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  1. Thank you Snowyco for the very interesting and useful post. I can attest - after renting three Mexican houses here & in Guadalajara - to the fact that they usually have no water purifying or filtration system, and the little screens on taps will up with sand and have to be cleaned. In Guadalajara we even had to put in our own expensive pressure system. The original poster's concerns are perfectly legitimate especially for those with compromised immune systems, which is a lot of the population in this town (age and illness).
  2. Tuberculosis is the larger risk here with raw milk because there is a lot of it in this country. So much of the cheese here is fresh also and maybe not pasteurized. You can't compare the conditions here with the conditions in the EU!
  3. No one has mentioned yet that, unfortunately, tuberculosis is a large problem in Mexico. Drinking raw milk HERE is risky. With all the warnings about brucellosis, salmonella, E. coli contamination and tuberculosis I would think common sense would dictate avoiding it unless you mean to pasteurize it properly.
  4. Why would you put sugar in your chicken brine? Some people put sugar in everything, yuck, but does it serve any purpose in the brine?
  5. Taking T3, the chemical form called Cytomel (generic name) is not trivial or to be played with. You should speak with a competent specialist (an endocrinologist) who would approve it for you or not. It's available over the counter here, but if you do not in fact need the T3, you can overstimulate your heart causing palpitations, tachycardia and possibly worse. Novotiral is an arbitrary formulation which may or may not do you any good. Ontario (I'm not sure about the rest of Canada, but it's likely) banned Armour a few years ago largely because the dose cannot be accurately regulated, and it is not available in Mexico.
  6. It's not available, generic or otherwise, period.
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