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  1. There is an interesting documentary on youtube about a grocery store in London that experimenting with a zero plastic policy for all their products. When plastic is required they use only natural plant fibre packaging that slightly resembles plastic but is 100% biodegradable. Sure, prices are a little higher but it is a step in the right direction.
  2. Yeah, the same thing happened to us last night in downtown Chapala. Before I realized what was going on, it had already gotten all inside the house. That is the first time we have experienced that in the 10 years we have been down here. It almost sounded like an extremely low flying airplane. Next time we hear that sound we will immediately go around and close all the windows.
  3. Ok, I take that back....drops are now beginning to fall in Chapala.
  4. Where is the rain? Not a drop in Chapala, and it hasn't rained in several days.
  5. All I want people to do is to just connect the dots, just connect the dots folks! Lets shed some light on the article that Virgo Lady just posted. This highly contagious virus known as Covid-19 which some sources quote it to be up to 10 times more contagious and deadly than the common flu, as of now it currently has infected up to 2% of the general population or heck, lets go with the highest figure out of New York, it has infected roughly 7 % of the population, it is common knowledge that this virus has been massively infecting people in the US since late December and or early January. According to the most reliable statistics from the CDC less than 1% of Americans that get this virus die, and 80% of those that do die, they die due to preexisting illnesses. We do not have a vaccine yet for Covid-19 and will probably never have a reliable vaccine. The current mortality rate in the US is slightly higher than a very bad flu year and yet there is a flu vaccine that about 50% of the American population take annually. The flu virus generally runs from October to May, the Coronavirus has run from late December to now, almost entering in July. Most recent reporting is acknowledging that the mortality rate is declining rapidly around the globe. The flu hits us every year, when did you believe that the infection rate was at only 7% of the population? Connect the dots folks! Generally the flu goes through the entire population and most people catch it to varying degrees more or less, it runs through families. Even a large number of the vaccinated still catch the flu every year. If the infection rate for Covid-19 is at between 2 to 7 percent of the general population after 7 months and the death rate is under 1%, when will you begin to realize that something ain't adding up folks? Is it possible that we have all been duped? They are also reporting that after those massive protests, there have not been any verifiable data to suggest a surge to date. I guess things will look different after the election, perhaps. Don´t believe all the opinions in the articles, within any article, most of the content is just noise, study the numbers alone. The numbers will tell a very different story.
  6. Chapala's plaza never closed. And now our malecón opened back up as of yesterday.
  7. Mudgirl, of course, anybody that has been following the news would be aware of that regardless of the fact it is mostly common sense. I was responding back to El Menudo who claims sunlight is not an enemy of Covid-19. Not everyone reads the same news articles.
  8. If you read the Semanario or even a google translation you would have read where Moises the Chapala mayor said that all the large chain stores would not be allowed to sell beer or liquor for until further notice but the small mom and pop stores would be allowed to sell in Chapala municipality. It was meant to send business to the small guys. He also said that Chapala never had "la ley seca" or prohibition on selling alcohol. In the early days of the quarentine, liquor was banned for a short while, but you could always buy it at the small shops if you asked. Liquor has been being sold legally and openly in Chapala for the past 2 months, just not in the chain stores. Only on Tuesday of this week Oxxo near the Chapala plaza told me they were now given the green light to sell tequila again.
  9. Gringohombre, I have no idea where your friends are getting their liquor, but I seriously doubt it is from the cartel. Most of the small abarrote stores that sold liquor before Covid still sell liquor today, just ask. It is all still behind that curtain. Many negocios are selling it legally and openly like Pistaches liquor store opposite the Palacio Municipal, next to the Patio restaurant in Chapala. Now, within recently even Oxxo has resumed their liquor sells. Liquor or beer was never hard to find, but if your only references are La Paz and Wal-Mart, you may have not been in the know.....
  10. I thought about Brazil, they have 50 thousand deaths and the US has 120 thousand deaths.
  11. When you live in the USA and you live like most Americans you keep your windows closed year round. You use A/C and heat constantly throughout the year, you rarely open the windows and you rarely breath in fresh air, recycled germy air is what the majority of Americans breath. Then we wonder why the USA had the highest mortality rate. Most of the world lives neck to neck just like in Mexico. We walk the streets and shop in the markets crowded with people. Americans mostly live apart from there neighbors, they social distance in their cars and yet they faired the worst, why?
  12. It wasn"t that long ago that the WHO and CDC was spouting out that the virus died rather quickly within minutes when it was exposed to sunlight. Were they wrong again? Seriously?
  13. Mudgirl, I don't know about what it is like to cross the border by car but I do know as a fact that México is allowing tourists in by way of the airports and they are still issuing 180 day tourist visas. México is opening up slowly, state by state.
  14. Was it not Dr. Birx, one of the main doctors working along side Dr. Fauci that freely admitted, not long ago in a press conference, that it was true that any person who died and tested positive for Covid-19 would be listed as dying from Covid whether or not they died from it or not. And what about all the cases of people and animals falsely testing positive with Covid-19 and later being re-tested to find out they are really negative.
  15. Isn't it funny that when they predict no rain for Jalisco, then we get rain. I always believe the opposite of what the metereologists say.
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