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  1. There might be several 711's along the carretera but the only 711 in Chapala Centro that I know about is the one a block up from Coppel all others are Oxxo's. Yes Oxxo has won the war.
  2. For a split second I thought you were going to speak about the miraculous benefits of peacock manure as fertilizer for plants. Haha.
  3. I think you are referring to Cremería Mi Ranchito which is behind the plaza or better said behind the Mercado Municipal on the corner of López Cotilla and Júarez streets.
  4. I would love to hear you speak Spanish. That would be the true test of how Mexicano you really are jaja.
  5. Something tells me that Bobby Brown is not a naturely born Mexican citizen. Just an American who escaped.
  6. Just type into google San Carlos Forum. It should be the first entry that pops up.
  7. I'm sure the Anerican Legion in Chapala would except them. They have an English library.
  8. Is anybody else experiencing a blackout?
  9. Only on Chapala.com can a thread go from talking about flying crittters to old critters after just a few posts. Haha
  10. Total Play is already available in Chapala. We've had it for the past 2 months here in downtown Chapala. And we've had almost zero problems so far, knock on wood.
  11. Locally we like the quality of casther paint. Sherwin Williams is probably the best followed by Casther in my oppinion. Just don't go with Comex their paint fades terribly in the sun and is the worst.
  12. My mother orders books from Amazon USA from time to time and deliver straight to our house with zero problems.
  13. Aren't most notary's recognized internationally?
  14. I would be interested in knowing how Brisas de Chapala compares and contrasts to Chapala Haciendas. Since they are basically so close to each other, what are their differences and their pros and cons.
  15. June bugs are the big green ones, the smaller brownish ones are called May Beetles. And yes its May so they are out in full force. https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-americamovil-mx-revc&q=May+beetles&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgVeLUz9U3SEkrKLQ04sgqzUtVSCpNP8XIBRI1KiyyyC2HccyKc1KyTzEi1EPZJkVphVlQRWVVJZUZRVAJs3LDAgOohHFeeaWFEZRjVpVdmFz1iHEPE7fAyx_3hKU2MU1ac_Ia42omLgGf_Pzi1JzKoNScxJLUlJB8ISsuNte8ksySSiEpLh4pDrCNBmlJGgxSXFxwnpEIF69-ur6hYbZZdnJGikWBwPwH0xiFmhi5uINTS0LyffNTMtMqhYqFCrk4fVNzk1KLiv3ThEK4uJzzc3JSk0sy8_OE3LiUpOT0k-EC-sk5icXFqcXx-WnxmXnFQMFioKUKXATUKHEFgZ1lXFZiYMWkwagUZuS-69K0c2yOgvNmMTCIbfV1kNLUEuJi9yz2yU9OzBGM3jk5vtDuvb2WMBdHSGJFfl5-bqXg6Vtn7P__f2-vxMkZVMExXVInwl6L4QAjU9O-FYfYWDgYBRh4FrFy-yZWKiSlppbkpBZPYGMEADJi-r_NAQAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjc6qbgrNTwAhUHY6wKHVafA5gQ-BYwOnoECAIQLA&cshid=1621379362147&biw=412&bih=734&dpr=1.75
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