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  1. dichosalocura

    Best Month to Visit the "Real" Chapala

    If by Chapala area, you mean Lake Chapala and its North shore, then yes, it is more expensive here then in many other parts of México, minus the beach towns. Cancún, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta, among others, are quite a bit more expensive than here. But on the North shore, the Ajijic area is the most expensive and most crowded part of the region. The city of Chapala is cheaper and not as crowed with expats. I live here and hardly even notice the couple extra snow birds on the streets of Chapala during our short winter. It is still mostly Mexican here. Expats aren't so numerous here. You see a few here and there, walking around, but nothing like you see in Ajijic. The rentals are less available here but cheaper when you find one. Walking in Chapala is more pleasant and easier, due to our flatter, wider, and smoother streets. Check out both cities, of course. There was a recent thread about renting with pets in the high season, you can search for it. I think the consensus was that it isn't as hard as people initially think it will be to find. Weather wise, it is wonderful here all year except March through the first two weeks of June. The best time is July through mid November in my humble opinion because of the comfortable temperatures and the lush greenery everywhere. By mid November everything is becoming brown and dry and it is starting to feel quite chilly for us full timers. Good luck on your visit.
  2. Oh well, I guess that this thread is going to get shut down because of the nasty people. But honestly, I seriously doubt that this gas shortage has anything to do with a nefarious socialist agenda, but everything to do with a new government attempting to put the brakes on criminal organizations from stealing the people's natural resources. Yes it sucks! And, yes, I hope they can find a durable solution, and soon!
  3. Has anybody tried to prevent salitre by making long cuts in the plaster above the base boards to give the moisture an excape exit instead of climbing up your walls and causing salitre. Our contractor Gustavo has recommended this approach claiming that it is successful 90% of the time. I just wanted to know who else has tried this remedy, and did it eliminate much of the salitre problems. Thanks in advance.
  4. dichosalocura

    Dengue update

    There are still some mosquitoes around my house in Chapala. In previous years by now most of the mosquitoes would of died off, but this year they seem to be lingering. I owe it to the fact that although we've had some pretty chilly daytime temperatures this year but the nights have not been extremely frigid. As in previous years. This season, I haven't needed two sweaters and a heavy coat to just sit on the malecón at night. Just a long sleeve shirt and a jacket has been sufficient for most nights.
  5. dichosalocura

    Oaxacan handmade bed spreads?

    Thanks again bmh, I will keep looking. Yeah, maybe colourful wasn't the right word but they certainly were pretty and unique from a gringo perspective. If and when I locate those guys, the bed spreads or blankets will be christmas presents.
  6. dichosalocura

    Oaxacan handmade bed spreads?

    Ok thanks, yes, I am looking for the ones that the guys that are selling from the little carts, I used to see them almost daily on the Chapala malecón, but I guess they are hanging out more in Ajijic these days. The ones I've seen have had mandalas and other cool designs on them and they looked colorful and beautiful to me. This summer I ate at the Garden Restaurant on the Ajijic plaza and spotted that they had set up a table that looked like it had a huge selection of them. I think it was sitting in front of the Casa de Cultura. I guess that is no longer there now. I'll have to search them out in Ajijic now. Thanks again! In Chapala they were selling the queen sized ones for around 600 pesos. I wonder what they will cost in Ajijic, and how much would something similar cost in one of those boutique like stores.
  7. This summer in the Ajijic plaza next to the Garden Restaurant, there was a table selling a large variety of beautifully made Oaxacan artisanal bed spreads. I live in Chapala and see them occasionally selling smaller selections of them on the malecón. But now I want to buy two of them, and everytime I have the money to buy them on the weekends, I can't find them, but everytime I go down and don't have the money, I run into them. So, my question is, is that table that was selling them in the Ajijic plaza, this summer, still there? Thanks.
  8. dichosalocura

    Forewarning for Tomorrow Morning

    There is a cohete factory in the neighborhood behind Coppel. They had an explosion and a fire there a few years ago where it was rumored that an infant baby died in the fire. But it was strange, living downtown Chapala, I don't remember being bothered much my the cohetes this morning, I just slept through them, I don't even recall even hearing them. This was the quietest Día de Guadalupe I ever remember. So, someone mentioned on here, that it was the bishop that told them to tone it down this year? It would have had to be the bishop in Guadalajara, since Chapala does not have a cathedral, hence does not have a bishop, so did he tell them to go easy on the cohetes all over the state of Jalisco?
  9. Just a friendly warning. Tomorrow is the 12th of December which is the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. For those unfamiliar with this day, it means its time to look for those ear plugs and an extra sleeping pill perhaps. I don't know how it goes in Ajijic, but in Chapala, explosions and rockets will begin at 6 am usually, they are extremely loud and may last over an hour or longer. So be forewarned. Lots of parties are going on tonight for the Patroness of México. Have a blessed day tomorrow, folks!
  10. dichosalocura

    Gas Heater

    If you are unable to find one locally, go to Home Depot in Guadalajara, they will have them there. Ours has a gas tank, like for a gas grill, that just sits in the back and you can just wheel it from room to room. On average, two tanks or so, usually gets us through the winter.
  11. dichosalocura

    Interesting Experience at Farmacia Mascaras

    I don´t know exactly which pharmacy the OP was referring to, but here in Chapala many people claim to get the best prices at the Farmacia Ahuacatlán, right across from Santander Bank. And Ahorros Pharmacy right before the bus station is another option for good low prices.
  12. dichosalocura

    Napa Cabbage

    They have quite a few nice looking ones at Super Lake as of today at least. I bought a huge head of napa cabbage for 78 pesos, they even had bok choy. Try cutting off the bottom and placing it in a bowl of shallow water for a few days on your counter top near sun light (changing the water daily, but remember, too much water will cause it to rot) until you start to see some growth, then plant it into a pot with potting soil. You can easily re-grow nappa cabbage. I'm doing that right now. This is the perfect season to do so.
  13. dichosalocura

    Cost to get to San Miguel?

    And if you have an INAPAM card which is the Mexican senior citizen's card, the ticket should be half price. So try that!
  14. dichosalocura

    grey water for irrigation

    What about the usage of hand soap, dish detergent and laundry detergent, does any of those have any harmful effects on your plants? Would you also feel good about routing it to a vegetable garden, or just only on floral plants and trees? Just curious, sounds interesting, but all those detergents sound like they could possibly have some negative effects without having a way to filter them first.
  15. dichosalocura

    Chapala Cops Lead By Example

    I find it appalling and unprofessional for cops to disrespect handicapped parking. But I also find it appalling to expect that those same norms and etiquette that is practiced in the north of the border society to be observed to an equal degree in a developing society. Unfortunately, on many issues, México is not on the same playing field as the USA and Denmark. That is why it is considered still a developing country. (And also, on one level, why we are all down here.) Don't worry guys, México will catch up. Just give it time. And please don't expect it to behave like where you may of come from, because it ain't gonna happen, at least not in our lifetimes, so accept and conform! Or spend your final days complaining and miserable, your choice.