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  1. Does anyone have any information on the lake level with all this rain? I am wondering if any gains are cancelled out by the water we have been sending to Guadalajara...or are we still sending it?
  2. Alejandro Castellon Castellon Pianos GDL
  3. I think it depends upon their inventory. But they always have some used pianos as far as I know.
  4. Sorry, her last name is Gutierrez...auto-correct!!
  5. Alma Gutierrez Right around the corner from Cafe Negro on Allen W. Lloyd in San Antonio. Does wonderful work... 33 1636 0099
  6. Alma Chavez Right around the corner from Cafe Negro on Allen W. Lloyd in San Antonio. Does wonderful work... 33 1636 0099
  7. Geovanni Romero In San Antonio 331 168 0268
  8. Also Miguel Lemus is making weekly Costco runs, very reliable and speaks English. Phone 33 1659 1017 On WhatsApp too
  9. The Metropolitan Opera Live in HD broadcast. It's Porgy and Bess today, a very popular and rarely-presented work.
  10. I 'd be interested! It is a topic which I have read about and I would love to know more about your work.
  11. For me the rack wasn't torture....I got to lie down and do nothing for twenty minutes...it was great! I loved that machine! No more sciatica attacks, either. Pretty much gone for several years now.
  12. Well, I guess we just have to figure they Will get to us eventually! Thanks!
  13. Our power went out in last night's storm and when I called CFE to report it it sounded as though the outage is pretty widespread. Just wondering where else it might be out ...
  14. My parents moved me to Mexico City at age 11 and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.
  15. Interesting, they have never asked me about stores nearby. We are on Jesus Garcia,too, but above the Carretera, so they must know we aren't near any stores. Maybe it would help if I said "but we are really near the big Corona distributor!" If they were to be without power it would be a local crisis. BTW my power is back on and all is calm.
  16. I have faith! I am sure they will get here eventually...
  17. Anyone else without power tonight in San Antonio? Our power pole blew up and caught fire around 2 p.m. and I assumed it was just us who were without electricity. But CFE told me there were several reports of power outages in the area due to power surges. I am figuring tomorrow sometime they will send a crew out, but who knows? Just wondering!
  18. Costura Express in San Antonio. On Colon just below the carretera, on the left hand side as you head up (one way street)
  19. I buy mine from lentesplus.com in Mexico City
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