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    Mayan Train

    The Presidente has authorised the construction of the Mayan train route starting tomorrow. It basically connects many of the Mayan sites, through some of the stunningly beautiful natural forests that are offered on this planet. It will carry both passenger and freight trains. It will be a tremendous boost for workers in these area.

    IMSS vs Seguro Popular

    Also Sonia Diaz is right on top of this - as usual😀 http://www.soniadiaz.mx/health-care.html

    IMSS vs Seguro Popular

    Also, it would be illegal under the Mexican Constitution to bar legal immigrants from the system. It will most likely have a means test and age to determine your annual insurance amount. The Spanish language newspapers claim there is/was a lot of corruption and graft under the I.M.S.S. system, at the administrative and pension levels.

    Long jeans...

    With this cold weather I would be looking for long johns, not long jeans.
  5. I find the lamb here, and the same with local raised lamb in Canada, to be very bland, more like veal. This compared to New Zealand/Australian lamb. If you are making curries or Lancashire Hot Pot, buy the neck bones, I am sure very few people ask for them here.
  6. I just read the other day about a new type of tick, spreading rapidly across the U.S.A. https://www.livescience.com/63269-longhorned-tick-united-states.html

    Cold weather warning

    The aborigines of Australia have a saying, later taken as name of a rock group, that it was going to cold, so they would need to sleep with at least three dogs to stay warm - a three dog night. I wonder how that translates into cats?

    Forewarning for Tomorrow Morning

    I have posted this before. The premise of this show is that Ricky Gervais and another comedian, send well meaning simpleton, Karl Pilkington, around the world and then record his numerous gaffes. This one in Mexico, starts on fireworks about 3:28, Pilkington says the cohetero only has one eye, he respects that the man makes a living, but "he is just not the right man for the job". Then he goes into a blind panic when the fireworks begin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UITdbJJhdM Bear in mind, Karl Pilkington caught his girlfriend's toaster on fire trying to cook bacon in it.

    IMSS vs Seguro Popular

    Maybe Lakeside is thinking of this operating theatre: https://goo.gl/images/NdZiQa

    Pancho Claus is REAL!

    And the U.K. has sexy senior santa. https://news.yahoo.com/uks-sexiest-santa-revealed-now-even-excited-christmas-145358721.html

    Walmart Hit & Run Car Damage

    That is too funny. I thought it was strange that the car wash guys didn't offer to "buff it out". What a bunch of characters. One of them wanted to sell me his pimp business, including 7 girls and 2 hired guns! It was a going out of business sale because one of the girls Mamas found out about it and was making his life hell. The one you think is Manager, is called Romero, he was deported from the U.S.A. where his name was "The Iceman"

    IMSS vs Seguro Popular

    It would depend on what you are having done. There is no real means test, especially if you are over 60. They cover many procedures 100% but some parts maybe outside the coverage, such as rental of specialized equipment (such as laproscopic frame for gall bladder removal, laser stone crusher) For example, they cover the cost of treating hernias, but you have to pay for the special mesh. Likewise, for a knee replacement, you have to pay extra if you want titanium screws. Pacemaker, if you want a model other than their generic one - you have to pay extra. The only thing you can not pay extra for is a private room - they do not exist except in private hospitals where you pay $500 U.S. per day for 24 hour care.

    Help: Anxiety

    I am also not a doctor. I would recommend you look into a medicine called gabapentina. Treating anxiety and sleep disorders is an off label use, but will cause you at lot less risk than benzos, alcohol or cannabis. Another off label use, highly recommended by many (gabbys), is a reduction of cravings for alcohol leading into sobriety. I beleive that cannabis should not be used for anxiety, but many do not hold to that view. Just throwing this out there, if anyone is interested in coming into next year sober. https://www.medpagetoday.com/psychiatry/addictions/42714 https://www.drugs.com/comments/gabapentin/for-alcohol-withdrawal.html

    Pancho Claus is REAL!


    Adios Pemex....Hola BP

    Well - AMLO has pledged 9.4 billion (I assume dollars) for PEMEX upgrades. Mexico's refineries are running at 40% capacity. He is honoring 160 billion in exploration contracts by foreign companies, who will then pay 20% to Mexico off their discoveries. There is also a massive new oil shale find in Northeastern Mexico This is a fairly well balanced report. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/the-energy-202/2018/08/01/the-energy-202-amlo-seeks-to-rejuvenate-mexico-s-pemex/5b605ad41b326b0207955e6b/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.2d32dbcd43b6 The driver mentioned something about BP coupons, which reward frequent users, not just volumes. He says he builds benefits by only filling small amounts at a time. Something like that.