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  1. Actually I'm not too concerned about cartel marking on our door.  I doubt they would be too interested in our street considering we have some that live a few doors up.  We respect them, they respect us and that is as far as the relationship goes.  They also want a "crime" and scandal free street to live on.

  2. I believe it is the health department going around checking for potential dengue problems.  A lady just came by my place and offered to come in and inspect my property as a free service and I told her no thank you that we were fine and she wrote something on chalk on my door to tell others from her dept that she had made contact with us.

  3. 10 hours ago, mudgirl said:

    What an unbelievably heartless attitude. Yeah, 1 person in 100 dying from an infectious disease is such a nothing burger, huh?

    And BTW the death rate in Mexico is almost 10%, not 1%. That's 1 out of every 10 people, in case you're math challenged.

    Mudgirl I am not the math challenged one, thats you.  .1 is 1 in a 1000 dead not 1 in a hundred like you claim.  And then later you claim 1 out of 10 Mexicans are dying from Covid.  Is the coastal heat starting to get to you?  

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  4. I personally know 0 people NOB who have either gotten sick or who have died. 

    Down here in México I know zero people who have died from the virus.  I read that Chapala has registered only 48 deaths within the Chapala Municipality.  I speak fluent Spanish ask people of all ages who are these 48 people who have died.  I speak to people daily on the malecón, in the plaza, or in the tienditas.  I am yet to find anybody that knows any of them personally.  Except for a lady who says her elderly neighbor died from a heart attack but supposedly had tested positive prior to the heart attack.  I find it very interesting that in a small gossip filled Mexican pueblo like Chapala most people I talk to do not know these 48 dead and most doubt they truly died from Covid.  If people were really dropping dead from Covid here, everybody in town would know about it and it would be the talk of the town.  But fortunately I don't see that to be the case here in Chapala.

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  5. 47 minutes ago, Ferret said:

    Considering the number of countries and people who have taken the Sinovac, don't you think anything bad would have been reported long before now?

    If I am not mistaken, I think that Sinovac has been going mostly to the poor and also developing countries like México, Turkey, and Brazil to name a few.  Most of these countries are just happy to get a vaccine, any vaccine for their people.  Only time will tell how effective it turns out to be in the long run or what side effects it may have.  I just prefer to not be a guinea pig.  If only 48 people have died in the municipality of Chapala in the last year in a half since the virus has come out.  I take that as a very small chance of actually dying from it.  I'm seriously more worried about crossing Avenue Madero then dying from Covid.  I will gladly prefer someone who is sickly and very elderly to get in line for the vaccine if they feel they must.  I'll just sit on the sidelines and watch how all this plays out.

  6. MtnMama, you are absolutely correct.  I should have posted more information about him.  Its just that his name pops up so frequently on this forum I figured most people had heard of him or could at least do a forum search.  He is many people's preferred home appliance repair guy.  He is considered by many to be very honest and the best guy to go to get fridges and washing machines and such things fixed.  In the past 10 years we have had two dishwashers go out on us, or I should say their computer board.  Once the computer board goes out, its almost impossible to get that repaired down here.  So we finally gave up on the modern dish washers and asked Gualberto if he knew where to get an older, straight up mechanical dish washer, and he found us one two days later.  It works great and have had zero problems with it.  We figured that with the older mechanical ones, if they break down, they can usually be repaired fairly easily.

    Well here is his phone number for anybody who is interested in Gualberto.  33110265450

  7. Mudgirl, I did get the jist of the under counting of the covid deaths in Florida and I also got the jist of the last paragraph.  And I have seen it repeated in many liberal news articles over the past few months.  They just are so surprised that when there are lockdowns and mandates and where there are none, the death toll remains closely the same.  And they are so determined to believe that lockdowns and face masks make all the difference when the numbers say otherwise.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    @dichosalocura     by the fact that states where lockdowns persisted in the spring and fall did not necessarily have better outcomes than Florida.



    Bisbee Gal, that was an interesting article you posted.  I think the last sentence pretty much answered my question though.  So, according to Bisbee Gal's article it is now a fact that the states that kept up with the strict lock downs and mandated face mask wearing did not fair any better than the states that opened up fully and did away with face mask mandates.

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