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  1. Just to wrap up for the benefit of others who may want to know. According to the website for the books Super Lake and the bookstore at Plaza Bougambilias have the books. I did not find them at Super Lake. I did manage to get a copy of each at the Bougambilias bookstore. The Manual was $500 MXN and the translation was $400.
  2. Thank you! I expect you mean the store to the back, on the right, across from a store selling liquor. I will check into it.
  3. Thanks for the input. I am using the books to assess draft by-laws that are before me. The draft by-laws appear to have some clauses that are illegal. I will bring up questions regarding these clauses at the upcoming meeting. I do not take the books as a legal opinion.
  4. Anybody know if there is someplace Lakeside to purchase these books by Garry Neil Musgrave? Shopping in Guadalajara is not an option for me. Thanks in advance.
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