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  1. So immediately after assuming someones position is contrary to yours you instantly assume they are not worth talking with and shut your ears and eyes. What a way to civilly discuss topics of interest.
  2. All things Covid is a perfect title. This is a public forum so we should all have the right to express our opinions freely and without abuse and/or hostility. A civil discourse should always be maintained even after Happy Hour. ­čśü
  3. I would try contacting Dr. Sam Thelin, I doubt he is licensed in the US but he might know a colleague who is.
  4. It is real simple to find. Walk the malec├│n starting at the Beer Garden, walk west towards the big white sail. Half way down walking past the Beer Garden, Perla Negra, and another restaurant that I forget its name. You will be outside a gorgeous large palace like home. The entrance is small but will have a sign outside saying Villa Monet.
  5. If anybody is in Chapala and wants a lovely night out in a beautiful restaurant I would suggest Villa Monet right on the malec├│n right before Lake Chapala Inn. It is in the house formerly owned by the Victor Luna family. While Elizabeth Taylor was dating him she would stay in that house each time she visited the area. I brought my family there to eat last night and the food was surprisingly very good with excellent attention given to us by the staff. And the grounds and architecture are gorgeous with lots of original antique furniture and furnishings. The restaurant always seems super quiet, but it is fairly new and probably hasn't been discovered yet by many. But it is a true gem. So if you want a quiet night out surrounded by enchanting ambiance, then visit Villa Monet in Chapala.
  6. Talk to Alberto at Boca Mar pescader├şa in Chapala behind the Mercado Municipal on Calle Ju├írez. If they got it in Guadalajara he can probably get it for you. Unagi sounds good right now!
  7. I am not sure if you are living in Guadalajara or Lakeside but I remember that some friends of mine got their INAPAM card a few years ago at the DIF office in Chapala on Calle Degollado.
  8. When have I posted lies or links to conspiracy websites? I think you are confusing me with other people. I just know that there are some members on here that have vocally called for censorship and I just don't think thats a very good idea.
  9. Natasha I think you misunderstoon what I was trying to say. Remember I commented after Virgo Lady. I don't have any problem at all with the different sections. It makes sense to me as long as everyone is allowed to exercise their voice. There are certain members of this forum that are all in favor of censorship if it differs with what Fauci says and I am against censoring people. Let everyone speak freely is all I meant.
  10. It needs to be an open forum and please let everyone have a voice. We are a community and we should all be allowed to talk freely.
  11. I don't know how Banamex is in other cities. But in Chapala its the worst bank with only one ATM machine and about half the time its "fuera de servicio."
  12. The creamery behind the Chapala Mercado also sells pork arrechera a kilo for 112 pesos. It is super delicious and tender, not overly salted. Its the same people that run Gourmet Garage so I am sure they sell it there too.
  13. I guess the i d i o t word is banned on this forum so it probably shouldn't be used in memes either.
  14. Virgo Lady I think you need to take a course on civility and learn how to have a proper discussion not an argument. Its not necessary to constantly get hysterical and down right nasty all the time with everybody you disagree with. I am not being an $%&/()a by asking questions about things that do not add up. I think its very important to have these discussions, there is absolutely nothing wrong with discussing things and asking questions. I think the true $%&/()as are those that do not ask questions.
  15. Seriously Virgo Lady, i don't understand why it is so umportant to you to try to shut people down and censor them just because you don't agree with them. And anybody that grew up speaking English as their first language knows that by calling someone a grammar nazi has absolutely nothing to do with Hitler, WWII, or the Nazis. It is just an expression. All I did was question the fact that the CDC just put Israel in its category Level 4 and pointing out that they are one of the most vaxxed countries. That is all I was saying. I never mentioned anything to do with the Israeli-Palestinion conflict. But some of your buddies certainly did. I'm glad I stayed out of that hornet's nest.
  16. I seriously doubt Israel would request to be placed in Level 4. Sounds a little Q'Anonish to me.
  17. It must be pretty high if the CDC placed them in Level 4. Or are they just playing politics?
  18. Haaretz is the most leftist media in Israel. But still if Omicron is so mild to the vaxxed and Israel is so vaxxed why did the CDC place Israel in Level 4 for fully vaccinated tourists to travel there?
  19. Good grief. Yes I know the Palestinians in the territories are no where near as vaxxed as the Israelis or Arabs living in Israel Proper. The article was a Times of Israel article and if the CDC meant only the West Bank and Gaza it would have mentioned that small fact. But it did not. There are many more articles about this from many leading newspapers, and they mention Israel not the West Bank or Gaza. How many US tourists going to Israel even step foot in Gaza? Lots of articles have discussed this for the past few months the high vax rate in Israel and the high hospitalization rate there. Are the vaccines working? Lets keep a close eye on Israel.
  20. If you were referring to the word nazi in the lower case, you know very well I was not referring to the Nazis in upper case or even suggesting Hitler or the Nazis. I used it as in a grammar nazi those that enjoy criticizing and correcting people who they feel are in error. And yes 4 or 5 names on this forum come to mind.
  21. The Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza are not Israel. Israel is one of the most scientific countries in the world and certainly the most vaxxed. Something smells fishy. I am sorry many do not see or smell it.
  22. https://www.timesofisrael.com/us-warns-against-travel-to-israel-due-to-surging-omicron-infections/ Can anybody explain to me why the CDC just put Israel in the list of Level 4 countries? Level 4 is reserved for the highest risk countries in the world for Covid. You can't even go there unless you have been vaccinated. So, Israel one of the most vaccinated countries in the world has been placed in Level 4. Weren't they rolling out vaccine number 4 or was it 5, I lost count. So, if a vaccinated person is not even safe in one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, why even bother? If it was the polio vaccine I'd be all for it. But its not. Its a vaccine for a pseudo pandemic that has a 99% survival rate. And it barely works. It doesn't stop the spread, it doesn't stop the mutation. It should be reserved primarily for seniors like the 50 % effective flu shots are. I am not an anti-vaxxer in the least nor a conservative but I am no longer a leftist anymore, I got off that train awhile ago. If the way they are pushing this quasi medicre vaccine all around the world, especially in Europe, if it does not raise any red flags or seem slightly off to you or over authoritative to you. Then I don't know to what to say. Heck, Duterte in the Phillipines just announced that he is considering sending agents house to house and arresting all the unvaxxed. But I'm sure many of the Covid nazis on this forum would be all for that being implemented here.
  23. You could always add the free Traite app on your phone. They deliver food to your house from a large variety of restaurants. It is similar to Uber Eats.
  24. I can understand him not answering the phone if he is up under a sink somewhere. But I cannot understand why he doesn't answer his whatsapp messages. Heck, he could do that at night after he's got home and relaxed awhile. Its important that he answers the messages from his customer base. I have already sent him two messages two weeks apart and they are still unread and unanswered.
  25. Chillin, some secrets aren't supposed to be shared on a public forum. ­čśä
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