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  1. Coming from North Carolina when I hear chow chow, in regards to food, I think about that pickle relish we call chow chow. And I was thinking, wow, chow chow made from chayote. ¡Qué interesante!
  2. I agree Pechugón or big breast chicken as we might say in English is good. But it is better used to be deboned and put in caseroles or other recipes. To eat it alone, it is highly salty. Too salty for my taste.
  3. Most of the drivers at Lakeside that claim to be Uber drivers are not real Uber drivers, they are just people with a car and a business card that work to drive people around. Since you live in Chapala Haciendas, if I am not mistaken. Just google chapala taxi. Call the number and arrange for a taxi driver to pick you up at a given hour. I have done this several times and with me they have proven to be reliable. If you want to cut the cost cheaper, on your way home come back via the bus. From the Consulate to the old bus station or Central Camionera Vieja in a taxi will cost you around 100 pesos and around 60 pesos by bus back to Chapala.
  4. I don't have enough knowledge to form a veritable opinion yet anyhow. I'm just raising interesting and valid points to politely add to the conversation and to get people thinking independently. My only opinion is that something smells fishy and I don't believe everything I read either. We should all be free to have our own independent opinions.
  5. Another thing to point out is that East Asian countries are some of the most compliant populations in the world when it comes to the wearing of face masks and obeying government mandated shut downs. Now the news keeps talking about how these countries are beginning to have surging cases again and Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia among others are going back into lock downs again even though they never ever truly have opened up their tourist sites since the start of the Pandemic. So my question is, if mask mandates can't keep the most compliant mask wearing populations on the planet safe from the virus, then why are we obsessing and enforcing it so much if it helps little? Seriously it is too late to try to stop this virus. Anything the government does in regarding restrictions and lock downs just prolong the pandemic and the inevitable. But its not saving anybody's lives because it just comes back or worse mutates and comes back. We should just learn to accept it and treat as we do the annual flu and get back to our lives. Nothing the government has done or can do has made it go away yet.
  6. https://news.yahoo.com/cdc-says-travelers-avoid-france-204358179.html Please, can someone smarter than me please explain this article to me? If I'm not mistaken, I remember reading about how Israel and Iceland were both being internationally applauded for having some of the highest vaccinated populations in the world against Covid. I think Israel even used Pfizer and J&J to vaccinate their people which are both the best against the Delta variant. Why are they now on the CDC list of countries to avoid? And no mention of México and any other Latin American country. Am I missunderstanding something. If vaccines can't keep little Iceland and Israel with their very small, close to being, fully vaccinated populations off the no travel list. Why are we made to believe vaccines should be mandated in the first place to further enrich the pharmaceutical companies especially when they just recently announced that they would be raising the price of Pfizer in Europe.
  7. I have seen them in Walmart in years past. I don't know about now. But you can check.
  8. Water lily plants as of today at least are starting to flow into the lake again. Just get a free one from the lake.
  9. There might be several 711's along the carretera but the only 711 in Chapala Centro that I know about is the one a block up from Coppel all others are Oxxo's. Yes Oxxo has won the war.
  10. For a split second I thought you were going to speak about the miraculous benefits of peacock manure as fertilizer for plants. Haha.
  11. I think you are referring to Cremería Mi Ranchito which is behind the plaza or better said behind the Mercado Municipal on the corner of López Cotilla and Júarez streets.
  12. I would love to hear you speak Spanish. That would be the true test of how Mexicano you really are jaja.
  13. Something tells me that Bobby Brown is not a naturely born Mexican citizen. Just an American who escaped.
  14. Just type into google San Carlos Forum. It should be the first entry that pops up.
  15. I'm sure the Anerican Legion in Chapala would except them. They have an English library.
  16. Is anybody else experiencing a blackout?
  17. Only on Chapala.com can a thread go from talking about flying crittters to old critters after just a few posts. Haha
  18. Total Play is already available in Chapala. We've had it for the past 2 months here in downtown Chapala. And we've had almost zero problems so far, knock on wood.
  19. Locally we like the quality of casther paint. Sherwin Williams is probably the best followed by Casther in my oppinion. Just don't go with Comex their paint fades terribly in the sun and is the worst.
  20. My mother orders books from Amazon USA from time to time and deliver straight to our house with zero problems.
  21. Aren't most notary's recognized internationally?
  22. I would be interested in knowing how Brisas de Chapala compares and contrasts to Chapala Haciendas. Since they are basically so close to each other, what are their differences and their pros and cons.
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