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  1. I read it but I guess the word sarcasm never truly registered. My apologies.
  2. What is wrong with giving a person in a wheel chair a job? They have to eat too. I applaud Wal-Mart for not discriminating.
  3. Yeah I just got my first one today. Heck are they trying to confuse the elderly? First the brown 500's turned blue like the 20 bill. Now the 20 bill turns red like the 100 peso bill.
  4. If his motorcycle was clicking he might ought to get it looked at. Haha
  5. I'm glad I read your post because at first glance I thought you had a serious problem of mold growing in your ear.
  6. For the record I never get tired of or offended by the pictures he posts. They make this forum interesting. But the word snork in the majority of his posts is totally unnecessary.
  7. We have the awesome Totalplay in Chapala Centro. It hasn't gotten to Chapala Haciendas yet?
  8. And have fun even getting into Wal-Mart from Chapala.
  9. Vista Lake is not representing Raúl, he is Raúl or Ruly as some call him. He is not trustworthy, be warned.
  10. Any ways doesn't chlorine disappear from water in around 24 hours if you leave the lid off?
  11. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-894449270-10-semillas-culantro-cilantro-cimarron-eryngium-foedidum-_JM
  12. I've seen it before on Mercado Libre. I think they were selling the seeds.
  13. Well Zeb, I don't always agree with Mudgirl but seriously if all you want are edible plants, herbs and medicinals. It might be more rewarding to research tropical or subtropical varieties that interest you and just order them online. What can't be found in the local viveros Mercado Libre can be pretty amazing and sometimes the most available option. And many of these edibles and herbs might do very well in decent sized pots and you can move them around as you see fit.
  14. Oh my goodness, and this board could be so pleasant. Nasty certainly takes more effort than kindness, that is for sure.
  15. It mostly depends a lot on if you rent or own. If you rent you probably would prefer not to invest so much. If you own and do decide to invest in a home water purification system by all means it will need to be serviced regularly. If your RO tastes aweful and smells bad, something is definitly wrong. We use Jackie at H2Olé.
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