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  1. You are free to also research the differences of should and must in Spanish while translating se deben. I researched it before posting. I also have been fluent in Spanish for years. I just wanted to make sure I got it as close to right as possible.
  2. And Mostlylost is correct again on the translation of se deben. Yes, it is often translated into English as either should or must. But take note it is not the hardcore version of must but much closer to should. When things in Spanish are absolutely mandatory they generally say tienen que or se los obligan or another version of obligar.
  3. Well I have spoken to the workers at the Chapala Oxxo near the big church, at where the old Restaurante Supieror used to be and they confirmed with me that they were given orders to not allow access to seniors over 60 and children under 12. I asked them how they were going to go about doing that. I asked them if they were IDing them at the door and they said no, that they were just asking them their age. I have no way of knowing if they are or were truly enforcing it because I'm no where near 60 yet.
  4. So, I take that the chart Mostlylost shows is that the flu is much more deadly to children than Covid even is.
  5. Yes exactly. Children also die every year from the common flu, but like Covid, it is a very rare ocurrence when this happens.
  6. I've never read anywhere here that children can't transmit covid-19. Of course they can be positive for it and pass it on to others. Just like anybody can. The only difference is that children rarely ever get seriously ill will Covid. But heck anybody can get it and transmit it to others.
  7. Are you seriously stating that it is COMMON FRIGGIN SENSE to deny children and the elderly the right to access grocery stores, stores of any kind, banks and Oxxo's ? I hope for your sake you are fully stocked up on food, liquor, in your case, and plenty of cash, because the 60 and older crowd are no longer allowed out of their homes but I guess that is COMMON FRIGGIN SENSE in your world. If you are seen on the streets you will be known as just a COMMON FRIGGIN HYPOCRITE.
  8. I only asked this because we have children here in Chapala. So I guess they feel that children are more likely to pass the virus to others. I still think this is stinkin thinkin and just plain stupid. Anybody has equal opportunity to spread this virus. Children should not be discriminated against neither should the elderly. That is why so many people are disregarding the sanitary norms. Most of them are not logical nor feasable.
  9. I think Alfaro feels like he has to do something. Its like he is damned if he combats the virus and damned if he doesn't. But many of the new norms do not make a lot of sense. And can someone please explain to me the discrimination they have against children that rarely even get sick with the virus? They are not allowed to enter into most businesses or even the tourist market on the malecón. It makes no sense. The over 60 ban makes more sense than the under 12 ban. But both are wrong for obvious reasons.
  10. The malecón is all cordoned off but the tourist market along the malecón is jam packed with people. I understand what they are trying to do to not hurt the merchants but at the same time discourage large numbers of tourists but al fin de cuentas it makes no sense at all to do it this way. The plazas and malecones, al aire libre, are the safest places to be during this pandemic. They should keep them open. They are forcing people to congregate in their small crowed homes and party there with poor little grandma hiding out in the back room. It makes no sense.
  11. The same thing about 60 year olds not allowed out of their homes was also said last summer but never enforced.
  12. Well maybe new strains have made it to Mexico, that would make sense. But a lockdown will not stop it.
  13. The only thing that will work is a naturally ocurring herd immunity or herd immunity by way of vaccines. The shut down we had this summer, that lasted almost 2 months, did not work nor did the following ones. If they had we wouldn't be where we are today. I guess you could say that if people just stopped acting like people we could stop the spreading of the disease, but that ain't going to happen is it? Maybe, they should try ankle bracelets to enforce social distancing norms for the entire population. When you get closer than 10 feet of another human being outside of your immediate family it begins to beep and alerts the authorities.
  14. He might as well be doing nothing because lockdowns don't work. People still have to get out and work.
  15. Well here we go again folks, something that has been proven not to work the govenor of Jalisco is going to try it again for the 3rd or 4th time. He must be planning on running for Presidente soon. If it didn't work the first time the second time or the third, what makes him think it will work this time? I guess it just looks good on his résumé. Remember that the Mexican people are not receiving stimulus checks nor receiving any government assistance in these difficult times. They must be allowed to continue to work to feed and cloth their families. Most Mexicans live in extended family homes with grandma living in the back room. The virus is already so prevalent, if the truth were known, most of us have already been in contact with it and or have already had it without knowing. These measures will do little to stop or slow down the infection rate it will just hurt the already hurting Mexican families. But it will look good on Alfaro's portfolio and it may boost his self esteem. The only measure that will help is to get the vaccine out to anybody over 60 and maybe the death rate will go way down. That is it, period. Anyways, after living with it for over a year, most people have accepted it and have lost their fear.
  16. If you choose to take the Zacatecas route when coming into Aguascalientes just follow the signs pointing you towards Guadalajara.
  17. Mainecoons, I am sure there are probably Airbnbs available in the Ajijic area. They would be perfect for a week stay.
  18. Thats the only negative thing about that route. Yes you still go through Aguascalientes. I just follow the road signs that point you to Zacatecas or Gdl depending on which direction you are traveling. GPS is helpful too.
  19. Remember, coming down from Laredo, there are two main routes, one going through San Luís Potosí thats the one you pass the Hotel Las Palmas. The other one is the Zacatecas route is the one we prefer. It has less traffic and less tolls, hence cheaper. Both have good roads and are considered safe.
  20. What are your 4 best climates if Chapala is #5?
  21. Estrellas I hope you are not suggesting that anybody that does not go out and get the vaccine is probably going to die from Covid, seriously is that what you are trying to say. Roughly 50% of Americans are not planning on getting the vaccine anytime soon. So, you really think half of Americans will soon be dead from Covid. I hope I am misinterpreting your statement.
  22. Mudgirl, I was referring to them testing positive but it was really a false positive. Just like thousands of Americans have tested positive for Covid when in fact they were actually really negative. And the opposite is also true. But yes I see what you mean by testing positive for the antibodies vs testing positive for the disease itself. And I neither want to be a guinea pig.
  23. Mudgirl, I never ever made any ridiculous claim that the vaccine was giving people HIV. I'm just saying that these reasons among many many others are why lots people would prefer to wait awhile before being jabbed with a new vaccine that does NOT have years of testing to back it up. And Gringohombre suggests that this vaccine is worth the elimination of this scourge to mankind. Who is claiming that the vaccine will eliminate Covid-19 from planet Earth? Certainly not Dr. Fauci. Most scientists actually believe that Covid is here to stay. It will just keep mutating every couple of months similarly to the way the common flu already does.
  24. RickS, I guess we will know the answer to that in the next few months.
  25. Yeah, its a new scary world we are all moving into.
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