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  1. It was said to be the tianguis not the mercado principal which is currently in the plaza due to renovations. The tianguis is the tianguis not to be confused with other mercaditos and tienditas. In Chapala the tianguis takes place only on Mondays and in Ajijic it takes place only on Wednesdays.
  2. And to think, that many deaths after a large percentage of Americans went and got their recommended vaccinations.
  3. In the Lourdes neighborhood in Chapala.
  4. There is lots of people selling the grains on mercado libre. I ordered some last night and will go pay at Oxxo today..
  5. Cookie, great idea, thanks. In fact I've already decided to do that.
  6. Thanks. I am currently without a car and just wanted to avoid bus travel at the moment. But thanks. I thought I'd seen signs somewhere in Chapala before indicated they sold kefir. I just can't remember where.
  7. Has anybody seen kefir for sale in Chapala anywhere. I would prefer to just stay and shop locally in Chapala for the moment. Gracias.
  8. Could it be Huele de Noche or Night Jasmin? Their fragrance is sweet and very powerfull. Also, many orange trees are in bloom now and orange blossoms smell truly amazing!
  9. Why are you freaking out so much over this coronavirus. Don't you realize that the vast majority of people that get it don't die, they just become immune to it. It doesn't seem to be so scary yet. Far more people have died from the common cold in the USA this year alone.
  10. I thought they said wearing a mask was not effective at preventing the spread of the coronavirus.
  11. Chapala also, allegedly has a new RV park somewhere above or near Brisas de Chapala fracc.
  12. I think that coronavirus and like all viruses, we should be worried about, but some people along with the main stream media are freaking out prematurely, way too much. Main stream media has announced that we should be freaking out about this new virus and that we should be following their news cast daily to learn about the mortality rate of this new virus. So far it is at 2 percent mortality rate, the common flu is 1 percent. Also, if you are following the main stream media, you would be aware of that over 10,000 Americans have already died from the common flu, this season alone, in the United States. China, with a super population way over the norm, has now had 800 to 900 people die in their super populated and crowded cities from this virus. That is extremely unfortunate for those that have died, but really, at this can we seriously say that it is more deadly than the flu virus? Only time will tell, maybe next year as it evolves, maybe we will understand it better or it will pose a greater threat. Just live your life and live it to the fullest and don´t worry so much about what the media says to earn higher ratings. Maybe we will all be dead by next year, or more likely, we will probably still be living, and on a lighter note, I just tell people that I stick to Tecate, so I don´t worry so much about the Corona Virus.
  13. Also, to really throw this conversation in a different direction, talking about borregos, in Chapala, the local people don't usually refer to the lake's pelicans as pelícanos so much as they would call them borregones or big ole sheep in English, which is my best approximation for a proper translation. Now what we need is a good recipe for pelican!
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