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  1. Ann22, yes the state of Jalisco and Lake Chapala area is currently open. All bars, cantinas and restaurants are fully opened to include plazas, malecones, and parks. The only things still closed are schools and libraries. I would normally recommend the two week self quarantine upon arrival but heck this area is a highly trafficked tourist area with hundreds a new people coming from all over the place and arriving on a daily basis. Lots of tourists and new expat visitors on the malecón almost everyday here in Chapala. Only about half the people wear facemasks and social distance here. It is mandatory in the larger chain stores and Oxxos but not so much in the smaller stores. It mostly depends on the paranoia of the owner. When you enter in most of the privately owned small stores and businesses, generally the employees are not wearing facemasks, they only put one on if you are wearing one when you come inside. I'll probably receive some hate for these observations but they are the facts after having boots on the ground here in Chapala City. The infection rate is very low in this area. Crossing the street in Chapala is still far more riskier than dying from covid.
  2. https://images.app.goo.gl/37a9mcrFfymFY9SQA Venezuelan Arepas.
  3. My first introduction to living in Latin America was many years ago when I did a year long exchange program to Venezuela. Gorditas don't have anything on Venezuelan arepas. Arepas are usually the size of a hamburger. I sometimes joke to Mexicans that they should change the name of gorditas to flaquitas.
  4. Its not working here in Chapala Centro. But their internet seems to be working fine. Weird.
  5. The spring and summer before the pandemic we had our 7 year old taking swimming lessons in the pool at the Monte Carlo hotel in Chapala. A guy from Gdl came twice a week to give swimming lessons. It was all divided up with different times for different age groups.
  6. Does anybody know when iLox will make it to Chapala Centro?
  7. It is always a good idea to keep your number in your contact list. If all you need is more minutes, you can get that in many different types of stores even in some beer/liquor stores. For simple basic Spanish just say necesito más saldo de Telcel. Cien pesos (100) or dos cientos (200) or tres cientos (300) and then show them your number you have saved in your contacts, and bingo, you now have more minutes on your phone. In Chapala the places to buy minutes are everywhere.
  8. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/2/25/israel-freezes-plan-to-send-vaccines-to-foreign-allies
  9. Wasn't there a place in Joco that sold older recycled tiles where you could pick out a few that matched instead of having to buy an entire box?
  10. Mudgirl, i made no reference to the article you posted and no, it did not go over my head. I was just talking about the countless number of doctors and scientists around the world whom for just having a different take on Covid or whom had different opinions on how to deal with this pandemic have mostly been ridiculed and ostracized from the scientific community just for having a different opinion. Of course I believe in and follow science but I also understand that science is always changing. So what they call facts one day might not be facts tomorrow. Another example is yesterday I was reading an article talking about the explosion of ADHD in children across America. Families with children who have been quarantining together for the past year and only have access to virtual learning are finding that their kids are hyperactive. So, they are taking them by the thousands to psychiatrists and having them placed on ritalin. Now I don't think it's very good science to put small children on drugs to dope them up just because they are driving their parents crazy for just being stuck in the house too long. But science says its totally ok to dope up hyperactive kids, get them hooked on pills for life.
  11. Mudgirl you do understand that science is not nor has it ever been based on reality or on any set of hard unprovable facts. Science is just our current understanding of things at any given time or place. Of course science should be studied, followed, scrutinized, and respected. In the real reality science is not always right. Science is constantly changing on a daily basis. Not very long ago science taught that when a person was sick it was necessary to bleed the patient to release the toxins that were maligning him or her. Not long ago US scientists claimed the wearing of face masks was not necessary to stop the spread of Covid-19. A month later they reversed on that statement. My point is that science is constantly changing as the more we learn. I find it very troubling when the scientific establishment tries to silence and shame any divergent opinion from the scientific community just because it differs from what the establishment believes. What the establishment believes is often times proven wrong and is constantly changing regardless. It does not help anybody for them to try silence any scientific voice that differs in opinion.
  12. The card goes in your wallet to show in case of if you get stopped. The stickers have been discontinued.
  13. Today in Chapala restrictions are still on, hopefully tomorrow they will be all lifted.
  14. Lockdowns should end Friday night. That means Saturday morning everything should back open and running again. El Semanario de Chapala claims that the Mass will be open for parishioners to attend starting Saturday. It only mentioned the churches, but if the churches are opening up I guess that means everything else too. God willing!
  15. Guadalajara pharmacies usually can print stuff from a thumb drive.
  16. I disagree and I think most Mexicans that use it are only saying dude not dumbass. It is a very innocent term to basically say dude. They have far better words for dumbass and a-hole in Mexican Spanish.
  17. It is mostly used as dude, they have better words for dumbass. The term is so commonly heard and used, just walking down Madero from Coppell to the plaza you may easily hear it said 10 or 15 times by people walking past. There was no malintent. It is just an extremely common expression used by the younger guys of Mexico to mean dude. Since you live in Chapala, try listening to the guys on the street speaking Spanish, you will hear it said all the time with zero malintent.
  18. Mudgirl, many people believe the word güey or wey comes from the word büey. Allow Sr. Google to do his thing. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Güey
  19. Mudgirl we are all family on this forum.
  20. Talking about being in a bubble, how is the word güey even remotely insulting, sure it means castrated bull, but nobody here uses it like that, in Mexico it is used on a daily basis to just and only mean dude, pronounced "way" as in no mames güey. Seriously, what did you think I called you?
  21. Hey it is way easier to shut down a small isolated island country where most of the population is middle class or higher and a very small population to top it off. All they had to do was close the airports and quarantine the small number of infected and bang their you have it. But it won't ever work in Mexico. Wake up dude.
  22. Upfront, you must be living in that bubble you recently referred to, how did you call it? A bubble of farts if my memory isn't failing me. The policy of not admitting seniors into stores is plain stupid as Maincoones points out, but specifically for Mexico. Most seniors in Mexico live in extended families shared with their children that must work and their grandkids that must play. Maybe this crazy plan of age discrimination might serve well the expat community here because they mainly live alone but it does nothing for the Mexican community in which this ludicrous plan was drafted up to protect. Maybe, it would work in the States or in Canada because there sadly most seniors live alone. But it will not save Mexicans, it only makes their lives harder. Step out of that smelly bubble güey and come out and smell the jazmín that will be blooming tonight.
  23. I also call BS on that too. Where did they flatten the curve? In Europe where they spent all summer with extremely severe restrictions and all late fall the media kept reporting on how the virus was rampaging across Europe again forcing cities everywhere to go back into shutdown. Or perhaps you mean East Asian countries where the populations are very healthy with extremely low levels of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Or maybe you could mean NZ, a very small populated island nation on the opposite side of the world living completely isolated by distance from the rest of the world.
  24. If it isn't a true emergency just call a taxi or uber. That is what we have done.
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