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  1. Had another pirate attack last night. Luckily just a minor nose bleed and sore jaw. My attackers? Well I think I have to find a bigger and deeper Arroyo. Could make pozole with beef stock and fresh hominy? No, I still want gorditos, I don't which region claims this style. Make a ball of masa dough, start in the center with your thumb and spread out. Put filling in the hole, recover with the side dough, then fry on cast iron, non stick, or comal. Should always have cheese to melt and browned chiles and onions. Those on a tight budget, use boiled potato mini chunks as well.
  2. Or as MC found with his 15" monster bass, when the water in the swimming pool begins to shimmer and shake - time to turn it down! When we lived in Puerto Vallarta, a restaurant kitchen below was getting loud and unruly. So I played full volume a F series jet doing a low and close flyover. No kidding, half those kitchen workers dropped to the floor with arms over their heads. I moved the speakers back to thier original location. The restaurant owners son (world's biggest jerk) came up to have a word with me, puzzled to see just a Sony boom box.
  3. You are discussing in a bullying sort of way. That is not well tolerated here, many people, including myself, will not read whatever you have to say on this topic or any other you post. That is the way it is. Sorry. Move to somewhere that people might be coherced into your point of view. Stevie Wonder is moving to Ghana - maybe that is a good starting place.
  4. From freshly stone ground masa dough. Too many choices of stuffings. We have a big, hardly used container of poppy seeds. Do you think they would be good in one of the gorditas? Would they need some sort of sweetening like fresh pinapple?
  5. I don't - this is like a strange first date that went bad very quickly. alpha1?
  6. Intelligence? Well your graduation papers from grade 8 shop class you are so proud of should come in handy. Public opinion fluff pieces are easy to generate. Says the guy who's boss, junior partner, was a Canadian Conservative public relations legend. I worked along side and mentored a former senior editor of the Vancouver Sun, who quit his job for that one. My wife says I should stop picking on you . A Bantam rooster versus a Golden Eagle. She says people have already figured out your game. They don't need no warnin. So I will leave you to dig your hole deeper, save some burial cost
  7. This high placed insider to the entertainment industry, Z, claims there is a world wide cabal of audiophiles, working to destroy digital media and bring back the 8 track system.
  8. Not a simple answer. Here is a WAPO article, should be free right now. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/02/24/johnson-and-johnson-vaccine/
  9. That is called The Garden Center, owned by Laura, a genuine green godess.
  10. We have surround sound bars on our monitors but they are no match to an AV amp with calibrated speakers. Our amp is an Onkyo, 5.1 dolby, with all the options including a microphone for auto balancing everything, ethernet/ internet access. I have kept a monster bass 10 " Paradigm subwoofer from the late 1980's. The problem is that since we downsized here, this is way too much system for us now. Better for a small bar, nightclub, restaurant, or gawd help the neighbors, a party house. I should lend the sub to Maincoones for the next time his noisy neighbor gives him heartburn!
  11. Johnson and Johnson single dose, non refrigerated, approved today by FDA. Very high efficacy and also excellent treatment of infected cases. Johnson and Johnson just opened, with President Biden attending, a state of the art high production facility in Wisconsin.
  12. Bragging that you scammed an old man, whose house has just been destroyed, is called arrogance. Just like the ant is to the grasshopper. You have had to check your bullying ways, especially to women, because they will get you turfed on this board, as they have on at least 4 others. But this arrogance, and fiction that you are so wealthy, because you are smarter than everybody, is really annoying.
  13. The Covid has caused a large increase in home gardening. Getting the seeds and equipment you want can sometimes be a probllem. https://civileats.com/2021/02/22/the-covid-gardening-renaissance-depends-on-seeds-if-you-can-find-them/?utm_source=Verified+CE+list&utm_campaign=b37c011611-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_7_3_2018_8_13_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_aae5e4a315-b37c011611-294334205
  14. So you are not going to accept the free government Covid vaccinations, but will wait to pay the private clinics?
  15. My Dra. recommends the physical therapist at Quality Care, second floor (there is an elevator). Her hobby is dancing, and they suffer more injuries than anybody. His name is Ricardo. There is a female therapist there too. I have had a brief talk with him. Very nice man and full of knowledge. He told me charges 600 pesos for an initial one hour orientation, then 300 pesos per session. He is big on isometric excersises, and gives you an at home program that he expects you to follow 5 or 6 days a week. I already have a freshly reconditioned treadmill and a Bowflex Pro weight system, so I will nee
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