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  1. Yes, the Chapala skate park was starting to look pretty ghettolicious, but it was totally repainted and all the graffiti removed about two weeks or so ago. But of recently, I see the new graffiti starting to pop up again, little by little. If they could just triple or quadruple the prices of those spray paints in the local tienditas, perhaps the graffiti blight, I meant to say art, would be just too expensive to create.
  2. Could you or a neighbor have been using insecticides that poisoned their food supply?
  3. I guess many tapatío families are saving their money for Semana Santa. Expect huge crowds those two weeks the kids get off of school.
  4. For those of us that did not sign up prior with Illox, have they finished stringing fibre optics throughout the area, and is it available in downtown Chapala yet? Thanks. And how reliable and fast is it compared to those that have decent telmex internet? I'm taking into consideration infinitum varies by location. It is decent in centro Chapala to do most things, and reliable, but fast it is not.
  5. If you google iFibra, you will see that google says it is a cable company in Mexico City. I talked to the guys installing it outside Coppel a couple weeks ago and they told me it was for iFibra also and that Illox was a different company all together. But when you google it, there isn't much information about them. Maybe, they are new company.
  6. They took down the Chapala ferris wheel after the Carnaval ended. My guess is that you are seeing UFOs returning to their base which is alleged to be somewhere under Lake Chapala.
  7. Yes, I agree, just click on pagar en efectivo, or pay in cash, and select on Oxxo, 7eleven, or Bancomer or Banamex. I always feel better paying in cash. In Oxxo or 7eleven you will pay a 11 peso or so commision charge. I don't even print off the confirmation of order form, I just show them the confirmation email they send on my phone that has the code on it.
  8. Black sapote might be a form of the persimmon, but I believe they are in the same family and a distant relative would be the avocado. I am still looking for those blue java bananas. I recently saw a video that they are growing them happily in Costa Rica now. Hopefully, they will make it to Mexico soon. I have the red Surinam Cherries, they taste really sour and turpentine like. But if you get the black variety (available on mercado libre) they are supposed to be much sweeter. Talking about cherries, I ordered a Jamaican cherry tree last summer on mercado libre. The fruit is supposed to taste like a cross between cotton candy and sugar cubes and be very juicy with very fine strawberry like seeds and to produce year round. Check it out. Mine is just going into the flower stage, later I will reveal how the fruit really is.
  9. If you require a more gringo featured ambience and if you need frequent access, to higher end restaurants that cater to a more gringo palate, then Ajijic and the San Antonio area is your place (the two towns are literally kissing each other.) If you want a more Mexican ambience and lifestyle and walkability is crucial, and if you desire to be in a slightly larger town vs a small village, then Chapala rings high on the list. Every area, Lakeside, meaning the North shore towns and villages, all have their unique pluses and minuses. Living in Chapala centro, I love going to Ajijic occasionally to eat at a fancier restaurant and to enjoy their plaza, it is truly beautiful and pleasant spending a tranquil evening in Ajijic. But after awhile, I think I would start feeling claustophobic and over gringoized. For me Chapala is home, and we have tons of expats here, you see them everywhere, especially, as of recently. But it still don't feel like they have taken over yet. And regarding the restaurant scene, every year it gets better here. We have quite a few nice and decent restaurants now. And remember, Ajijic is just 10 minutes or so down the road. Lakeside is a relatively small area, everything is relatively close by, whether it be in Chapala, Ajijic, or in San Antonio Tlayacapán.
  10. She could come and check out Chapala, it is probably the most walkable town in the area.
  11. To go to Tequila, there was a scenic train that took you there and back from Guadalajara. I heard that they took it off line for awhile. Maybe, someone will know if it is up and running again. That would be a cool and easy way to go to Tequila. And if you have time; check out the small but very cool pyramids called Los Guachimontones. They are the only circular pyramids in México and are in the city of Teuchitlán, not far from Tequila.
  12. In Chapala and Ajijic, LGBT nightlife is almost non-existant, but just about everywhere is very gay friendly. And there is not much in the way of antros and discotecas here. But there are plenty of small bars and cantinas here where you can frequently see gay couples intermingling with everybody else. This area is pretty gay friendly. Now, on the other hand, Guadalajara is viewed by many as a gay Mecca, a somewhat Mexican version of San Francisco, full of gay nightlife, with over 40 gay antros or discotecas, with most being located in el centro histórico.
  13. The cheapest option is to just take an uber to the old bus station or la Central Vieja and come by way of the Chapala bus. I believe the direct Chapala bus is now 60 pesos. Or come to Chapala in an uber and return to Gdl by way of the cheap comfortable Chapala bus or take a taxi for between $500 to $700 pesos which comes out close to $25 to $35 dollars give or take some. We are only 45 minutes or so down the road from Guadalajara.
  14. More Liana, your suggestions and information via the trip up North were wonderful and very informative, thanks, your sarcasm was questionable. And like you said, you never answered la verdadera cuestión. As you suggest, ETN sounds like the better way to get to San Antonio. So we should take ETN from Guadalajara to Nuevo Laredo, take a taxi from the terminal to the border, walk across, and then take a taxi to the greyhound station? Is that how it is done? For newbies, and with kids, it sounds complicated, but doable. Thanks again.
  15. We will be traveling with kids and want a new scenic experience. I am most interested in how one crosses the border on a bus that takes you across the border to San Antonio, Texas. How hard and difficult is it? Thanks in advance!
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