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  1. Ojalá comes directly from the Arabic Inshallah, may God/Allah grant it. And yes RVGringo, much of Spanish has been influenced more or less by Arabic. In fact, to say Allah in Spanish is Alá, so now you can see how it is pertaining to Allah. An interesting You Tube video that shows a Speaker of Spanish and a speaker of Arabic comparing the two languages is this:
  2. Yeah, the title got to me too. I couldn't figure out why they'd be sending Mexican women to a coop. I was thinking maybe it was un centro de rehabilitación or something similar. That now they were putting them in coops to save money on building materials.
  3. Otis, in all honesty, there is not very much of a gay scene, so to speak of, in this area. But there are lots of gays and gay couples, and many expats here are gay, there are also African American gays here, male and female. Most gays, when they want to go out, they just go to the normal bars where everyone else hangs out at, and the gays just intermingle and are very well tolerated, loved, and accepted around here and in México in general. I seriously doubt you will experience any racism at all here in México, just look on youtube Black in México, you will not have any problems down here. The people, in general, are very awesome! If you need a night out in the city, to perhaps, visit scores of gay bars for a change of scenery, Guadalajara is the place to be and is just an hour down the road and is considered by many as being the San Francisco of México for having the largest and most vibrant gay nightlife. Spend some time in the area, if you find it totally boring and detestable, just head over to Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta, the gayest beach town in México.
  4. In the last 2 years we have had a considerable wave of immigrants moving to this area. Many of those immigrants are American retirees coming for various reasons. The so called "Mexican Honeymoon" can last around 2 years más o menos. That is when they decide whether they love or hate México. Often, there are many that will conclude that Lakeside is too noisy or congested for their likes. We have not had any major crime wave, nothing like back in 2011 when some left the area in fear. I think people will continue coming to this area, be them Mexicans or expats. I see this area continuing to grow. For the good or the bad.
  5. Were you asking for plumeria or frangipani? I doubt they would know the latter name.
  6. Also, known locally as plumeria. Any nursery should have them.
  7. You are in México, the possibilities are endless. México has so many truly beautiful and interesting destinations within a 6 or 7 hour bus ride. México is more beautiful in the summer because it is so green. If its your first time traveling I would recommend Guanajuato either before or after the Cervantino festival, if its your first time there, and you want to see the city and not so much the festival, when it is not innundated with billions of people. Morelia and Pátzcuaro are easy seconds. Zacatecas is a true gem of a place but bring your sweaters. Few tourists ever go there but it is up there with Guanajuato for gorgeous colonial cities in my opinion. Querétaro is also a wonderful city to explore and full of history. Each city that I have mentioned will look and feel totally unique and different from each other. Have fun traveling.
  8. My father has Blue Cross Blue Sheild, a couple of years ago he needed a hernia surgery and after they noticed he required a pace maker. It was preaproved by BC/BS. The surgery was done at the Mexico-Americano hospital in Guadalajara. When it was time to pay, it was kind of an ordeal. BC/BS didn't want to pay, they pretended like they weren't notified prior, which was a lie, but after a few phone calls they eventually paid for all of it. Insurance companies are such crooks!
  9. https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/cigarrillo-electrónico-vaporizador
  10. And if you want a larger selection, just order one off MercadoLibre. And by the way, when did they become ilegal? I see people around smoking them all the time.
  11. There are two smoke shops in Chapala, both on Hidalgo. The one next to El Árbol del Café has them. And the other one across the street, called the Smokehouse or something similar, might but its new and I haven't been there yet. The store in the Chapala plaza next to the Cucumber restaurant (the one with the ugly green trolls out front) usually has e-cigs.
  12. When I lived in the US, I always bought my contacts from 1 800 Contacts. But to buy contacts from there or anywhere in the US you need a current eye prescription. There is a company in the UK that regularly ships contacts to customers in the US without the need for a prescription. It is Vision Direct. Has anybody tried to order contacts from them to be sent to Mexico? They ship them to the States. Or where is the best place here to get contacts? Thanks.
  13. By the way, Ajijic is not the North shore, it is only a small village among many.
  14. Gixellia, to just be fair and honest. The North shore of Lake Chapala is rapidly becoming crowed and over populated just because gringos find the area attractive or because both gringos and Mexicanos find the area attractive, plus people from all over the world? Honestly, los tapatíos are buying nice houses all over the area here, like crazy. I live in Chapala, which is the most famous town on the lake and most of the people moving here are Mexicans. Very few gringos live here. I'm just trying to put things in a more balanced perspective. And if the South shore is slowly being built up, it's not the gringos doing it, since only a small handfull even live there.
  15. Some people should NOT get on this forum after happy hour, the tequila just makes them mean and turns them into bullies.
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