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  1. I guess the real question is, how many different varieties of "lirio" float on Lake Chapala and how many have the classic purple flower?
  2. If the bank is called Ve Por Más which means Go For More Bank, I just want to know who is going for more, the owners of the bank or the people that happen to bank with it.
  3. To find Celeste's mini nursery, walk north on Madero on the left side, walk to the Surtidor grocery store, keep going a few doors up until you see a pastelería or cake shop, it is the next shop. Arrive before 3, she has early hours. She has perejil among several other herbs. But in all honesty, most nurseries including our Walmart usually carry potted herbs.
  4. Its much more than a cremería. Talking about the one in Chapala behind the mercado, its more like a mini Super Lake that also has homemade soft baked pretzels among other baked goods. So, I'm sure Gourmet Garage will be big hit if it is owned by the same guy as the Cremería Mi Ranchito.
  5. Pedro, I do not pretend to keep track of every thread that has come out in the past couple of weeks or months, nor do I read them all, as not all are pertinent or of interest to me at the time. And neither did I start this thread, I just merely asked a simple innocent question on an already current thread. The other day some one asked me about the ophthamologist at Quality Care so when I saw this post I figured I'd ask, nothing more nothing less. This ain't elementary school and we don't need constant condescending lecturing on this board.
  6. Pedro, tienes toda la razón. But information is always changing. What's wrong with getting the best up to date information?
  7. Has anybody had any experiences with Dra Mariana Díaz Sálazar at Quality Care?
  8. Line up folks, get the Coronavirus vaccine, it is finally here! But for me, I think I will just wait a year or two. Why does the vaccine suddenly sound scarier than contracting the Coronavirus?
  9. We have both, but we get scam calls mostly on the magic jack.
  10. Many of us expats here have Vonage and Magic Jack. So, probably yes. We get this Indian guy that calls almost every morning to tell us our computer is sending out error signals, he just needs our credit card number to properly diagnose the problem.
  11. Since it has been widely reported in the press that Coronavirus testing is not always very accurate and that many many false positives have been reported, I wonder how many of those 52 people really had Coronavirus.
  12. My keyboard works with Alt Gr and I hit Q at the same time. If nothing seems to work just google at symbol and copy and paste one.
  13. Yes gringohombre, you are correct. But most people here have a smallish simple yard and prefer to employ the small guy who really needs the money.
  14. I would never compare a gardener to a plumber anyways it is a lot easier to carry a monkey wrench around than a lawn mower and a weed eater. Many gardeners don't make the money to afford all those expensive tools and a truck to carry them around. We have always provided the tools and have been fortunate to have them take good care if them.
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