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  1. I walk around town daily, I see expats all over the place walking around without facemasks or with them below the nose. When they go into any store they put them on or slide it up over their nose. But the minute they get out of the store, they rip that sucker off or immediately slide it below their nose so they can breath fresh air again. I feel sorry for the store and office employees that are required to wear these all day long in hot stuffy buildings. They are expected to breath their own germs, breath, and exhaust all day long. Well, surprise surprise they don't. The minute the customer leaves they all pull them down to savor the luxury of breathing in delicious fresh air. They keep them down or off until the next customer pops through the door. In the meantime, they have already potentially contaminated all the air and surfaces around them in thousands of water droplets contaminated with the Coronavirus. Why does anybody think that if the employee suddenly puts on the mask, the customer is instantly safe? That is so rediculous and naive. The masks may indeed help somewhat to contain some of the droplets but it's not a lot of protection since the virus can virtually get on everyone and everything we encounter. In all honesty, the whole thing we are playing is simply a game, the mask wearing is just done as a facade so they can stay open. Its all for sole appearances, the second its possible the masks come down or come off. Anyways, the masks that you see people wear, probably 90% have never been properly washed, they are over used, dirty and germy in most cases anyhow. Remember the old adage about security? True security does not even remotely exist, it is all about the appearance of security which is the deterrence factor.
  2. Check out the crime reporting section on the Inside Lakeside forum. Apparently some stuff went down today, maybe it is connected.
  3. Seriously, typing out SMH does not make you look more intelligent or more youthful. Using rarely used and rediculous acronyms is extremely annoying and tiresome to any audience. This ain't the military. I took up the task of looking it up. And I don't know why I did (I certainly don't feel more educated.) But for what its worth, Mr. Google says that SMH just means shaking my head. Wouldn't it have just been better to spell it out?
  4. Doctor Daniel Briseño is a gastroenterologist, the brother of Dr. Hector Briseño. I believe he works out of the new San Antonio Hospital. Daniel's English is even better than that of his brother. He seemed very knowledgeable, competent and caring when my father went to see him for the first time last month.
  5. Yes, but many people are watching how things were done in Sweden, and they like the results. Sure, their death toll initially was much higher than that of their neighbors (but so is their population.) Now their casualty rate is much lower than that of their neighbors, and their population never had to suffer the draconian hard core measures of lockdown nor did they suffer from the psychological damage and economical damage that lockdown brings. Those that unfortunately did die were mostly in nursing homes and the majority of those vulnerable have already been exposed to it or have already died so their lives are allowed to continue as normal in Sweden. I would not want to be anywhere near Madrid right now since they are going back in to fruitless lock down.
  6. But in all seriousness, is it not continueing everywhere. Europe with all its hardcore measures, mandatory mask wearing and quaranting in their small appts for months at a time, and I keep reading about Coronavirus surging across Europe. I was reading yesterday that they are getting ready to completely shut down the city of Madrid down again. Are these shut downs slowing down the spread or does it just continue to surge? I hear it is not surging in Sweden and only 6% even wear masks there.
  7. I guess the real question is, how many different varieties of "lirio" float on Lake Chapala and how many have the classic purple flower?
  8. If the bank is called Ve Por Más which means Go For More Bank, I just want to know who is going for more, the owners of the bank or the people that happen to bank with it.
  9. To find Celeste's mini nursery, walk north on Madero on the left side, walk to the Surtidor grocery store, keep going a few doors up until you see a pastelería or cake shop, it is the next shop. Arrive before 3, she has early hours. She has perejil among several other herbs. But in all honesty, most nurseries including our Walmart usually carry potted herbs.
  10. Its much more than a cremería. Talking about the one in Chapala behind the mercado, its more like a mini Super Lake that also has homemade soft baked pretzels among other baked goods. So, I'm sure Gourmet Garage will be big hit if it is owned by the same guy as the Cremería Mi Ranchito.
  11. Pedro, I do not pretend to keep track of every thread that has come out in the past couple of weeks or months, nor do I read them all, as not all are pertinent or of interest to me at the time. And neither did I start this thread, I just merely asked a simple innocent question on an already current thread. The other day some one asked me about the ophthamologist at Quality Care so when I saw this post I figured I'd ask, nothing more nothing less. This ain't elementary school and we don't need constant condescending lecturing on this board.
  12. Pedro, tienes toda la razón. But information is always changing. What's wrong with getting the best up to date information?
  13. Has anybody had any experiences with Dra Mariana Díaz Sálazar at Quality Care?
  14. Line up folks, get the Coronavirus vaccine, it is finally here! But for me, I think I will just wait a year or two. Why does the vaccine suddenly sound scarier than contracting the Coronavirus?
  15. We have both, but we get scam calls mostly on the magic jack.
  16. Many of us expats here have Vonage and Magic Jack. So, probably yes. We get this Indian guy that calls almost every morning to tell us our computer is sending out error signals, he just needs our credit card number to properly diagnose the problem.
  17. Since it has been widely reported in the press that Coronavirus testing is not always very accurate and that many many false positives have been reported, I wonder how many of those 52 people really had Coronavirus.
  18. My keyboard works with Alt Gr and I hit Q at the same time. If nothing seems to work just google at symbol and copy and paste one.
  19. Yes gringohombre, you are correct. But most people here have a smallish simple yard and prefer to employ the small guy who really needs the money.
  20. I would never compare a gardener to a plumber anyways it is a lot easier to carry a monkey wrench around than a lawn mower and a weed eater. Many gardeners don't make the money to afford all those expensive tools and a truck to carry them around. We have always provided the tools and have been fortunate to have them take good care if them.
  21. Try 1-800-829-1040. That is the number to ask the IRS, if you want to know exactly where check is or when it will be mailed. They helped me, I finally got my money deposited today after filling out a non-filers form 2 weeks ago.
  22. Mudgirl, take this scenario, you are walking down the malecón in the morning and you happen to pass by a Mexican woman wearing a face mask, she is screaming at her chihuahueño dog Luna, she screams out "Luna vente, vente para acá Luna." She just expelled like 15,000 water droplets coated in Covid-19 contrary to her not even knowing that she has been infected. Her mask contained about, perhaps 10,000 droplets on a good day, that is to say that she has taken good care of her mask and not over washed it. You happen to be walking by at that very moment. Around 5000 infected water droplets pass straight through the fibers of her mask and fly right into your face as you walk by. Well, the mask helped somewhat, did it not? But you still now just breathed in 5,000 covid droplets and now have just been infected by the Coronavirus.
  23. Mudgirl, my statement on the mortality rate is right in line with the CDC, has it changed since last week? And my opinion of face masks is in line with most scientific journals, yes it helps but not that much, that is the reason why in the beginning of the pandemic they were reluctant to officially mandate face masks in the very beginning. Yes Mudgirl, they help some, of course, but not near as much as you want to believe and on top of that they carry their own baggage, average citizens with no expertise and knowledge about how to wear and care for them properly they have the potential to cause more harm than good under certain circumstances.
  24. Eric, seriously, if México is too dangerous for you I hear that Greenland now has zero cases (and that isn't a joke, Iceland is also a grest place btw.) Mexico is a democratic republic similar to the USA and Canada. It is not a dictatorship or a Nazi state. The government has no mandate to restrict the freedoms of its citizens to this magnitude to forcibly protect its citizens. We have freedoms and rights, the government is wrong to make such power grabs when the mortality rate is less than 1 percent and dropping day by day. Even if face masks help slightly (better than nothing according to most scientific papers) it still is like holding chicken wire over your face. Sure some of the germs and water particles will stick to the wires or cloth fibers but many will pass straight on through just like in the simulated tests. So yes it helps some but not that much. It is not the governments job to protect us, it is the responsibility of ourselves. I am for facemasks only because of the 5 percent chance it might save lives. But the minute the goverment decides to mandate its usage and to arrest those that want to practice their freedom to not use them, I will also begin to rebel like most level minded people. The government can only advise, they cannot mandate. We are still free to decide the precautions we choose to take. As long as the death toll is so low, we will not be forced by the government to do anything against our will.
  25. Is there some law in México that says that if you are suspected of dying from Covid you must be cremated?
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