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  1. There is an excellent urologist at Quality Care. Private insurance I don't know. Public Hospital Occidental in Guadalajara has an excellent but very busy Urology department, and accepts Seguro Popular insurance. They did a great job for me with 2 kidney stones. Takes up a lot of time though. Bring a good book and basic Spanish.
  2. So Jonny do you want to come up and flop into our huge condo pool? I'll pick you up from the Chapala bus station. See God's country, or God's waiting room - your choice.
  3. I have a test every six months or so, maybe I am a coward, but no history of this terrible disease in my family. Three stool samples over three days, your doctor will be asking for fecal occulto test to see if there is microscopic blood. If it shows this, then on to colonoscopy. This is also the standard procedure in Canada, where they would pay for it.
  4. What kind of quality are you looking for? Can you read the data sheets? If you want higher qualities, you have to buy in Guadalajara and have it shipped here, or pick it up yourself. http://www.oxical.mx/ Cal viva, quicklime, would be difficult to ship because it has a violent reaction when exposed to water.
  5. The only person I can think of who has been on these boards that long, and who is also combatitive and disruptive is Pedro. He also uses sock puppets like "Ned Small" or, earlier "Ben Wa Balls", again referring to a female sex toy and offensive. Curious case eh wot?
  6. Just so moderators are clear, "jilling" is a slang word for female masturbation. It is offensive.
  7. "When I' m Cleaning Windows"? Alan lives in San Luis Potosi Happy, if you are going to employ sock puppets, may I suggest a more appropriate handle, such as "sadwanker"

    Happy Easter

    Tiny, do you have the confetti eggs in your household. Just read about this, apparently a Mexican tradition. Hidden among the other eggs containing coins and candy are the confetti eggs. If you find one you are allowed to break on top of someone's head! Messy, but fun.
  9. Yes Alan I don't know where the moderators are these days, I sincerely hope they are enjoying this gorgeous weather. They would probably post this reminder in the forum rules:
  10. The most concentrated would be the shatter. It looks like Amber glass. It is 99% pure. Then you can make your oil, tinctures, etc. Or can smoke it as "dabs" with special pipe or in a special vape pen. Google it if you may.
  11. When your stomach flares up with painful cramps and diarreah because you have Celiac disease or an allergic reaction to wheat gluten.
  12. $10,000 U.S. or so. Factor in trips to Guadalajara three times a week, and the treatment costs, for the rest of your life, not a bad option. Cheaper than a second vehicle. Getting the equipment into Mexico would be the problem.
  13. There is a special branch of police that is allowed to wear plainclothes and carry a firearm. They are some sort of auxillary police. I have seen them many times in Puerto Vallarta working as private bodygaurds and drivers. Maybe cheaper to hire a bodygaurd. Are you V.I.P.?
  14. I am told that many people here, obviously wealthy, have home based dialysis equipment. Maybe a nurse comes in to do the needle work.
  15. I do not like that suspended ceiling look. It reminds me of cheap, 1980's office space, "cubicle farms" I have helped many heritage building owners in Vancouver to replace them and repair the plaster. Once the ceilings were opened up and repaired, the owners were estatic, and were able to rent the space as premium.
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