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  1. i would never go to a restaurant that sifts bugs. i never heard of that place anyway, but @least they are honest. granera is a nice store, but the dried foods @ superlake are fresh. poncho sells to other stores as well, he wholesales. the product is arriving every week. in the little store, the turnover is slower. so she wont buy that much untill she is running out. @one time "super laura" in san antonio bought brown rice from poncho, but it had ants in it. because it sat there too long. in torittos the almonds/nuts dont have dates either. sealed yes, dated no.
  2. her nuts are in a large barrel. you dont know how old they are, some things are there for months. @least in superlake there are dates on the bags of nuts & seeds & grains. there are new bags packaged every week or 2. i always shop @ superlake, fresh merch comes in regularly. also when nuts are bagged in plastic & sealed, roaches cannot get in.
  3. dr. reyes @danza hotel one day per week. also in a clinic in chapala. one day per week. he comes from guad mondays & tuesdays.
  4. more liana: in general its 24 pesos. this company undercuts the competitors. they also are very nice. once a water tasted strange, they would not accept any $$ for the exchange, even a tip.
  5. tele: 765 3999 in chapala. 15 or 16 pesos for the huge bottle. ask for someone who speaks english. there are mex-americans who work there. if they dont come call them back, the managers will telephone the truck to remind driver. (did it occur for some of the posters that older people cannot carry 50 lbs of water)? delivery service is the way to go.
  6. holdrja, it is not possible to use seymi from new jersey. seymi only takes the load from texas to mexico. you either used united or allied. 10yrs ago i used them (allied/seymi) from conn to ajijc. i was over charged big time by allied, as they knew i had no experience. it was a very tiny load, 1/2 container. they hate tiny loads, they want the huge households. so i put in a claim for $500. usd (willis insurance) via seymi. the check came w/in 3 weeks. i did this claim to recoup a little $, as allied/seymi charged me almost double in 2003. they were guilty as sin, i should have questioned & gotton price down @least 30%. they put my load into a conatiner w/another client. see new thread. topic: "local movers", we also discuss international as well. i really like the owner of seymi, but i question his workers. as i question most workers here. btw, i was so nervous leaving for mexico, that i packed many cartons myself. i may do that again, especially for the local move. (& transport some cartons in a taxi, w/the really expensive things).
  7. anyone know ibarra? he said he is in business 40yrs. i want to have other opinions before i here him later.
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