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  1. Our driver said I have watch this. The Mexican Consul in Instanbul leads El Grito, but at the end adds "Viva Obrador" and one woman the audience totally freaks out and scolds her. https://vanguardia.com.mx/noticias/nacional/causa-polemica-isabel-arvide-por-grito-en-turquia-incluye-a-amlo-en-las-vivas-MA741592
  2. We just had a key made in the Chapala shop. Hierberto has his grandson looking after the retail side. He sits in a chair and enjoys the company of his grandson. Good to see, these days.
  3. I don' t know if this is helpful, or might be considered spam, but Quality Care by San Antonio Hospital now has a part time hearing specialist. I have booked a hearing test for later this month. Cost is 1,400 pesos. Also new is an optician and framing specialist across from them on the second floor. There is an elevator.
  4. That is a surreal, only in Mexico photo. A touching portrait of a boy and his duck.
  5. Apparently, the proper way to take a doppler reading off legs is to have the patient stand upright. Dr. Moreno is the specialist at Quality Care. He can do surgery too.
  6. Gabby and Fernando of Best Labs live just up the road from us and will stop by to collect samples on their way to work. This is fine for standard panels. If it is important though, best to go to Banuelos in Guadalajara. They are vastly more professional than anything local. For example my wife required foot surgery. The surgeons wanted a MRI with contrast to determine how far a toe bone was infected. They needed to know before they went in for amputation. The whole toe or just the tip. I was really impressed with the clinical report and quality of the image

    Coffee pods

    Nespresso, Nescafe Mexico, was running a pod of the month club, promoted by George Clooney. I thought their prices were quite reasonable, considering the very high duties for imported coffees. Maybe there have been recent changes as Mexico opened up more trade agreements with their Latin America neighbors. On youtube there are many posters showing how to pack your own pods. La Abruzza is an Italian brand packaged and marketed in Mexico. La Cremeria usually has it, but it is very expensive. https://www.nespresso.com/mx/en/order/capsules/original
  8. Great idea but - where is the toilet?
  9. A male Mexican friend told me that Mexican babies were born with a "bollilo" and that two more feet under the dining table was never a big problem in a working class (taxi driver) family. It is the women, in this case, who put an end to that notion. It is always their health and good looks at risk.
  10. If I remember correctly, which is not always a sure thing these days, BP gas uses additional additives to improve performance, clean injectors, etc. That is why BP gas is a little more expensive than other brands.
  11. Hannah and her husband are great, they really understand meat. You, on the other hand do not. Real spring lamb should be pink, tender, and juicy. As Jeff Smith used to say, over cooked lamb is terrible. Even my cat won't eat it.
  12. I have heard a couple reports from mixed race couples. One was next door. He tall, blonde, from the Netherlands but a real jerk with lots of attitude. He met a Mexican young lady, had a pretty little girl with her, but refused to marry her. He also owned an apartment in Guadalajara, he was bilingual. When they walked the streets there, strangers would ask why are you stealing our Mexican girls. Another was a friend of my Mother, living in Puerto Vallarta. Their son came down for a visit. He went to a mostly Mexican bar, and I guess was flirting with the ladies. You know how that goes, they flirt back as much as he was giving. When he left the bar, there were four Mexican men waiting for him and they gave him a severe beating. Leave our Mexican girls and women alone they warned.
  13. I am going to visit Dra. Rocio's pain clinic in Guadalajara to see what she can cook up for me. It is not like I trying to return to an athletic career (unless they declare procrastination as an athletic event. I am sure I could win a bronze - if I can remember to send in the entry). I just want the pain to stop. Medical Cannabis helps, but only for up to 5 hours. I have tried Dicoflonec. But it seems to inflame my lower esophogal sphincter, which in turn causes dysphagia. What is the point of learning big words if you don't get a chance to use them?
  14. After living on a farm with one lawn tractor, one ride on lawn mower, two push lawnmowers, two chainsaws, one gas powered air compressor, one gas leaf blower, three vehicles- I really had to know about gasoline. One thing I learned is that todays gas pump gasoline has a lot of additives to save money. It would go "bad" after six weeks. The octane and aromatics evaporated. Engines were hard to start and weaker. Your choice was to buy an expensive octane booster liquid, or buy gas from a particular station. This gas was higher in aromatics and lasted in tanks much longer. This claim had been tested and proven correct by a well known chainsaw company. Most modern vehicles have computers and sensors which can adjust the fuel mixture. On the other hand, my 1991 diesel truck could run on cooking oil or home heating oil. My 1972, 22 foot motorhome, didn' t even have a gas tank air filter. The motorhome was not fussy about octane, but after getting the engine rebuilt by a professional race car company, and a new Holley four barrel carburator, I think it got only 8 miles per gallon. That is why I did not bring it down. Now I wish I had because it would have made, or sold as, an ideal food truck conversion. Over 300 hp and a high torque cam used for tow trucks, it could have easily tackled any mountain that Mexico offered. I probably could have used Amtrack's new auto and train service to travel through from Seattle to San Diego. Surprisingly affordable, if you don't mind travelling coach. You travel by train, your vehicle is stored in a seperate rail car.
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