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  1. Well guys, don't bother coming down to the Chapala malecón to join in in the fiesta de Santa Cecilia because apparently they aren't having one on the malecón. This will be the first time in 8 years that I've been down here that they didn't celebrate it on the malecón. A lone mariachi guy explained to me tonight that they decided to let each individual barrio celebrate it in their own way.
  2. Yes, today is the day of the patron saint of musicians or Santa Cecilia. Today there will be a large fiesta usually with free tequila in Chapala. Most years it is done outside the Cozumel Restaurant in Chapala by the Eastern portion of the malecón. Come out and celebrate Santa Cecilia tonight.
  3. 5000 seems expensive. I wonder how much one of the lower end iron smiths would charge to build a simple frame and you buy the tarp separately. Just throwing out more ideas.
  4. Isn"t there an American lady, right next door to Cocina Art restaurant that runs a cake shop. I haven't tried her cakes yet, but they certainly look like works of art.
  5. Hello, does anybody know who can come and clean bathroom ceramic tiles like in the shower? We have tried but would prefer to pay a professional to shine them up for us. Once I heard that Spring Cleaners were up to the task, is still the case? Thanks.
  6. I bitch because my family is 5 people, that will cost us 400 pesos just to enter to have the privilege to walk around and look at local Mexican artesanías. And if we think about buying something, that will set us back another chunk of money. It has already been said that the vendors do not negotiate nor do they permit haggling. Maybe, if we just go all the way to Guadalajara and go to Tlaquepaque we will save money and have a more enjoyable time being around nice normal people.
  7. Yeah, maybe I am bitching a tad, but could they get higher traffic if the grounds were free to enter? And what is up with the entrance fee? Is it to cover for them not being able to sell enough merchandise? If they dropped the 80 peso cover fee, maybe more traffic will flow and more buyers would come. Come on, make it free to all, and maybe all will buy..............if you only want the elite, the elite is small in number in these here parts.
  8. But why do they charge an entrance fee? That is why I don't take the family. It is ridiculous to pay an entrance fee for every member to look and shop for art. A previous poster mentioned it is now 80 pesos just to enter and to see the merchandise. That is a lot of money here in México, not everybody wants to spend that amount to just enter into an arena that is basically just a store selling you merchandise. So basically the Fería Maestro de Arte is catering only to the rich gringos and rich tapatíos and they don´t welcome the normal people that just want to look around and possibly buy some things. This is exactly the kind of places you do haggling, if haggling is not even permitted, then you know they only want the rich and adinerados to shop there. It sure as heck ain't a place for me nor for most of the people living or visiting this area.
  9. Jim Bowie, good lord, what are you talking about? Ok, your neighbor says they are trash, even if your neighbor is Mexican, that is not ok. Does he know them, personally? I haven´t seen the ones up by La Canacita yet, but the ones I have seen in Chapala look almost African black, as in, nada mulato. Café negro sin azúcar ni leche. I thought they looked Haitian, but some people have said they are from Honduras or Nicaragua. Jim Bowie, just because they are poor and black, do you still want to say they are trash? My goodness! Have some humanity and give the guys a break. They also deserve to live decently and feed their children! Regardless of their skin color!
  10. The real question is, will this affect the Mexican beef industry, the cuts of meat I l buy in the local carnecerìas or butcher shops here in Chapala?
  11. There is a small group of indigenous Mexicans in Chiapas who have recently converted to Islam. They haven't been Moslems for long and neither have the evangelicals nor any of the many other new groups coming to Mexico looking for new converts. And of course México can be anything you want it to be and Mexicans can also be anything they want to be. But I think Ezpz was referring to the well established fact that México has historically and traditionally been a Catholic country for nearly the past 500 years and they have developed many beautiful and treasured local traditions interwoven between Catholicism and more ancient indigenous traditions. These are highly cherished among the majority of Mexicans and should be respected. But on a side not Halloween is becoming rather popular in Chapala where hundreds of children will dress up and go door to door trick-or-treating. But also we don't do La Virgen del Rosario procession in Chapala either, which could be seen as unwanted competition on traditions.
  12. Stevia is used as a glucose free sweetener, be extra careful when you buy stevia sweeteners in the stores, stevia when it's in its pure state, is kind of herby tasting and not the greatest tasting thing to sweeten stuff, so when you buy stevia extract powders in the stores they usually change it and dilute it and add horrible stuff like chemical slenda and such to improve upon the taste. For those looking for a sugar alternative that is completely healthy and tastes just like sugar, look up Monk Sugar, it is a glucose free sugar alternative that is completely natural and comes from the Monk Fruit which comes from Asia. It is the closest sugar alternative that tastes the closest to real natural sugar and it is kind of expensive but we have been able to order it on Amazon and have it shipped down. When on the Keto diet, it does wonders and you can use it to make cakes and cookies just like you would use real sugar. Stevia is not the best tasting sugar alternative. Gosh, now that I am thinking about it, I bet we could even grow a Monk Fruit plant here, now that I need to research a bit more, where to find one, hmmmm........
  13. Don't you guys remember about 6 months ago or so there was a thread about them flying tourists back and forth from Chapala to Jocotepec? It only lasted a weekend or two at the most, then it stopped. I know they were taking off from parque de la Cristianía. I doubt that this will be a permanent fixture here, too darn expensive.
  14. I hope it ain't tequila because tequila certainly does not need to be in the plural and I'm not referring to grammar either.
  15. Try Mercado Libre if you can't find them locally. I'm not sure why moringa seeds show up first though. Stevia is further down. https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/semillas-stevia#D[A:semillas stevia,L:undefined]
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