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  1. Can someone tell me what Costalegre charges for their wild salmon on Wednesdays? is it $440/kilo?
  2. Not true. A lot of sustainable seafood is wild-caught. Here is Seafood Watch on basa (aka pangasius):
  3. The quantity of misinformation on this thread is ... appalling. Normally I'm not bothered by topic drift but in this case I feel everyone would be better served if we stuck to the OP's question and only replied henceforth to report personal experience with the use of ketamine for anxiety or depression.
  4. When I lived in the States I always followed the Monterey Bay aquarium sustainability guidelines for seafood consumption. Here -- between species that are not on their list, species I can't identify, and species that are misrepresented -- I am at a loss. Do any of you attempt to buy sustainable seafood locally, and if so, what do you choose, and how?
  5. For upholstery cleaning specifically, we used the furniture store next to Sunrise Cafe in Riberas. They will pick up and deliver. Sofa is $500, loveseat I think is $400.
  6. Thanks everyone for your opinions; this has been helpful.
  7. Oh, and one further question: can we open a joint account here, as in the US, or is it limited to one owner? (If it matters, we are legally married.)
  8. Spouse and I will be needing to open an account with a Mexican bank (our first) in the next couple of weeks. Until now we've done fine getting cash via ATMs from our US bank and paying cash for everything, but an upcoming medical procedure will surpass the deductible on our Mexican health insurance, and so we will need a bank account for reimbursement from the insurance company. I'd love to hear what people currently think of their Mexican banks. What monthly or annual fees are charged? What is the minimum balance in the account? How is the bilingual service? Also, I remember reading sometime in the past year about a bank whose employees committed fraud against an expat's account, but several search attempts have failed to turn up that thread. Does someone remember which bank that was?
  9. Incognito young(er) person here. I just turned 46, and my spouse is 51. We were 43 and 49 when we moved here in 2013. Yet despite having lived here for two and a half years, we don't know a lot of local people. Unlike all the retired folk, we're both working long days -- he has a full-time (remote) day job and I spend probably 50 hours a week writing. Once you add regular life maintenance on top of that, there's not much time or energy left over for socializing with new people ... something that, in classic introvert fashion, I find exhausting in the best of circumstances. My spouse plays soccer twice a week, and so is casual buddies with some of the Mexican guys on his team. Otherwise, you'd never know we were here. We only ever meet someone if I shake off my introversion long enough to reach out to a particular individual. For me it's less about finding someone of like age as it is finding someone of like mindset -- a close friend, as opposed to a friendly acquaintance. I have had good friends up to 20 years older and 15 years younger than myself, in the States. But here I get the impression that most people only expect to find friends in a relatively narrow age bracket.
  10. I had my first visit with Dra. Gonzalez today. She is young (maybe early 30s?) and yes, speaks excellent English, almost fluent. She seemed kind, as well as competent and knowledgeable. She answered a long list of questions for me, and stressed that if I have others, she is available via both cell phone and email. Keeps computerized records. MX$200 for a basic checkup and consultation; $500 for a Pap smear. She is only the second GP I've seen Lakeside but was by far the better experience, and in fact would compare favorably (thus far) with the best doctors I ever had in the States. I feel like I may have hit the doctora jackpot.
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