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  1. Try the Vida Verde store. I think they can sell you what you want. I'm not hundred percent sure but I think I remember them doing just that in their Chapala location on Júarez Street a block below the plaza.
  2. Its before Parque Milagros. If you remember the old Brisas restaurant and where they sold the beads and patio furniture and did uphostery mountain side. It is just before that. Its a very large and nice looking building that is clearly marked with Pancho's Market on top.
  3. Pancho's Market is in Riberas on your right, lake side, right before you start coming into Chapala.
  4. A cicida is basically just a plain old cicada but only after a few rums and coke.
  5. As in not tommorrow. But in the future hopefully yes. This week they are concentrating on getting teachers vaccinated so they can finally get the kids back in school.
  6. Yeah after living 10 years here, regardless when the rainbirds start singing the rains always start on the 2nd week of June.
  7. Your Raw Story article is a totally different article with totally different information. It never mentions the MIT study that suggests that 6 feet distancing is waste of time. Yours only talks about facemasks.
  8. The study they quoted was done at MIT. It is just one of the top articles on Yahoo news. They have a wide assortment of articles from differenr sources of course and many are from liberal sources as well.
  9. Just you wait, that is coming up next because you basically just requested it ha ha.
  10. Here is an interesting article that came out today. https://www.businessinsider.com/6-ft-social-distancing-rule-exposure-indoors-2021-4 So many of the things that the top scientists and the WHO and the CDC have been saying changes daily and weekly. Apparently, now they are saying that 6 feet appart indoors does nothing to stop the spread of Covid. All those rediculous lines we have been standing in all this time has been an utter waste of time. And preventing children and old people from entering into stores was a total disgrace that helped no one.
  11. When our rainy season starts up most of our cicadas go silent except for the odd ball rebel that didn't get the memo.
  12. And Mudgirl I wasn't explaining to you the nature of cicadas, I was explaining the behavior and maybe some local lore about the cicadas here at Lake Chapala. Because back home in North Carolina our local cicadas were never thought of as calling for or predicting the rains, they tended to squelch all freaking summer, unlike here.
  13. It is just a cutesy term that we Lakesiders have adopted, because here they seem slightly different than the ones NOB that tend to scream all summer. You don't even live here why would it bother you if many expats choose to call them by a term that is known only to Lake Chapala?
  14. Mudgirl, rainbirds is just a term that expats on Lake Chapala use to refer to cicadas since they seem to call weeks before the rainy season. As if beackoning the arrival of the summer rains. And as the rains begin they mostly go silent till the following season. The locals in Spanish just call them cigarras. They laugh when I tell them that many gringos in Chapala refer to them as los pájaros de lluvia.
  15. Is that the same place as Furniture For Less?
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