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  1. Can someone tell me what Costalegre charges for their wild salmon on Wednesdays? is it $440/kilo?
  2. Not true. A lot of sustainable seafood is wild-caught. Here is Seafood Watch on basa (aka pangasius):
  3. The quantity of misinformation on this thread is ... appalling. Normally I'm not bothered by topic drift but in this case I feel everyone would be better served if we stuck to the OP's question and only replied henceforth to report personal experience with the use of ketamine for anxiety or depression.
  4. I received a PM from vivien but nothing from you, congodog.
  5. Thanks Johansen, I hadn't noticed that.
  6. Thank you, Carol, that was exactly the kind of information I was looking for. I will contact them on Monday.
  7. Our dog died last month, and we have a variety of dog-related items which I would like to donate to one of the local shelters, either the Ranch or Lucky Dog. small bed leash and collar various stuffed toys revolution flea medicine undercoat stripper rake guillotine claw clippers Would someone associated with one of the above shelters contact me if you're interested in these items? Thanks.
  8. I have a couple pieces of furniture that I would donate to a worthy charity, but I need them to be picked up. Can anyone suggest someone for me to contact?
  9. When I lived in the States I always followed the Monterey Bay aquarium sustainability guidelines for seafood consumption. Here -- between species that are not on their list, species I can't identify, and species that are misrepresented -- I am at a loss. Do any of you attempt to buy sustainable seafood locally, and if so, what do you choose, and how?
  10. Our information is over three years old, but at the time: Seattle had a bunch of extra hoops they wanted us to jump through, like getting an official police record. Our schedule didn't allow for that. Austin was friendly and tried to help but people were on vacation and the office was packed with Mexican nationals needing assistance, so everyone was overworked. (This was in December and January, so my recommendation is don't go there anywhere close to the winter holidays.) San Antonio seemed to think their job was to keep people *out* of Mexico, not help them get in. Deliberately unhelpful. Don't recommend going there ever unless there's a new consular since 2014. Laredo was both helpful and fast. Our first attempt failed on a technical reason we didn't anticipate, but at the second attempt I was in and out in under an hour.
  11. For leather upholstered furniture, I recommend a trip to Contempora in Ocotlán. We are very happy with the leather sofas we purchased there a few months ago. The Paliser sofas at Oscar & Jorge's were slightly higher quality than the ones we bought at Contempora ... but well over double the price.
  12. Nancy Brown picks up donations for the token store in SJC: nancyb11234@yahoo.com.
  13. For upholstery cleaning specifically, we used the furniture store next to Sunrise Cafe in Riberas. They will pick up and deliver. Sofa is $500, loveseat I think is $400.
  14. I have been hampered by the $7000 pesos per day limit at ATM's. Did you have to contact the bank to get more from the ATM machine? If so, who and where?

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