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  1. ComputerGuy mentioned "Tonala outlets in Riberas" - where might that be? (thanks for your help)
  2. ComputerGuy, what/where is the curry place? TIA
  3. I would talk to him, I stay out of saying what he charges; I know that he is less expensive than most. If you need a per job basis, he would need to see what you need and price it accordingly. I started hiring him after getting exorbitant estimates for work from others and he's kept his fees low for me ever since 2013.
  4. My worker Chuy does a lot for me, so it was easier on both of us to set him up with a monthly payment, 3000p which covers all his labor for the month - for gardening, handyman fixes, plumbing and electrical, cleaning the tinaco, cleaning the fountain, even car washes, and that has worked well for me. This is all for labor, and I pay for whatever materials he needs for the job, if anything. If he's doing a bigger job - new construction, roof re-coating - we price it per the job and negotiate a fixed price. Once he knows he can rely on you - he's been stiffed by many gringos (and some Mexicans)
  5. I've had numbers successfully blocked by Telcel - it appeared that the caller came back with a new number for a day or so, then nada.
  6. I've had a very reliable handyman for several years, can fix nearly anything, speaks English, pleasant to work with, give him a call: Chuy Lopez, lives in Ajijic. Phone: 333 137 1056
  7. When I signed up in the Chapala SP office, with a Mexican friend for help in translation, I found an excellent doctor and efficient service. However, beware a nurse there who decides that gringos are not qualified to get SP and will attempt to drive you out. The doctor was supportive of me but his hands are tied and the nurse insisted I had no right to be there. It was very unpleasant and after a few more visits, I elected to not push my luck any further.
  8. Thank gawd for all the music we get to hear in Lakeside. If you can't appreciate it, adapt, use earplugs or go back from where you came from. These are the options you have in lieu of trying to control everyone else.
  9. I would highly recommend my gardener Chuy Lopez at (333) 137-1056‬. He speaks English, does a beautiful job both in garden maintenance and design. He's also a great handyman, can do electrical, plumbing, carpentry, stonework and tile, general problem-solving and fixing. Nice to work with. I've worked with him since 2011, very reliable and trustworthy.
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