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  1. Avenida Madero and Las Redes. Redes just means nets, it could mean networks or even internet. But in the case of the neighborhood Las Redes it just means fisherman nets. Haha. You got to love auto-translate.
  2. I think you mean pure vanilla extract instead of imitation flavored vanilla because isn't all real vanilla basically an extract cause they have to extract the essence from the beans. Its not like you can just squeeze the pure vanilla juice out of the beans as you would an orange, it doesn't work that way.
  3. Perhaps the current policy of hugs without bullets is not working.
  4. Don't worry folks this entire thread will soon get deleted by the OP if he doesn't get favorable responses. Why bother?
  5. No, it is certainly not overkill. The way I understand the UV light and RO (we have both by the way) is that the UV light kills or neutralizes all the pathogens and amoebas in the water but does not filter out all the contaminents, poisons, and natural occuring cyanide in the well water nor anything else that may be floating around in the water. That is where RO comes into play. RO provides perfectly clean and pure drinking water while UV provides water safe enough to shower and bath in. That is how I have understood the differences. But sure plenty of people only have UV and manage to stay healthy. Its your choice.
  6. We ate there a couple weeks ago and found the staff very pleasant and attentive and thought the food was pretty good nobody in my party complained about anything. But maybe since its in Chapala, some folks here might not feel it stacks up againsts the high quality and variety of restaurants in Ajijic. But we all enjoyed it and would go back. Remember they are a fairly new restaurant, give them time to iron out the few wrinkles if there are any. We didn't see anything to complain about though.
  7. Well I would suggest head to Villa Monet on a Saturday night for a few drinks in a quiet environment surrounded by a gorgeous architectural ambience where Elizabeth Taylor spent some time living there. Then when the music cranks up head to the Beer Garden for its spectacular views of the lake and the fun atmosphere. Try to go when John Fisher is singing. He seems to sing every other week. That would make a good night out. Or do it in the reverse, eat at Villa Monet for the ambience and later head over to the Beer Garden for a few drinks.
  8. There are no restaurants on the Chapala pier unless you are referring to La Papala del Guayabo and I wouldn't consider that a pier. Just a restaurant on stilts. Cozumel seems to be the most popular for the gringo folks. Saturday night at the Beer Garden when John Fisher sings can be fun.
  9. I would really like to know how many of the so called 900,000 US Covid deaths were of people honestly dying on ventilators. I bet if the truth were to be truthfully known, many of those people in that cuota actually died from heart attacks, diabetic attacks, cancers, car accidents, a multitude of comorbidities, etc. and just upon death they just so happened to test positive for Covid even though they showed few or any symptoms. That would make for an interesting study.
  10. Ferret your comments keep getting crazier. I can assure you that if everybody believed in the vaccine and masking the virus would still be getting passed around and would still be mutating. Because thats what viruses do. Apparently the vaccine is unable to stop it and masking only helps minimally. Social distancing is not plausible nor possible for most people who have to work or shop.
  11. Well Ferret many on this board assure us that we have just recently lost 3 local docters to Covid. That was a crazy comment because everybody knows that the grand majority of people who do get the virus do not die and do not have long term side effects afterwards.
  12. With all the tons of restaurants around here you could not find a single place to eat?
  13. Actually I am wrong. I went by and checked with Alberto today. His schedule is 8 to 4:30. I think he may have recently shortened it because I remember for awhile he would stay open till at least 5:30. But thst was awhile back.
  14. I think they usually stay open till 5:30 and sometimes 6.
  15. Virgo Lady, I did not miss the target. There are plenty of scientists and health professionals who are NOT buying into the hysteria of this pseudo pandemic. Remember 99% survival rate is hardly a pandemic. Sure they recognize that a virus is out there that is killing a very small percentage of the population, people mostly already sufferring from comorbidities. They also recognize that it is a little extreme and odd to behave the way the world leaders have behaved over the past 2 years by nearly shutting down the entire world. But of course when ever these scientists and health professionals speak out, they are barred from the medical community, ostricized, disenfranchized and called quacks.
  16. What is up with the leftists calling anybody that even questions the benefits of the sanitary protocols as stupid and as trumpsters and as antivaxers. Just because someone does not want this vaccine that is barely a vaccine that its effectiveness is just 3 or 4 months it does not stop mutation nor stop contagion nor infection rates does not mean he or she is an antivaxer. Maybe some people just don't see the necessity of taking THIS vaccine. Just like many don't get the 50 % effective flu vaccine. Covid is hardly the bubonic plague folks. With Covid you have a 99% survival rate. The draconian mandates is what is rubbing many folks the wrong way. Stop the mandates and let us make our own decisions about our health.
  17. Not all science and sanitary protocols have to do with math. Sorry to burst your bubble. Keeping liquor and pot stores open and closing schools, museums, libraries and gardening stores is also not mathmatical nor logical.
  18. Sorry Alan, that was a good post but I don't believe that questioning scientists and politicians and following the trail of money is being anti science. Long before the days of Galileo good scientists have always questioned and debated each other. That is what makes for better science. Remember that scientists and doctors are not gods, they make mistakes like anybody else. I think Fauci and the CDC have proven this little fact on more than one occasion.
  19. My bad, no wonder I haven't been reading it lol.
  20. Well I don't often read the Guardian but just because they don't place the WHO and the CDC on a pedestal and treat everything they say as utter gospel does not mean everything that they print needs to be discarded just because they think outside the box. Each side of the coin should always be respected but yet frequently scrutinized. Thats what makes for a healthy discourse.
  21. So immediately after assuming someones position is contrary to yours you instantly assume they are not worth talking with and shut your ears and eyes. What a way to civilly discuss topics of interest.
  22. All things Covid is a perfect title. This is a public forum so we should all have the right to express our opinions freely and without abuse and/or hostility. A civil discourse should always be maintained even after Happy Hour. 😁
  23. I would try contacting Dr. Sam Thelin, I doubt he is licensed in the US but he might know a colleague who is.
  24. It is real simple to find. Walk the malecón starting at the Beer Garden, walk west towards the big white sail. Half way down walking past the Beer Garden, Perla Negra, and another restaurant that I forget its name. You will be outside a gorgeous large palace like home. The entrance is small but will have a sign outside saying Villa Monet.
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