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  1. Unfortunately, it is true. Izzi or Wizz as the Chapala office now says on their sign is turning off everyone's service until you come down to pay to have it turned back on. If you have already paid for June, it doesn't matter because according to them you were paying Telecable, now you must come in and pay Izzi or Wizz or whoever they really are. The line in front of the Chapala office was halfway down the street. But with all the new internet and television options becoming available, they will pay highly for their incompetence.
  2. Chapala has a relatively new fishing store. I can't remember exactly where it is but I think it is on or around Morelos. Maybe someone will chime in and tell us if it even is still open.
  3. As of 10 pm tonight, so far we haven't got more than a few drops here in Chapala. But hopefully, more will come tonight.
  4. Carolina, have you tried Mercado Libre mexico? They deliver straight to your door 2 days later. Just make sure the seller has a good reputation before ordering. They have what you are looking for. I would recommend clicking on pagar en efectivo (pay in cash) and then click on at Oxxo or the 7eleven. I don't like using my credit a lot in Mexico.
  5. Oh, so you can rest at ease, the recommendation not to drive at night is not so much to avoid the cartel or "bad hombres" it is mostly to avoid hitting speed bumps, pot holes, poor road conditions (most roads are mountainous) and the frequent livestock that may and do wander on the roads at night.
  6. Profeco isn't exactly for only visitors, its to protect Mexican citizens, but anybody can use them I believe.
  7. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned CBD oil on this thread yet. Most CBD oil is really just legal hemp seed oil, unless the label says otherwise. Just 5 or 6 drops under the tongue can really relax you and allow you to acquire a deep and restful night of sleep with zero side effects and zero drugged or groggy feeling in the morning. CBD oil has been widely covered on this board discussing its potential as a non-adicctive, safe medium to get a good nights sleep. Forget about big pharma, thinking about the dangerous side effects of their drugs, alone, will keep you up all night with worry. Just google CBD oil.
  8. Yaca or jack fruit can usually be found in the Chapala tianguis.
  9. Sprinkled in Ajijic? It rained heavy here in Chapala for about 30 minutes or so. Down by the lake, Madero turned into a temporary river.
  10. In the small shops around here, that is exactly how the eggs are. All different shapes and all different shades and they aren't perfectly clean neither. You usually tell them how many you want and they place them in a small plastic bag, so be careful. If we buy eggs at Walmart or Soriana, we usually save the cartons for when we buy the local mom and pop store eggs. Many people here (like us) will have neighbors that sell their chicken and ducks out of their house.
  11. It was reported this week in the Guadalajara Reporter that Chapala recently announced that it would soon start resurfacing many more streets within the municipality in the next coming weeks. Well, tonight I took my evening stroll down on the malecón and I noticed that they had begun removing sections of the octagon shaped brick adoquines, down in front of the main Church and were replacing it with the nice smooth faux-type adoquines that they have already used on Calle Morelos in Chapala and also on Calle Juarez, behind the Mercado Principal. I'm calling them faux-type adoquines, because I have no idea what they are really called. It looks like large flat and smooth sheets of cement is being laid down, and on the cement, little squares are carved into to it to resemble adoquines or paving stones. I have no idea how far up Madero they are planning on going, but I am really pleased to see them finally improving the major Avenue in Chapala, I guess if I live long enough, I might one day even see my street resurfaced with these nice, smooth, and attractive little paver stone look-alikes.
  12. Well, you said "the two big cell phone stores in Chapala", I know which ones they are. There are two, kind of large ones, a few doors down from each other. The reparaciones de celulares is actually fairly small and is on the corner, directly across from Coppel. The other two larger ones are a block down, opposite the bus station.
  13. Try the cell phone repair shop directly across from Coppell in Chapala. The technicion there has successfully repaired several of our phones. The guy also recently repaired the display on a Samsung that had been dropped. We have had good luck with him so far.
  14. Once you arrive at the bus station in Nuevo Laredo, you can take a short taxi ride to the border and get out, walk across, go through customs, then on the USA side, take another taxi to the greyhound station in Laredo or where ever you plan on going. That is my understanding.
  15. If you are looking for worm castings, I purchased several bags of it at Walmart last week to mix in my little organic vegetable garden. I have know idea how good of a deal it was, but they were 25 pesos for a 2 kilo bag. By the way, for those that don't know, in Spanish worm castings are humus de lombriz or worm humus.
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