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  1. The 3 up and down the avenida in Chapala and the one on Paseo Ramón Corona (malecón) none of them have specialized parking lots, but I guess if need be you can park along the road. They service mainly pedestrian traffic and are always busy and are 24 hours except for the one next to the Beer Garden which closes at midnight. Since they have them all over México I am sure some of them are in even more difficult to access streets for delivery and some how they have managed. When there is a will there is a way, always.
  2. Sincerally, thanks for the correction.
  3. Shoot, come out tonight, Sunday's are great to hear mariachis.
  4. They are always playing live during the evenings, daily on the Chapala malecón. If you are not lucky enough to run into them when they already have been hired by a large group to play 5 songs oe more, just negotiate with them to find out how much they charge per song. It is a very enjoyable experience listening on the malecón with the lake as back ground.
  5. Yeah, i know they keep it moored there, I just don't understand whey they don't sail it up and down the lake like they used to.
  6. What about the Batur cruise ship, I haven't seen it in years since the days it used to dock in Chapala. I would really love to know what is up with that ship. I never see it come down near Chapala anymore, and I'm on the malecón almost daily. Jocotepec also has the Fiesta boat. That could be an option to watch the sunset.
  7. If you go to mercadolibre.com and search for monedas de plata libertad de una onza you will get a lot of hits. Many are going for 500 pesos a piece which is around US $25.
  8. Google drain flies, they like to hang out in bathrooms. I have them too, now that I recall. They are really small and blackish looking. According to wikipedia there are many many varieties, some looking almost moth like. The ones I have are very small, gnat size.
  9. Could they be the local bobos that usually come out in the summer and swarm the malecón and sidewalks in town?
  10. I never said that medicines or big Pharma was all bad and evil, it is a business like all others. If you need an antibiotic by all means, go get one, if you feel depressed or manic and the medicine they give you stabilizes you, by all means, there is nothing wrong with taking it if you need to. The only thing I was pointing out was that sometimes doctors hand out pills as if they were candy when then can sometimes be avoided. In the US, kids that are unruly and show signs of ADHD, often times they drug them up with Ridlin or similar stuff, when if left untreated many times they will outgrow it. When in pain, by all means get pain medication. Mental illness is a science still in progress, you can not do a blood test to determine if she or he is bipolar or schizophrenic, it is the opinion of the doctor and he alone determines which drug and how much to take to stabilize the person. Sometimes it works other times it does not or only works for 6 months and the drug cocktail must be changed. Diabetes often times is caused by bad diet and often times can be corrected by diet. But each individual is unique and must determine what works best for them. There are many pharmacies here that will treat you for free or close to it (if you promise to buy your prescriptions from them), I went to Similiares once when I had bronquitis and the doctor prescribed me like 5 different medicines, an antibiotic, a nasal spray, a decongestant and god knows what else, and I was thinking all I what is an antibiotic. Of course medicine is lifesaving and big pharma saves millions of lives, but it is also a business and money making. Often times their are alternatives that work and sometimes not. That is all I was trying to say. When a young person begins to suffer from mental illness, I believe you should at least attempt alternatives first before getting them hooked on strong heavy pharmaceuticals that may or may not help him or her, long term, and will also possibly cause addiction and health problems down the line. I have all ready been down that road with my sister and it did not turn out so great. Always listen to what your doctor says, and then fully research it with an open heart yourself later, read everything and anything about the topic and go from their. Doctors are not gods, and with the information of the internet we can now be better informed about newer forms of treatment that even your doctor may not be aware of.
  11. I have never seen a psychiatrist or therapist in my life but I have family and friends who have. And usually their preferred method is drug you out with big pharma to mask your symptoms instead of trying to cure you.
  12. Well many of the doctors and psychiatrists here do tend to be old school and tend to be pill pushers. So, a word of warning. Pharmaceuticals don't always have your best interests in mind. Its all about the $$.
  13. Yet you forgot to post the date of his memorial on this forum, and yet you come here to fuss at us for forgetting or not knowing to attend? Wow!
  14. The sirens were loud and obvious in Chapala, I just live a block over from Avenida Madero and heard all the commotion so I decided to take my usual nightly walk along the malecón. It was only the arrival of Santa Claus accompanied by his entourage of Coca-Cola trucks with Christmas banners on reminding el pueblo that Santa drinks only Coca-cola and nothing else accept for the occasional spiked egg-nog.
  15. How would you google that? You would just get old news articles talking about shoot outs that ocurred years ago.
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