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  1. callejera

    New Garbage Pick-up Schedule?

    We are in SAT above the Carretera, and actually for us (Wed and Sat) it has been MORE reliable than previously. Go figure!
  2. callejera

    Natural peanut butter & Greek Yogurt

    Schmitty's Greek yogurt You can buy it at Superlake Or they have their own shop on the Carretera just past Panino on the lake side. Carretera Poniente #7A San Antonio 766-1524 Locally made and fresh!
  3. callejera

    Mantle Clock Repair

    Jeweler Daniel Jackson Garcia has a watch and clock repair guy in GDL that he works with to repair really fine watches (Rolex, Cartier) and clocks. The best part is that HE takes it into the city for you and picks it up.
  4. callejera

    Dr. Lowell Stephen Birch

    I had spinal decompression therapy with Dr. Birch and it took away almost all my sciatica when nothing else worked. I think he is terrific.
  5. callejera

    2nd "Annual" Gathering of TelMex Speeds

    San Antonio, 3 down, less than 1 up. It seems like SAT is still the worst!
  6. It's Ileana and Julio- they closed their Tlaxco store on Colon but are often selling their jewelry on the plaza in Ajijic and they usually have a table at the Tianguis on Tuesdays...on the left side as you walk down toward the lake
  7. callejera

    Miramontes family email

  8. callejera

    Place for taking old batteries

    Soriana recently had a box for dead batteries at the customer service desk
  9. callejera

    Spanish dance teacher(s)?

    Thanks! Will do!
  10. callejera

    Spanish dance teacher(s)?

    Thanks! Will do! My husband and I have been looking for an excuse to go there for dinner anyway!
  11. Does anyone know of anyone teaching Spanish dance and/or flamenco Lakeside, especially for kids? I know a very interested ten-year-old girl but there is no way her parents could take her to Guadalajara. Thanks!
  12. callejera

    TAR airlines

    We have, a couple of times, it was fine!
  13. callejera

    Neighborhood maps

    Also the Gourmet store across from Walmart carries the Streetsmart map books. At least I saw them there recently. They are really very helpful IMHO.
  14. callejera

    Meile Vacuum Parts

    Liverpool at Galerias mall carries Miele vacuums; maybe they can refer you to someone in Guadalajara for parts?.
  15. callejera

    Lakeside Express - please pass the word

    Fantastic news! So glad you posted this!