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  1. There is a store a couple shops down from the 711 in Chapala that sells imported American clothes and I think they also have dress shirts for men. Its worth to check out at least.
  2. Ask at the Gardening Center or at Vida Verde store they might know.
  3. Actually I am interested in visiting Orizaba, Veracruz a good sized town up in the Veracruz highlands where its always cool and green. You tube videos make Orizaba look rather tempting to visit with few expats to boot. I would think that things would be dramatically cheaper there too.
  4. I used to live high up in the Venezuelan Andés when I was younger in the city of San Cristóbal in the state of Táchira. I obviously wouldn't want to live there now with all their problems but I hear that Medellín has similar weather. I remember the weather being fantastic, never too hot and never too cold. It rained nearly daily most evenings for 30 mins or so. The surrounding Andés mountains were green year round. Their weather was much better than here with low humidity too due to altitude. The weather stayed the same all here with little variance in temperatures, nearly always springtime weather, much more so than here but without the mildewy damp feeling you get in Boquete Panamá or in Cuenca. I hear that Cuenca is pretty wet and cold most the time.
  5. Don't worry when the rains do come the 2nd week or so of June, the weather tends to cool down. The summers on the lake are actually many people's favorite time of year. All the mountains turn green, the weather is mostly cool, pleasant and often times overcast with overall fairly low humidity.
  6. Thanks I will look them up and read about it.
  7. I never thought that censoring and silencing people should ever be done. But moderators if you don't act soon the insane and the drunken will be the nail in the coffin to this forum. Please do something!
  8. Bobby Brown are we answering and responding to our own posts now?
  9. Also about that human trafficking that Mudgirl expounded on. Yes it unfortunately exists everywhere. But I am curious about where much of the Mexican human traffickers are trafficking these humans? Could it possibly be to el Norte y el más allá?
  10. Ok I just spoke with a cholo friend of mine and he confirmed that there was a shooting the day before yesterday up in the Plaza de Toro neighborhood. One guy was shot. According to US standards thats hardly a shootout. It sounds more like one bad guy was sent out to kill another bad guy. If occasional incidents like that frighten you here, living back in the States should truly terrify you.
  11. I still want to know more about that shootout that Luvsdawgs says happened yesterday in Chapala. I live downtown and haven't heard anything or read anything about it. Not saying it didn't happen but my guess is it happened in one of the more rougher neighborhoods up on the hill somewhere.
  12. Jim Bowie, in all seriousness the poor air quality has a lot also to do with topography. Large mega cities surrounded by high a$$ mountains with no where for the pollution to go. That little fact should be measured in the equation. Los Angeles is another example.
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