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  1. Please do not visit Chapala Centro or our malecón, I am afraid you would probably have a nervous breakdown followed by or preceeded by panic attacks.
  2. Re read my post, I pointed that out already so people couldn't accuse me later of misleading. But still would you be in line to get that Covid vaccine if people were later testing positive for HIV, be it only false positives or not? Sounds like the vaccine in some places can be scarier than the disease.
  3. Does everybody realize that the government vaccination program in Australia has been stopped due to people that got vaccinated later showing up testing positive for HIV. So many people that got vaccinated later tested positive for HIV that the government put an immediate stop to the vaccine. I realize the Australian government says the vaccine was locally made and has claimed that it only shows false positives......but still....who wants to take a Covid vaccine if you later test positive for HIV. Guys, none of these vaccines have been properly tested for sufficient years to prove that they are safe. Only get it if you trust the government beyond a shadow of a doubt. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-australia-55269381
  4. Número just means your house or building number. Número int or interior means if you live in an appt, condo, or duplex. Colonia is your immediate neighborhood. Just remember that Mexican addresses are not always as clear cut and precise as what you might be used to North of the Border. But as long as you get your city, state, street and house number correct most senior mailmen will be able to find you.
  5. I am not sure why so many people are assuming that this person is a troll. I think he or she is asking legitimate questions on how to properly fill out the address section of any Mexican online shopping site. Sometimes I think the people on this form are just all old and grumpy and have absolutely no patience for newbies. You guys are the reason why this forum and all forums are dying. Why would any serious troll have questions like these?
  6. I almost forgot about Nestle's but yet again all they make is vanilla, cookies-n- cream and neopolitan. 😴
  7. Does anybody know why Holanda brand has zero imagination? All they make is Neopolitan, Cookies-n-Cream and Vanilla. That is basically all you see in México, and God forbid, don't ever try the off brands. From time to time you will see Sealtest ice cream at Soriana with flavors like cookie dough and reeses cup ice cream among other exciting flavors. But never at Wal-Mart.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-12-13/unwelcome-in-other-countries-and-amid-lockdowns-at-home-americans-are-flocking-to-mexico%3f_amp=true Apparently mostly Americans are still coming down but not so many Canadians according to this article.
  9. The OP has not mentioned anything that comes close to conspiracy theories. Yes, maybe if he or she had posted this a year ago or so, and said this is how 2020 would turn out, you could call it a conspiracy theory. But he or she is just bringing up the things that are being discussed daily in our main stream media. Like it not, its the crazy world we live in today.
  10. It was only closed for 2 weekends back in November. When the Mexican black friday or Buen Fin started everything miraculously opened back up. Economic needs trump any virus prevention measures.
  11. Upfront is definitely the nastiest and most agressive member on this forum. Calling people turds just because he doesn't agree with them is never cool. He's the one that needs putting in his place.
  12. Daisy, I seriously have no idea where you got 40 deaths. The official death count from the government is showing 18 as of today, a couple days ago it showed 15. And that is for 12 months. Remember it is widely believed that Covid was around since the middle of December of last year.
  13. Zeb, just remember that the Municipio de Chapala has experienced about 14 deaths from Covid in the past 12 months. Things are getting pretty scary and dangerous. You should probably not even leave your house this season. And if you read this you should probably even disenfect your computer screen to be extra safe. Its a scary world we all live in now.
  14. Abraham does house calls in Chapala and he also speaks really good English. You can reach him at 3314877497. Or just send him a whatsapp message.
  15. I never realized that tipping a gas station attendant 10 pesos which equates to roughly US .50 cents was too much to tip a guy that pumps your gas. Those guys, believe it or not are working for tips. And yes, most Mexicans tip them also.
  16. According to Wikipedia, as Mudgirl has already pointed out, the species of skunks found in Mexico are called Spotted Skunks which are smaller and quite different looking than that of the skunk commonly seen in the US known as the Striped Skunk. Since Mudgirl lives on the coast the skunk she sees is probably that of the Pygmy Spotted Skunk. The ones around Chapala are known as the Southern Spotted Skunk.
  17. Considering the fact that Covid-19 comes from the same family of viruses as the Common Flu and that it has been said to be very similar and behave very similary, I'm not so sure herd immunity will be much of a factor for this virus. We don't develop true herd immunity for the common flu, every year it mutates and comes back differently and every year most people tend to catch it for a few days. Thousands of elderly die from the flu every year in the US. I don't see Covid-19 behaving much differently. Even with a vaccine, the vaccine will only keep you safe for about 4 months until a new mutation comes out then you will be at risk again. The best scenerio is that it either disappears or that we just learn to live with it just like we do with the Common Flu. People at risk should be responsible for protecting themselves and the rest of the world should be left to continue on as normal.
  18. Farmacia Guadalajara prints pictures usually from a flash drive or memory stick, but I'm sure with todays reliance on phones they would know exactly how to print one from your phone very easily.
  19. Is Super Lake having problems getting things down across the border?
  20. Have it brought up to the carretera and see how long it lasts.
  21. The winter rains are called Las Cabañuelas.
  22. In Chapala the Surtidor was also open in addition to the Oxxos and most of the smaller abarrotes, cremerías, and fruit and vegetable stands.
  23. I don't believe the government should be forcing any store or business to be closing down outside of normal operating hours unless they are prepared to hand out stimulus checks to make up for their lose of business. Wrecking the economy will not erradicate or reduce the virus, it is only a game of cat and mouse. The virus has been here since last December and apparently is here to stay just like the common flu is always present. No amount of vaccines, face mask wearing is going to get rid of this virus. It needs to run its course and normalize like the flu had to do. These new measures will do nothing for the virus but they will certainly help to further impoverish our neighbors and community.
  24. I think that is a question for Lakeside7. But shortening the hours can't seriously be the answer. That just crowds more people together at the same times. All the people that were going out to eat or shop at 8 or 9 must now do so earlier at the same time when the 5 or 6 o'clock people are out there. The weekend shoppers are now forced to shop along side the weekday shoppers. Shortening is not the key, they should be lengthening the hours so more people can come at different times so they can avoid large gatherings.
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