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  1. Covid is going to evolve, spread and mutate regardless, don't you understand?  I seriously doubt that the majority of the world's population wants to take a covid vaccine every 6 months for the rest of their lives.  Because thats about all its good for.  But I'm sure Big Pharma would love that. Most scientists already say it is here for  good just like the common flu is so we might as well learn to live with it as we do with the flu.  It isn't going away.  

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  2. Don't worry they have been celebrating San Andrés here in downtown Chapala for the past two days.  Large cohetes are going off as I type.  I don't get it, why can't us Chapalenses just honor our San Francisco or St Francis and forget about the other town's patron saints.  Maybe they are making up for lost time during these past two pandemic years.

  3. I am permanente and have been so for 10 years.  But I have a friend who is living here with an expired tourist visa.  It expired during the pandemic because this person did not want to travel back to the border at that time.  Now this person wants to fly to the beach with friends.  It will be a domestic flight.  But I warned this person about the need to show a passport ID to board the plane.  What are the risks of getting deported?  My guess is that they are high.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  4. I am in the same exact situation.  I've tried emailing them.  No response.  I've tried their whatsapp number, no response.  I can't find a phone number for mercado libre Mexico that even works.  They say to go to sign in and go to their help chat but if I can't sign in I can't access their help chat. When I google it I see that all the other countries where mercado libre operates have customer service numbers but not Mexico.  They used to several years ago.  

  5. That was a terrifying nightmare.  I also agree canned mushrooms are horrible.  Anything fresh is so much better.  But if you are a prepper and preparing for the Apocalypse how long wound those little cans get you?  You would have to have literally thousands of cans to survive a year.

  6. Growing up I used to think all spinach came in a can and I dispised it.  After growing up and discovering fresh spinach, now I love spinach and it is so easy to get a bag of fresh pre washed popeyes spinach and chop it up yourselves.  Super fast to chop up and super fast to cook and super delicious without the tin flavor.

  7. I just came down to see how the altars were coming along by the church here in Chapala.  By 4 pm they mostly would have them built by now.  But not this year I guess.  There are no altars this year.  But there could be some on 5 de Mayo where they used to be displayed years ago.  I haven't checked there yet.  Seriously all these pandemic safety protocols are getting laughably ridiculous.  Political rallies are fine but religious and cultural celebrations are banned.  Hmmmm.

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