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  1. I see lightening going on and off in the distance here in Chapala. Ojalá Tlaloc the rain god is smiling on us tonight!
  2. We live in downtown Chapala and have been here for seven years and we are raising our two American born children down here. Our boy was 8 when we first came down and we decided to put him in an all Mexican private school where virtually no one spoke English. We wanted him to be immediately immersed in the culture and language. We put him in Colegio Chapala which is a Carmelite school. We felt that if we placed him in the private schools in Ajijic like Terranova or Loyola where there are many English speaking and American kids there he would have latched on to them and would have learned Spanish much slower. It worked out great because he picked it up in about 6 months and built a large friend network of Mexican kids his age all over Chapala. He is now 14 and spent his first 4 years in Colegio Chapala leaning Spanish and is currently enrolled in Loyola doing great there too. His little sister is 5 and we have been sending her to Maria Montessori since she was 1 so she could learn the language and make friends. We have been very happy with the school and she loves going there.
  3. Rony, check this out ! This is a list of pet friendly hotels in Mazamitla on expedia. I hope this helps. https://www.expedia.mx/Mazamitla-Hoteles-Hotel-Que-Admite-Mascotas.0-0-d6145616-tHotelqueadmitemascotas.Guia-Viajes-Filter-Hoteles According to this site you have nine to choose from. Buena Suerte!
  4. Thanks for all of the wonderful advice, but to be totally honest the copper is copper plates that will be connected to an electrical device, hence we wanted a dry paste to clean them. For the past couple of years my mother has suffered from chronic fatigue and she came to the conclusion that she might have parasites causing the fatigue and she abhors taking pills. She learned about a wonderful sounding but potentially controversial device called the parasite zapper. Maybe it works maybe it doesn´t, but she is determined to try it. Like the mosquito zapper that many of us now own, this device sends light electrical volts throughout the body with the intent to kill off internal parasites. Yes, it sounds marvelous, I know. If it works I will report back on this forum. Thanks for all the advice. We will try to find the Brasso tubes that are sold at Super Lake.
  5. Ok, looks good, I'll check with Walmart and look for Brasso. I didn't even think about Walmart, I figured I'd have to go to some specialty store since our Walmart is so poorly stocked and often times unreliable. But thanks again!
  6. Does anybody know of a good local product preferably a paste to polish copper with? And where would I get it at in Chapala if possible? Before checking all the ferreterias and cleaning stores and Beto's home store I thought I'd first ask here to see if I could get a good product name. Thanks to all that answer !
  7. We built a second floor on our house a few years ago, here in Chapala. It took them about six or seven months to finish the project working Monday to Saturday. I would stsrt in January to give them ample time to finish before the rains come. Just take into consideration it will take them twice as long to build than what they initially say. Building in the rainy season will mean a lot of lost days and possibly having to redo stuff. I remember last year we painted our house in the dry season and a freak rain storm came and left streaks up and down the walls and we had to repaint it. And yes bricks are more expensive when the rains come.
  8. Netflix has never had GOT as far as I am aware. i watched all the episodes except for this latest season on putlocker.is. . It was totally free to stream in hd. They had a huge collection of all the newest and oldest movies and tv shows much more extensive and varied than netflix. But, alas, it was taken down last month by the urging of the US government in much the same way as Mega video was done a few years ago. Sure it is piracy, but living down in Chapala, its not like there are any blockbusters or hollywood video stores to rent movies. And most sites don't like you streaming from outside the US. There are just the pirated dvds sold in the tianguis. Putlocker was the best because they had just about every movie or series ever made. I am not going to recommend any site, but just google free streaming sites for movies. Some sites have GOT, just make sure you use a pop up blocker.
  9. Not to alarm anybody living in Chapala, but with all the dog poisonings going on in Ajijic. Today I was walking home from the malecón. I was walking up Ave. Madero on the opposite side where you see the brightly painted steps going up into the barrio on the San Miguel Hill. The steps with the Chinese restaurant half way up. At the bottom, curled up against the sidewalk on the avenue, I saw a young german shepard dog, dead, with what appeared to be blood coming out of his mouth with no obvious signs of other trauma. I'm not a vet, I don't know what that means, but be extra vigilant with your babies. Could be poison, or maybe he was hit by a car, and the driver gently placed the carcass up against the sidewalk (which I doubt.) I just hope the dog poisoning problemón has not moved to Chapala. So, if walking your dog in Chapala, be extra careful, but honestly I haven't heard of any cases here so far of dog poisonings in Chapala.
  10. If you are ever in the Monday market or tianguis in Chapala, there is a guy mid way up on the right hand side on a corner that sails good ones, we buy them most weeks. I think it is 10 pesos for twenty and his taste better than the chemical tasting ones I bought in the states. But honestly I'm sure it is all chemicals and artificial colors anywhere you get 'em. He also is a fruit stand if that helps.
  11. First I will start off staying that I love being in Mexico and in all of América Latina, but especially México. Yes, Mexico is very dirty, dusty, and extremely unkempt in many areas. The Chapala area seems to be going on the trashy side of recently. Just drive down the Libramiento, it stays trash strewn up and down it, and that is after they cleaned it recently. Of course poverty doesn't automatically have to mean dirty, but it means uneducated and at times dissatisfied with life in a way you think it doesn´t matter. Why should the rich have it all? Lets give them a taste of how we live! I live in Chapala next to the arroyo with a large open area with a hill where the barrio kids come out to play all day and night. The arroyo is filled with trash and god knows what and the whole area where the kids play looks like a public hazard zone, not to mention all the sling shot stone throwing we endure all day every day. I also sit on the malecón most nights and see the Tapatio culture up close. There are many families that are clean and seriously make an effort to throw away all their trash into the trash receptacles, but there are many more that just leave there trash to be blown into the lake. That really bothers me, I am constantly picking up and throwing away trash like the blowing beer cans and plastic bags, before they end up in the lake. I love México, I love the people, I love the culture, I speak the language, and I understand that it is a hierarchical class based culture that as Americans it is difficult to truly comprehend. You either are a servant in some shape, form or fashion, or you have servants that clean, cook, drive and work for you. Most large cities in their downtown area have street sweepers that clean and keep the streets litter free. The Chapala malecón has sweepers that remove the trash and clean the area. Although, there isn't enough of them, and they work less hours than I would prefer. At night is when they should work harder to clean and empty the trash cans before the night wind blows it into the lake. I guess the Tapatios feel that if they leave the trash, there are workers that are paid to clean it up.
  12. We didn´t have trash pick up for most of last week and we live in downtown Chapala.
  13. Rony, the guy that makes and sells delicious Belgian chocolates might know somebody. He keeps a database of local people and their skills who are looking for work.
  14. I always thought the rain birds were just the local variety of cicada that usually sing and breed weeks before the rains come. Sometimes I have surprised them singing ferociously up on my mirador, the guys I have seen were definately cicadas. A katydid is much more closely related to the grasshopper and don't sing quite like the the high shrilling cicadas. And yes, they have singing in Chapala now for over a week or so.
  15. I don't know what your house looks like or your architectural style, but for a cool shady terraza, I would highly suggest building a boveda catalana style brick ceiling and support it with wide brick arches on the outside for added shade and coolness. The catalan brick ceilings for terraces are amazingly cool for these hot days. And depending on the guys who do it and the quality grade of bricks and materials, it can be done much cheaper than you would think. And for windows that receive a lot of direct sunshine, consider building an iron frame over it and covering it in the red tiles for a cool Spanish look to allow air flow but prevent the intense rain and sunshine from entering into the house. Many of the spanish details that go with a Spanish or Mexican style house were developed for a reason.
  16. There was one section of the road that was difficult to pass through, the part where you pass through a small town. The town is San Pedro Tesistan right before Tuxcueca. How did they they do that stretch? Did they build a by pass?
  17. Look for Manu Salazar in the search engine on this board. He is college educated in the US, he taught English at the university level for many years in Guadalajara. He wanted a lifestyle change and moved to Chapala a couple years ago where he teaches Spanish and French, does translation and private taxi service work and also runs a French style cafe near Cristiania park. He may be able to help or point you in the right direction. Good Luck!
  18. There is another At&T store in Chapala walking two or so blocks North of the plaza on Madero St, on your right. I think it is close to Muebles América.
  19. As long as you realize that the soil in the Chapala area is very alkaline and the climate is honestly too hot to be successful with blueberries large scale. If you really want to raise blueberries with a chance of success in Mexico, I would find a high sierra climate populated with pine trees and such. Jalisco has Mazamitla, Tapala, San Sebastian del Oeste, and Mascota among many others that would probably excellent blueberry, kiwi, raspberry, and strawberry producing regions. In fact, I just acquired two blueberry bushes for my garden in Chapala from a nursery in Veracruz. I am going to attempt to grow them in large containers with rich soil mixed with peat moss. If you work to generate a rich acidic soil, you might be successful.
  20. I have a friend here in Chapala that mentioned to me the other day that he was going to go check out cars at the Auto Tianguis which he said is near the Alamo somewhere behind the KFC. Has anybody had any experience from buying cars there? He said it was on a large lot with a large selection and good prices.
  21. Out of curiosity, is this an organic market, and about how many venders sell there and what all is available? And one last thing, how does it compare to the organic market that used to meet at La Huerta next to the old Monte Cristo Restaurant? What day is that one currently meeting on now?
  22. Many people in Chapala claim that Farmacia Ahuacatlan across from Santander Bank on Hidalgo Street has some of the best prices in the area.
  23. Sayula is small but very pretty and its just a few minutes before you get to Ciudad Guzman. You can check out those two cities in one trip, and definitly visit Lagos de Morenos the so called Athens of Jalisco.
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