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  1. The most important thing for fries is the variety of potato. Prince Edward Island russets, Idaho Russets or, in Europe, the Irish Maris Piper. None of these are obtainable or importable in Mexico.
  2. ccrane.com is the reliable place to purchase radios of all types.
  3. Privately? Daniel Briseno of Quality Care, charges about 900$ U.S. for a private hospital in Guadalajara, about 1,100$ U.S. at Chapala Hospital San Antonio. I like the guy, he is very informed and good bedside manner (I suspect), kind of quirky, sort of like you. I think you would like him, even if he doesn't by you dinner before the medical procedure! My own digestive problems were caused by highly processed foods, including white bread flour and corn masa cornflour. He is a good doctor, he went back for his full 4 year training in CDMX, when most Drs. choose two years for their specialties.
  4. Have you paid your initiation fee? It is 1,000 pesos and as a super advanced member I am allowed to collect it on behalf of the forum. Load up a 1,000 peso gift card, and an associate will pick it up from you at an Oxxo store.
  5. Beer and old time music - a winner for me. I was amazed at how many companies offer pressing of seven inch, 45 rpm records. I have been collecting some old time Mexican music, an age in Mexico that I never knew existed. Superb musicianship. https://vinyl-pressing-plants.com/all-vinyl-pressing-plants-list/options/Rpm/45-rpm/
  6. Mario of Ajijic Electronics will be at our house within an hour installing a wi-fi doorbell. I will ask him. He seems very capable and is probably your best bet locally for electronics. You might have to get the power supply and surge protector switched out because Mexican power is ten volts higher than U.S. or Canada. There is another computer technician who picks up supplies in Guadalajara, he knows a good electronic repair shop there. I guess the old machine does not have a motherboard, so least you don't have to worry about that. Todays motherboards are very unreliable and any people that can repair them with component testing are very rare. edit: Mario says he would have to see it, but he is a no bs sort of guy, arrives on time and tries not to use trashy Chinese components and parts.
  7. Of course. They are Ajijic Electronics. Always advertise in Ojo de Lago. There is another technician, Eric, but he is booked for the next month. His business partner, Adrian, does computer repair and basic security. He is also in high demand, of you want I can send you their contact data.
  8. Try this new business in Centro Laguna mall. It is run by her son. http://www.christines.mx/index.html She of course still has her own salon in the mall and she has met all the new protocalls. I am needing a trim too. I don't know if look more like a 1980's pornstar or a desert island survivor.
  9. No ladders for me. They are a younger man's tool.
  10. Thanks for kind offer, the technicians are coming out tomorrow to fix what I think is a loose connection.
  11. Does anyone know of someone who can fix a camera that is not working. The person who installed the system is not replying. thanks
  12. I see now. It only works when signed in. Ahhh. Summer breeze, makes me feel good.
  13. The ignore user function does not work at all. The two posters I am trying to ignore post multiple times per day in their own little back and forth echo chamber. So much content, hard to ignore without help. Already belong to the forums where they are banned for life and yet still ridiculed.
  14. In Centro Laguna mall, just up from Chrissie's hair. Phone her for details. Experienced Barber, don' t know the price but probably no discount for bald areas! Good haircut without all the shampoo, conditioner and mousse - unless you want all that. Sports team advice, horse racing tips, and political gossip will all cost extra.
  15. Isn' t putting a bunch of big satellite dishes on your roof just advertising that you have a bunch of cool stuff worth stealing? I like the internet option because you can choose exactly the channels you want to watch or record. You actually might end up with more monthly costs than satellite bundles, but, to me it is worth it because I do not want to pay for commercials. They should pay me to watch them!
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