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  1. Mudgirl, take this scenario, you are walking down the malecón in the morning and you happen to pass by a Mexican woman wearing a face mask, she is screaming at her chihuahueño dog Luna, she screams out "Luna vente, vente para acá Luna." She just expelled like 15,000 water droplets coated in Covid-19 contrary to her not even knowing that she has been infected. Her mask contained about, perhaps 10,000 droplets on a good day, that is to say that she has taken good care of her mask and not over washed it. You happen to be walking by at that very moment. Around 5000 infected water droplets pass straight through the fibers of her mask and fly right into your face as you walk by. Well, the mask helped somewhat, did it not? But you still now just breathed in 5,000 covid droplets and now have just been infected by the Coronavirus.
  2. Mudgirl, my statement on the mortality rate is right in line with the CDC, has it changed since last week? And my opinion of face masks is in line with most scientific journals, yes it helps but not that much, that is the reason why in the beginning of the pandemic they were reluctant to officially mandate face masks in the very beginning. Yes Mudgirl, they help some, of course, but not near as much as you want to believe and on top of that they carry their own baggage, average citizens with no expertise and knowledge about how to wear and care for them properly they have the potential to cause more harm than good under certain circumstances.
  3. Eric, seriously, if México is too dangerous for you I hear that Greenland now has zero cases (and that isn't a joke, Iceland is also a grest place btw.) Mexico is a democratic republic similar to the USA and Canada. It is not a dictatorship or a Nazi state. The government has no mandate to restrict the freedoms of its citizens to this magnitude to forcibly protect its citizens. We have freedoms and rights, the government is wrong to make such power grabs when the mortality rate is less than 1 percent and dropping day by day. Even if face masks help slightly (better than nothing according to most scientific papers) it still is like holding chicken wire over your face. Sure some of the germs and water particles will stick to the wires or cloth fibers but many will pass straight on through just like in the simulated tests. So yes it helps some but not that much. It is not the governments job to protect us, it is the responsibility of ourselves. I am for facemasks only because of the 5 percent chance it might save lives. But the minute the goverment decides to mandate its usage and to arrest those that want to practice their freedom to not use them, I will also begin to rebel like most level minded people. The government can only advise, they cannot mandate. We are still free to decide the precautions we choose to take. As long as the death toll is so low, we will not be forced by the government to do anything against our will.
  4. Is there some law in México that says that if you are suspected of dying from Covid you must be cremated?
  5. Thank G-d they are finally coming to their senses. People are always going to get together and get together they will. If all malecones and public spaces close up people will just get to together in their small cramped homes to have their fiestecitas and with grandma in the back room. Thats what they did during the previous quarantine. I'd rather see them in the open air, sitting in the plazas, parques and on the malecón, it is at least healthier that way. If it makes you nervous, just keep your distance.
  6. Anyways, how accurate are those thermometers when used on your arm vs your forehead. My arm gets alot of sun through the car window while driving to Wal-mart.
  7. Yeah, I was thinking exactly the same thing. Who wakes up sick in the morning with a fever and says I think I'll go over to the Legion for breakfast? Most people who are sick and feverous are not usually out in about shopping or eating out at restaurants. I can comprehend maybe checking people's temperature at the airport when they arrive after they have been on a flight for several hours. Flying is stressful and the stress lowers your immune system as you come into contact with germs from around the world from international travelers. But that is about it.
  8. Upfront, why would it bother you that someone on this forum was warning the community about a scammer called Mike, unless....unless.... you have an alternative reason.
  9. Upfront, Bennie, Mannie or whoever you are, it doesn't mean you are a conspiracy theorist or a Trump supporter if you analyze the facts and data less hysterically than the way the media wants you to believe. It's called being independent and thinking. Most people don't think or analyze they just believe everything they read and hear. Just because the local authorities claim that Chapala has currently reached 50 cases since January for a population over 50 thousand does not mean I am going to freak out and hide out in my room. You have to be nuts. Analyze the data and try to see the whole picture. Even the CDC and the WHO both insist that out of those 50 positive cases in Chapala the vast majority will easily recover and most will experience next to zero conditions or very light symptons at the most. And yes I wear a mask everytime I leave the house because I don't want to get sick or get anybody else sick. But I ain't freaking out. I am just reporting how the narrative is playing out on the ground here in the streets of Chapala.
  10. For the past month the Chapala malecón has been inundated weekly with turistas from all over the region. With the grand majority not wearing a face mask. And so far no uptick in cases. When is this dreadful contagious disease going to wreak havoc? For the past 2 or 3 months most people you see walking around Chapala on our super crowed Madero Ave. haven't been wearing masks either. Could the current strain not be as deadly as the news claims it to be?
  11. Someone suggested the OP move if she didn't like things here, I am just saying that for all the complaining a small minority make around here, things are far worse NOB.
  12. For those that are not aware of this new change, Wal-mart, among many other large US retailers just recently made a decision to no longer enforce mask wearing inside of their stores. https://www-businessinsider-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.businessinsider.com/walmart-wont-enforce-face-mask-rules-to-avoid-physical-confrontations-2020-7?amp_js_v=a3&amp_gsa=1&amp&usqp=mq331AQIKAGwASDYAQE%3D#aoh=15958173102198&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.businessinsider.com%2Fwalmart-wont-enforce-face-mask-rules-to-avoid-physical-confrontations-2020-7
  13. We always have everything sent straight to our domicilio or home address here in downtown Chapala and have never had any delivery issues. What ever the item was that you ordered, for some reason you chose to ship it directly to their Guadalajara branch store to be picked up in person instead of shipping directly to your home. Look up the contact information of the vender on Mercado Libre and have your Mexican wife call them for you.
  14. Locally they call it jal with the Spanish "j". There is a construction materials store on Miguel Martinez here in Chapala right next to where the buses pull up to park at the bus station. He generally sells it in large sacks called costales.
  15. I don't know phone numbers, but as I walk the streets of Chapala, it seems to me that most have opened back up. I know for sure that the one a block past the bus station on Miguel Martinez is back up and running, I think its called Chepe's but I could be wrong about the name. The one a couple doors up from the Municipal Palace is also open. That's the one with barber shop plus copying machine business.
  16. Southland, your comment was very honest and very heart felt. You are very correct that the virus has propagated to nearly unreversible levels because many people who feel privileged don't care and they refuse to wear masks to stop the spread of the virus. Chapala is near an international airport with continuous flights taking off and landing daily (it never stopped due to the pandemic) and we are right next to the second largest metropolitan megalopolis in the country. We are sitting in the playground and the most touristic place immediately outside Guadalajara for the Tapatíos, thousands own weekend homes on the North shore. We are very lucky the virus has been as benign as it as proven to be in our area. It could have become far worse and it still might. It is curious to me, that if the contagion rate were truly known for this area, probably it would be shown to be highly prevalent throughout the general population. It has been slowly infecting us since January. It did not just magically arrive two weeks ago, contrary to what many would have us believe. How could it have, us being so close to the USA? I was on the malecón on Monday when a funeral for Chapala's 4th victim of the Covid-19 virus was taking place. I spoke with the family, they told me that the deceased was a lady in her late 60's who had suffered many years from diabetes, they said the government had included her death on the Covid-19 list for the region, but they assured me that she had died from diabetes not Covid. So, is it possible that the virus in this area has become so entrenched in the population that anybody that dies and also tests positive for the virus, they immediately and automatically claim they died from Covid? All we can do is just sit back and watch the drama play out.
  17. Yes, I am aware of that, South Korea and Japan have done very well. They have a highly educated population that hold great regard and trust in their government and public officials. Mexico is not like those countries, and apparently out neighbor to the North is not going to cooperate either. Some parts of Europe did ok, not great, many parts of Europe had astronomical high mortality rates even after maintaining a super strict quarantine, approximating to almost a near police state. Just to leave your small apartment you needed to acquire a government issued permit to just go out to buy food. And yet, the news tells us it is beginning another round of surging through out the populations around the world. I guess, if we completely close off the entire planet and mandate all souls to remain in their homes for two years minimum, I guess it is possible to completely eradicate the virus, but even that ludicrous idea is up for debate. The percentage of deaths is so incredibly low in comparison to the population at large, what would we even benefit from doing that? And it will obviously just rebound and begin to surge again once people begin to leave their homes again. Yes, there is a small percentage of people that have long lasting long-term effects from the virus. The percentage is very low off course. I remember back in May that they were saying that children were dying from the virus. Two weeks ago an Al-Jazeera article came out saying that (they are extremely leftist by the way), yes, children had died from Coronavirus, but so far only 3 kids had died in the US since January. There is a lot of opinionated and hysterical news articles out there, on a daily basis to read, if you could just get past the opinions and the noise from the journalists and just focus on the data they provide, the data will tell an entirely different narrative. For example, the CDC hasn't openly stated it as of yet, but if you read their data, the data says that the mortality rate in the USA is at .4%. So, that means that less than 99% of the people that become infected with the virus in the USA will die. Try to put all the figures into perspective and please ignore the hysteria and the noise.
  18. Yes Mudgirl, the obvious truth is sad, very sad. My post was sad. But there is nothing you or I or we can do to stop what is happening on the ground. Most assuredly the virus is going to and will do what is has set out to do. There is nothing we can do, short of even turning Jalisco into a police state with the military on every block will reverse the direction that the virus is taking, it has gone way too far. We must accept reality.
  19. Truly terrifying, but ain't it the undeniable truth? Why sugar coat it?
  20. Of all the enlightened and intelligent people on this board, does anybody here truly and honestly believe that they are going to find a cure or develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus? If you research, you will most likely learn that the Coronavirus has been around for decades and that it is very close cousins with the Common Flu, different but yet very similar in many ways. The reason why it is often times called the Novel Coronavirus is because the mutation out today is a new mutation of the virus not because the virus is new. The coronavirus like all other viruses are constantly mutating and changing. In fact, currently, scientists are saying that the more it seems to mutate, the more weaker it is becoming, for now at least. The news only wants to talk about the surge of about how the virus is running rampant through the population, more and more people are becoming infected at alarming rates. I believe that is true, very true and unavoidable. But they are not talking about the death toll, the death toll has dropped astronomically in recent weeks. I was just reading an article about Sweden, the country that refused to close down. Their death rate was 5 times higher than their Scandinavian sisters but the past few weeks their death rate has dropped to insignificant amounts, less than 6 a day are dying, less so than their neighbors who actually shut down. Does anybody even believe that this virus is going away in the near future? Most scientists are now saying that the virus is most likely going to be the new normal and will not be going away anytime soon. Well, there are a group of people that believe that the virus will just simply disappear very very soon, who are those people? Trump and his supporters are the only people that believe the virus is just going to magically disappear very very soon. After decades and decades of trying we have yet to discover a cure or reliable vaccine for the Common Flu. The flu mutates rapidly every couple of months, just like the Coronavirus. Every year they attempt to make vaccines, by guessing which mutations will be in the general public each winter, their accuracy rate is roughly 50% each year at preventing it. Some years, it prevents more deaths and other years it barely works at all. Why do you think a Coronavirus vaccine will be any different? Even Fauci and all the other leading experts have serious doubts about creating a viable vaccine anytime in the near future. I guess what I am trying to say is that if the shutting down of the country didn't work the first time around when very few people even had the virus, what makes you think it will work the second time around after it has been surging rampantly through the population? Sweden found out that those that are susceptible to the virus, those that are going to die will die and nothing will prevent it. In Sweden those that were sick and susceptible have mostly all died, sad as it is, but nothing else could be done. Now their death rate is at almost zero. Don't you realize that the disease isn't going anywhere, the only thing the quarantine does is kill the economy and the lives of the young, but it isn't saving anybody, it is just drawing out the inevitable, sooner or later all those that are susceptible will eventually get it, it is just buying time, but time for what? A cure that will never materialize? Eventually, everybody will have to come out of their sanitized bubble to get money from the ATM or to go shopping for something, you will be in contact with the Coronavirus, the infection rate is already so high, there is no way to reverse it. It is just a matter of time. Closing down Jalisco again will do nothing to reverse the damage, it is only putting off the unavoidable. The virus has to and will most definitely run its course through the general population, whether you like it or not. Another shut down will not protect you or save you, it will only hurt the poor people and the young. If you are susceptible to the virus, you are most assuredly going to get it, in the long run, just like all of us. Just like the flu runs through most of the population each winter.
  21. Let me just start off by saying that México is a beautiful, wonderful, and culturally fascinating country. With all its beauty, attractions, history and wonders it is still a developing country. Not 3rd world like El Salvador or Nicaragua but still years behind first world countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and much of Europe. Most people do not immigrate or expat here thinking that I am going to México to give my child a top notch, the most highly advanced education possible. Yes, very good education is available for the upper class here, but it will cost you a pretty peso and the foreign child might just miss out on what it is like to live in the real México. Many people move here with the sole purpose, knowledge, and understanding that their children will most likely not be attending Ivy League schools while in México, they move here because they believe and understand that exposing their children to a new and exotic culture and having them be fully immersed into a foreign language and culture will benefit them in the long-run and will change their lives, for the good. My personal opinion is that bilingual schools do not benefit English speaking students in the least, the English spoken is poor and often times damaging to the already fluent kids, the sole purpose of the bilingual schools is to benefit and to teach English to the Spanish speaking children. If an English speaking child begins his Mexican education in a bilingual school, he or she will might likely begin to hang out with mostly advanced English speaking Mexicans and his learning of Spanish will most likely never reach its potential. He will begin to rely on the English speaking children to be his friends and translators. My opinion would be to send them to an all Spanish speaking school for the first year to two years, allow them to become totally fluent and immersed in Spanish and to develop self confidence with the language, than later if you choose to pursue a higher level of education in the bilingual schools, your child will be in a better position to thrive. By the way, most secondary and preparatory schools in México have the mandatory robotics classes. A child younger than 12 years old would be quicker at picking up fluent Spanish, but in all honesty, 12 years old is a perfect age to learn Spanish. The older they get the harder to develop a native level of proficiency in the language. If you put a 12 year old in an all Spanish speaking school, he most likely will become a native speaker by the time he reaches High School or Preparatory as it is called down here. I wish the best of luck to you and your child, just remember that there are many options when it comes to educating your expat children down here at Lakeside. All in all, there are many many expat children living down here, and most are spread out in the many private schools down here. I have no possible way of knowing how many expat kids live here, but my guess is that it is at least over a hundred kids or more. Many are also home schooled, but I will always recommend immersing them in an all Spanish speaking school in their initial years here so they can make friends and learn the language and culture of México.
  22. I took it that he meant that in another week the only traffic will be the many funeral homes picking up the bodies.
  23. If you think its important for your child to learn Spanish, I would think twice about putting my child in a billingual school where most kids are fluent in English. It will slow down their drive and ability to learn Spanish if they can just fall on English anytime they want. We have raised 1 American born child down here (currently in HS now) and now we are raising the 8 year old sibling who is currently in Decroly. Our HS student went to Loyola and we were pleased with it. But before that he did his elementary years at all Spanish speaking Colegio Chapala. He later went to Loyola and now is in the Chapala Regional High School which is run by the Unversidad de Guadalajara. I knew if he had gone to a billingual school it would have taken him longer to learn Spanish.
  24. There is an interesting documentary on youtube about a grocery store in London that experimenting with a zero plastic policy for all their products. When plastic is required they use only natural plant fibre packaging that slightly resembles plastic but is 100% biodegradable. Sure, prices are a little higher but it is a step in the right direction.
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