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  1. Floradude said the eggs were libre de jaula, I guess those hens were having some hanky panky while out of their cages. But yeah, that is not a good way to wake up in the morning, and kind of traumatizing.
  2. I believe the OP is not looking for catarinas, she is looking for catrinas in doll or figurine form. For the ladybug, I have always heard them locally referred to as mariquitas.
  3. Computerguy, you are just going to get all the newcomers confused! ūüėĀ
  4. For those interested, you can read about it here: http://semanariolaguna.com/46081/
  5. In all honesty, we people at Lakeside are some what pampered and bitchy. If it is a 5 minute drive or 10 minutes or 15. Everything is super close here. What is the argument? Be it 5 or 10 or 15 min max, everything at Lake Chapala is fairly close. People living in the states would laugh their arses off listening to us old boring farts complaining about a 10 or 15 minute streatch of a 2 lane highway with almost zero traffic (the Mezcala Hwy). Life here is wonderful, if you don't believe me, take a trip up North.
  6. happyjillan, could that purro possibly be a churro or as they say in Espa√Īa, una porra? Have fun indulging.
  7. My opinion is and will always be to bring her down, let her spend a month or so in the area, show her how cool and awesome life is down here. Visit the local Preparatory schools, there are many private ones with high school age kids with a good healthy hand full of expat kids attending, go visit the big high school in Chapala. Spend time on the facebook pages for the young people in Chapala. Maybe, she will hate it. Maybe, she will learn to love this area like so many others. There seriously are so many activities to offer down here. You are not moving to a small country town in North Carolina (hey that's where I am from) this area is actually really fun and cool! Who ever said that a teen would die from boredom down here ain't been to rural America before. This area is pretty cool and the big city of Guadalajara is just 45 mins down the road. Every child is different. She will either hate it here and hate you, but will thank you 10 years down the road for bringing here down here or she will love it straight off the bat.
  8. In all honesty, you need to look up the definition of playing the race card, I believe two members of this forum have already beat me to it by blatantly stating that Caucasian girls would not be safe here at Lake Chapala or that they would not feel comfortable here. Go back and reread the previous posts. I just found those comments ridiculous and repulsive to say the least. Even though the g√ľeros may make up only 15 or so percent of the local Mexican population, that still equates to thousands of Caucasian Mexicans living on the North shore and I seriously doubt they feel unsafe and uncomfortable living here. Please, explain this, I didn't quite understand: "Dependable reply when the majority doesn't think the way you do." I think well over half the commentators agreed that it is a swell idea to bring a child or teen down to live and expose them to the wonderful Mexican culture.
  9. I heard that it is now back at its original location across from Soriana finally.
  10. What is up with the racist sounding comments suggesting that caucasian girls would not feel comfortable or be safe at Lakeside? Last time I checked, a good large number of the Mexican children and teens are what I would consider to be caucasian whites with blue eyes to boot. Sure, there aren't many that look Scandinavian, but many are of European ancestry in this part of M√©xico. Locally, they are affectionately called g√ľeros and g√ľeras, and they seem to be doing just fine, living comfortably and safely along the lake.
  11. Well, there are plenty of expat kids in the area and a good handful in the Chapala Preparatory School here, my nephew included. The only caveat being that most were brought down when they were younger and were given time to assimilate. There are also plenty of Mexican-American children here who were forced to relocate back to México and also are having to learn Spanish. Also, many Mexican highschool age kids can speak pretty decent English. 16 is a difficult age but I also see the many benefits that a teenager will get from living abroard for several years. And regarding drugs and violence, my opinion is that it is much worse for kids in the States than down here.
  12. Well, in México where things are not well regulated or enforced, all things are possible. Yes, they currently are not issuing reciprocal licenses to foreigners. But those who operate under their US license are doing so under the radar. And so far no repercussions that I have yet to hear of. Even with a giant beam mounted on a tower on the third floor no problem yet. Do what you feel comfortable doing. People drive without a driver license here daily. When you are caught you get fined or you buy them a good lunch. And life goes on. It ain't all perfect, but welcome to México.
  13. What makes you think the cruel home owner was gringo and what makes you think our very very small population of foreigners should even mess with what has been established as the official standard of wages in this part of México? When a gringo thinks that THEIR maid or gardener deserves to receive a 5 o 6 times increase in wages, more than what is paid to the average worker, how is that really helping things? Paying a local worker US standard pay has the potential to do more harm then good to the other average middle class Mexicans who also need a maid and gardener but can only pay them a fair steady salary by local standards. Some are creating much resentment and boasting where it is not needed. And nor is it fair to the Mexican community as a whole. Think guys, think!
  14. Ojal√° comes directly from the Arabic Inshallah, may God/Allah grant it. And yes RVGringo, much of Spanish has been influenced more or less by Arabic. In fact, to say Allah in Spanish is Al√°, so now you can see how it is pertaining to Allah. An interesting You Tube video that shows a Speaker of Spanish and a speaker of Arabic comparing the two languages is this:
  15. Yeah, the title got to me too. I couldn't figure out why they'd be sending Mexican women to a coop. I was thinking maybe it was un centro de rehabilitación or something similar. That now they were putting them in coops to save money on building materials.
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