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  1. Well Zeb, I don't always agree with Mudgirl but seriously if all you want are edible plants, herbs and medicinals.  It might be more rewarding to research tropical or subtropical varieties that interest you and just order them online.  What can't be found in the local viveros Mercado Libre can be pretty amazing and sometimes the most available option.  And many of these edibles and herbs might do very well in decent sized pots and you can move them around as you see fit.  

  2. I am no expert on this subject.  But the way I understand is that UV just zaps the pathogens and amoebas and kills them.  It does not remove heavy metals and poisons out of the water.  RO is the way to go for potable drinking water.   It is good to have both systems.  UV is good for your bathroom and shower water and RO is preferable for your kitchen drinking water.  We also have both.  I would personally not drink much of the UV filtered water.  Since it probably still retains the heavy metals and arsenic.  But brushing your teeth with it is probably ok.  Its is better to drink only the RO water.

  3. What does fully vaccinated really mean?  So you have had the two shots, does that mean you are fully vaccinated for only 3 to 6 months?  It has been stated that after 3 months most Covid vaccines begin to lose their effectiveness.  After 6 months its time for another one.  With a 99 percent survival rate why is everyone freaking out about Covid.  For certain someone is making big money.  Now are we expected to get vaccinated every 6 months till we eventially die?  Come on people, think, what is really going on here?

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  4. I can assure you that I was not trying to protect a friend since I have no idea who Lakeside7 is.  I just get tired of hearing white Americans talking about how Mexicans are some sort of homogeneus race.  I often wonder if those people who feel that way live in gated communities and rarely walk the streets and even see and talk with the local Mexican people.  If they did they would know that they are a rather diverse group of people blended with many different ethnicities.  That is all I was trying to say.

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  5. I think it's racist to say someone could be racist against a Mexican when Mexican isn't even a race.  Mexicans come in all shades and in all races.  In this part of México it is also very common to see blue eyed Mexicans.  Mexican is not a race. Period.

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  6. I think the heavy rains open up the pot holes.  I noticed today they had a crew working on the road leaving Chapala.  It appeared thar they were digging up the road in several areas right outside Chapala past the mural.  Hopefully they will fill in those potholes too.

  7. Well Happyjillin you might be in luck.  A brand new panadería is opening up near you, right next to banco Santander.  Its going to be called Panadería Hidalgo.  I don't know for sure what they are going to carry but it sure does look nice on the outside.  

  8. Seriously, ACD and Bobby Brown are jokes, if you are taking them seriously, you have greater issuses than worrying about boycotting this forum.  Trolls will be trolls, the best thing to do is starve them from the spot light.

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  9. Mitch, many people on this board will just tell you to stay put and not travel right now.  But the truth is Lake Chapala is most definitely open right now.  Just a couple of weeks ago Chapala celebrated its anual tequila festival on the malecón and it attracted large crowds.  Everything is open now except for the cantinas and discotecas.  And they are supposed to open up again on the first of September.  The kids just today returned to in class classes at school finally.  Last year was totally virtual for nearly all kids in Jalisco.  Tons of foreigners are coming down all the time.  I spend most afternoons on the Chapala malecón.  And every day I see new faces visiting the area from up North.  If you go to Ajijic they are much more serious about face masks.  Here in Chapala over half of the people you see on the streets have stopped using them and a large percentage of the mom and pop stores no longer require face mask usage.  Mostly only the larger stores that are chains like the Wal-marts, Sorianas, and Oxxo's still require them.  I'm just giving you the facts on the ground here.  Please don't kill the messenger.  On top of that the streets are bustling with human traffic and most people are still unvaccinated in this area.  In our population of over 60,000 people we have had only 70 official Covid deaths in the past 2 years since Covid has come out.  I guarantee you that there are far worse places to be than our small but beautiful little area here.

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  10. Coming from North Carolina when I hear chow chow, in regards to food, I think about that pickle relish we call chow chow.  And I was thinking, wow, chow chow made from chayote.  ¡Qué interesante!

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  11. I agree Pechugón or big breast chicken as we might say in English is good.  But it is better used to be deboned and put in caseroles or other recipes.  To eat it alone, it is highly salty.  Too salty for my taste.

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