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  1. Has anyone purchased grass seed in this area? If so, where........TIA
  2. Looking for experienced dog/house sitter for 1 week in April. TIA
  3. Hello, would like contact information for camillenpardise........thanks in advance.
  4. I second Dr. Hector Ladron...........my little shih tzu had many teeth & health problems from 3months on.........he corrected all & she is a very happy healthy dog. Good Luck!
  5. Does anyone have the phone number for House Doctor, he can fix anything needed at your home. TIA
  6. Any advise on how to transport dogs from the U.S. to Mexico.........
  7. Having more than 2/3 dogs, it's now said you have to import the others. Has anyone done this coming from the United States? If so, would appreciate any information on how to go about it. Thank you in advance. Jean
  8. Does anyone know if or when Anita will be returning to Mexico? Thanks you!
  9. Is the Smoke House restaurant still open in west Ajijic? Thanks
  10. Looking for person to check & perhaps replace electric fence. Thank you in advance.
  11. We've sold a car with Moya...............Very honest, hard working man. I would certainly give him a try.
  12. I had new crown, Dr. Candy did the work.........very unhappy!
  13. Need the address for Spring Clean......Thank's in advance.
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