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  1. Thanks for the advice and recommendations. Lots of info on the Internet as well.
  2. In need of a home inspector with background in termite damage and remedies. Ajijic area. Any recommendations?
  3. In Perspective: The handling of trash / garbage / junk / old furniture etc. is a service provided by a municipality in various degrees of quality primarily based on economics and the needs of the community (whether appears as a perception or reality.) Social education is a factor, pride in your community plays a part, whether you are a resident or visitor and whether you have a different locale to compare it to. All contribute to the results - good or bad. examples: we owned a beachfront condo in Manzanillo for 10 years. The kilometres of beach from las Brisas to Las Hadas goes from
  4. We will be flying from Phoenix to Guadalajara and return. Looking for suggestions of which airline , preferably non stop as we will have a small dog with us. Thank you
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