millenials have ever tasted a Big Mac. I doubt that any McDonalds in Mexico would become ad hoc homeless shelters. https://qz.com/892474/mcdonalds-mcd-introduces-giant-and-small-big-mac-burgers-in-hopes-of-driving-us-sales/
  13. I read an interesting book many year ago, that McDonald's, the corporation, was never about the food. They consider themselves, and their mission statement, as a property development company. They were able to influence and forecast changes in entire neighborhoods. They build and invest, then let franchisees to do the food stuff. McDonalds in urban cities in Canada are sad affairs these days. During the day and early evening, screaming packs of kids wanting their " donalds". In the evening shifty looking homeless people nursing their free coffees for hours. That is why their drive throughs are so popular. https://qz.com/965779/mcdonalds-isnt-really-a-fast-food-chain-its-a-brilliant-30-billion-real-estate-company/
  14. Yes, and mostly handwritten script. We have to rely on the trailbreakers such as yoursell and Dianne Kennedy to make sure recipes are shared the wider base they deserve.
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