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  1. Farmacia Guadalajara prints pictures usually from a flash drive or memory stick, but I'm sure with todays reliance on phones they would know exactly how to print one from your phone very easily.
  2. Is Super Lake having problems getting things down across the border?
  3. Have it brought up to the carretera and see how long it lasts.
  4. The winter rains are called Las Cabañuelas.
  5. In Chapala the Surtidor was also open in addition to the Oxxos and most of the smaller abarrotes, cremerías, and fruit and vegetable stands.
  6. I don't believe the government should be forcing any store or business to be closing down outside of normal operating hours unless they are prepared to hand out stimulus checks to make up for their lose of business. Wrecking the economy will not erradicate or reduce the virus, it is only a game of cat and mouse. The virus has been here since last December and apparently is here to stay just like the common flu is always present. No amount of vaccines, face mask wearing is going to get rid of this virus. It needs to run its course and normalize like the flu had to do. These new measures will do nothing for the virus but they will certainly help to further impoverish our neighbors and community.
  7. I think that is a question for Lakeside7. But shortening the hours can't seriously be the answer. That just crowds more people together at the same times. All the people that were going out to eat or shop at 8 or 9 must now do so earlier at the same time when the 5 or 6 o'clock people are out there. The weekend shoppers are now forced to shop along side the weekday shoppers. Shortening is not the key, they should be lengthening the hours so more people can come at different times so they can avoid large gatherings.
  8. It always makes more sense to shorten the hours so more and more people will be forced to shop together at the same times. Maybe, they can bring the lines back where you are forced to stand directly in front of or directly behind a cougher for 5 or 10 mins while you wait to enter, surely you won't get Covid that way.
  9. Why do you think 95 percent of the population might die from Coronavirus if restaurants don't close at by 7. The restaurants at Lakeside are busiest between 3 and 5. So, how again does keeping them open during their busiest hours and making them close up early so they don't make enough profit to survive, how is that stopping the spread of Covid? All it does is hurt the average Mexican worker.
  10. In the Mitzi stores (there are 3 on Madero Ave.) They usually carry the Garnier Nutrisse brand, but I never knew it was Canadian though.
  11. I also walk the Chapala malecón almost daily and have been doing so for the past 9 and a half years. To my non-scientific brain, I honestly don't see it to be so terribly low. I actually think it looks higher than it has been for many of the years that I have lived here minus the past 3 years, it seems stable and normal for this time of year. Yes, I do recall it was slightly higher last year, but this year does not seem, so far, to be alarmingly low compared to the past 9 years I have experienced here. This year seems to be fairly normal. And I hope it continues to be so. The only thing different I can see is that the rains peetered out earlier this year. Last yesr October was a wet wet month. This year not so much. But the temps also cooled down earlier this year too.
  12. Telmex usually has at least one English speaking rep available when you call the 800 number. Just ask for inglés porfavor, usually helps.
  13. If it is still closed (I have no idea) just take her to Tapalpa, roughly same distance, equally as beautiful if not more so. And check out the Piedrotas Park right out side of the town. Actually, I don't know if Tapalpa is open either but it is just another nice option.
  14. Sorry, I first saw the pictures on my small smart phone, now seeing them up closer on a real computer screen, I realize that the kids do look slightly grimy, typical of their age though. But everything else I said I stand by. They are obviously in need and still deserve our sympathy and help.
  15. They look dirty to you? That is the color of their skin, that doesn't wash off. Their cloths look new? The boy is literally wearing ripped up pants. Don't worry, as they start to look more like holocaust victims, I'm sure we will get more photo images of them in the future. Maybe then people will see how desperate many people truly are in this area due to poverty and the lockdowns.
  16. Yeah, I was about to comment on that too, something just didn't seem to ring true in that comment.
  17. The town is indeed very special, you have to actually stop and wander around a bit to get a feel for how pretty the centro histórico truly is. Just driving through, you miss a lot. Compared to other towns in central México, it might not be so spectacular, but for Jalisco lacking in abundant colonial cities, this town is amazing. Go check it out. There is even a so called incorrumptible saint given to the town by the Vatican. It is said to he the un decayed remains of a Roman soldier turned martyr and saint. How cool is that (if it were truly true)?
  18. For a better clearer understanding of the problem, read this recent Aljazeera article, it does a better job of explaining things than Bisbee Gal's article. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/10/8/mexico-water-crisis-heats-up-as-us-transfer-deadline-looms Apparently the US sends 4 times as much water across the border to Mexico from the US than what Mexico sends North. The main problem is the corruption in CONAGUA and how they squander away the water and don't share it equally with the local farmers in México. They deserve so much better.
  19. Upfront, I'm sure you are an ok person but something tells me you haven't been following all posts from the beginning. Please go back and read all before posting in the future.
  20. I realize life can get confusing, but we are now talking about garden waste in gringohombre's huuuuge property.
  21. So, Sr. Gatell doesn't think that kids should return to school till midway next year, just forget about their education and hamper their parent's ability to return back to work because they now have to homeschool their kids. But its ok for their parents to stand in eternally ever long lines now at the bank or at the totillería. Old ladies can still sit freely together in groups on the plaza and everybody is free to go hang out at your local Covidmart (Walmart). But children 12 and under are forced to wait for their parents sitting in the parking lot while their older parents or grandparents shop at the Ajijic Walmart. With stupid crazy rulings like these, its no wonder people are not taking this pandemic as seriously today. What are these goverment people smoking?
  22. I don't recall I ever once said it was the responsibility of the government per se. Walmart doesn't have bags but Soriana does, I'm not sure why that is. But I do know that if left up to their own greed, free private corporations, with the money they are making off of cheap plastics, they will never change unless they are highly encouraged to or forced to do so. If the decision to change doesn't freely come from them, it will have to come from somewhere else.
  23. There are ways to do compost without inviting the mice, that is where Sr. Google gets involved to find the right method for you.
  24. Large amounts of compost is the best thing you could have for a huge property. And since your property is soooo huge you probably have enough space for several compost piles or even the rotating compost barrel contraptions.
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