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  1. Actually I later reread my original post and realized it made no sense so I later edited it. Sorry for the confusion. Its hard to type on these small phones sometimes.
  2. Yeah so many people believe that if you DO Not surrender yourself over to be jabbed by this understudied and undertested new type of vaccine then you must be an anti-vaxxer but that is so not true.
  3. They are easily found along the avenida and malecón here in Chapala.
  4. I'm sure when information about the next vaccination campaign comes out, someone will post it here on this forum. I also abhor Facebook.
  5. Mudgirl, I did get the jist of the under counting of the covid deaths in Florida and I also got the jist of the last paragraph. And I have seen it repeated in many liberal news articles over the past few months. They just are so surprised that when there are lockdowns and mandates and where there are none, the death toll remains closely the same. And they are so determined to believe that lockdowns and face masks make all the difference when the numbers say otherwise.
  6. Bisbee Gal, that was an interesting article you posted. I think the last sentence pretty much answered my question though. So, according to Bisbee Gal's article it is now a fact that the states that kept up with the strict lock downs and mandated face mask wearing did not fair any better than the states that opened up fully and did away with face mask mandates.
  7. But it would still be interesting to know the truth about infection rates in states that wear masks vs those that do not. I have also read articles on yahoo that reluctantly admit that the infection rates in Florida are not any higher than in states with serious mask mandates.
  8. Regardless if you like the source or not for this article it still would be interesting to know the truth. Is there any real difference in the infection rate in states that have strong face mask mandates and that remain closed vs those that do not and have completely opened up? Could it be that wearing unsteralized face masks that you keep in your back pocket or hang in your car is more dangerous than going maskless?
  9. Isn't a vaccinated person recommended to continue wearing masks and practice distancing for awhile after the vaccine since they could still pass it on to some one else? Maybe, they just say that to keep them out of cantinas and bars for awhile. Quién sabe?
  10. Serious enough for over 12 countries to suspend vaccinating their citizens with it.
  11. The scary part is if the Europeans put out the AstraZeneca vaccine and they have already administered it to millions and they are just finding out it has serious deadly side effects, so deadly that over 12 countries just this week have already refused to give it to their citizens. Imagine what the Sinovac may contain, created by an authoritarian regime that is notorious for not putting the well being of their own citizens in very high regard. It was rushed to be released and it has been way under tested and studied. If the European vaccine has been proven to be so dangerous just imagine what we may find out about the Sinovac after millions of Mexicans have already taken it.
  12. Oregontochapala, you don't like my opinion, seriously? Thats one of the things I like about this board is that anybody can come on and freely express their opinion unlike the other board that only allows mainstream opinions. If you think my post was full of missinformation and lies please point it out. I'm also not a fan of conspiracy theories or right wing fascists to tell you the truth but I do have my opinions. One is that something about this whole virus and the worlds leader's reaction to it stink. But it is NOT my opinion that over 12 countries have now suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/3/15/which-countries-have-halted-use-of-astrazenecas-covid-vaccine It is not my opinion that blood clots are a deadly side effect. It is not my opinion that the virus has been and been spreading since Nov. 2019 or possibly earlier. It is not my opinion that this is a highly populated area living in a very concentratedly small area in a very small stretch of land. And it is not my opinion that with our large population we have fortunately only lost around 60 people. All those are facts. If the truth were known, the municipality of Chapala probably has close 100 thousand people living here now. Hundreds of families have flocked to our area from the larger cities like Gdl and MC since the pandemic began. I guess the only part of my post that was opinionated was whether or not 60 or so people dead out of close to 100 thousand in nearly a year and half of a deadly virus outbreak equated to a pandemic for our area. Maybe, you should reread my previous post.
  13. Let me just say, go ahead get in line folks. I just hope there are less side effects than the AstraZeneca vaccine. All across Europe they are putting a stop to vaccinating people with this European developed vaccine due to deadly side effects. Maybe, all you guys have greater trust in Chinese scientists than I do. If we believe that the virus has been out at least since Nov of 2019, or possibly earlier. That just means the virus has been rapidly spreading everywhere for the past 16 months and with our large highly concentrated population that refuses to abide by restrictions, we have only around 60 dead from Covid. That is not a pandemic guys, possibly in some areas, yes but not here. And if this pseudo pandemic refuses to become a true pandemic (locally speaking) after nearly a year and a half, than hell, I am not too worried about it. And no I am not an anti vaxxer I just hate needles.
  14. To be honest guys, this is a 3 day weekend and 4 day weekend for many since lots of schools did a teacher's work day on Friday. All because some dude named Bénito Júarez just happened to be born on Monday. That should explain why traffic is really bad this weekend.
  15. Yes, I read about it and have seen old videos on youtube showing how low it got in 2000. I'm glad I missed those years. We moved down in 2011, the following summer in 2012 is when the water started receding drastically again. Not as extreme as what happened back in 2000, though. But still sad looking never the less. I understand it is a cyclical type of phenomenon for Lake Chapala, the water level has always gone up and down since time memorable. Millions of years ago it was the size of a sea called Mar Chapálica where dinosaurs and mammoths hung out to drink the fresh water.
  16. Maybe Chapala is not totally full, but compared to 2012 it looks like a completely different lake. Those indeed were sad times.
  17. Yes Chillin, I think I may have misspoken on my comment on the thread Swimming in Lake Chapala. Here is a link I found about animals in Chapala: https://www.inaturalist.org/check_lists/39671-Chapala-Check-List I don't believe that the American Bullfrog has made it this far south to Chapala yet. But I do know for a fact that there are large water frogs that croak at night on the malecón in Chapala. According to the link above I would guess it is the Bigfoot Leopard Frog I have been hearing. If you look at its picture you might forgive me for thinking it was a bull frog. The fact of the matter is is that amphibians are highly sensitive to pollution. If Lake Chapala can have a living colony of Leopard frogs, i doubt it is radioactive or so deadly as Ficklepie is trying to taint this area.
  18. On another topic, if Lake Chapala was radioactive or nearly as polluted as Ficklepie suggests I seriously doubt that amphibians could survive in it for long since they are so susceptible to pollutants. Every night on the Chapala malecón bull frogs can be heard croaking in the shallow water. Years ago when the lake nearly dried up many studies were done, with much less water the pollutants were recorded in much more concentrated numbers. Now with the lake full again, the pollutants are less concentrated. The wildlife is testimony that it isn't as toxic as other places. The lake is full of fish, all types of healthy looking waterfowl, snakes and frogs. They appear to be surviving well. Snakes as in the famous Chapala black water snake that swims with the fishes. I can't remember its true name off hand.
  19. I was under the impression that the traditional out flow of water was Río Santiago but it has been stopped up by sediment or something similar for a good number of years leaving Chapala with no out flow of water. I hope I'm wrong about that though.
  20. https://images.app.goo.gl/KQVvrptjUs7y3Pr37 But obviously thinner and of lighter wood since it would be an interior door.
  21. Maybe something cute similar to this with carved wood is what we are looking for.
  22. We are building a new extension to our house to connect the outside laundry room to our existing house. In addition we added an extra bedroom bathroom and family room. We built a brick archway to the laundry room. Now we want to put a cool rustic Mexican type door that opens in the middle. Has anybody done something similar and or have fotos or contact information for a favorite carpenter? Below is the arch with the landery room. Sink and counter the dryer will go in the space next to the washer. We are just looking for cool ideas of rustic doors to hide away the laundry room. Any ideas for wooden door are welcomed. We don't want to hang beads or a curtain. Thanks.
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