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  1. lobita I feel some relief reading your post. I had a cataract in one eye that Dr. Rios "fixed" by putting a trifocal lens in. Trifocal meant I would not need glasses for reading, medium, or long distance vision. Right away I could see that I still needed glasses for that eye for reading. Rios insisted that I did not need a glass for that eye. After a month of arguing and getting the wrong glasses several times I got glasses Now it is time for my yearly checkup. The glasses no longer work properly for that eye-I need a different prescription. How can my vision change when I have an artificial lens in there? I hesitate to return for this free yearly checkup as he will probably insist that my repaired eye is fine and that once I have the other eye done everything will be fine. I'm tempted to see that lady ophthalmologist (Claudia) in Chapala to see what she thinks. About 8 months ago I did go see the ophthalmologist (Dr. Vargas) who comes to the Ajijic clinic and he said everything looks fine but he doesn't use that trifocal. What to do?

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