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    Beef Prices

    25 years ago when feral dogs would kill a calf we figured we just lost $500. The dogs running wild were worse than the coyotes.
  2. geeser

    Beef Prices

    To sell heifers while price is high or build your herd is always a quandary. I've sold many for $75 per hundred and under. Same problem as eating your seed corn or insisting on wild caught salmon. What's the future look like?
  3. I don't know if they are still in business but he used to be the best choice These numbers for call Mark Turford at 333-398-9045 Aventours Auto Rental lowest prices 2015 vehicles Sandy 333-123-0723 insurance included, accesschapala.com 766-3654
  4. China’s top disease control official says their vaccine effectiveness is low. Chinese vaccines “don’t have very high protection rates,” said the director of the China Centers for Disease Control, Gao Fu. Vaccines made by Sinovac, a private company, and Sinopharm, a state-owned firm, have made up the majority of Chinese vaccines distributed to several dozen countries including Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia, Hungary, Brazil and Turkey. https://apnews.com/article/beijing-immunizations-chengdu-coronavirus-pandemic-china-675bcb6b5710c7329823148ffbff6ef9
  5. Was this Durman gas pipe/hose available in Mexico?
  6. Antonio found a under marble floor leak and repaired it. He was the 5th plumber who attempted to find it. He used an air compressor to pressurize the line and listened every where for the sound of a leak. Remember the gas pressure is around 4 PSI and he put in compressed air at 30PSI after shutting off the gas and removing the regulator from the line. Antonio 331-361-6610 or residence 766-5338
  7. The flowers we grew in full sun in S. Texas was Zinnias. They are an easy to grow annual. I have found seeds at the hardware on the Super Lake corner. https://www.almanac.com/plant/zinnias
  8. Is the igloo shape important to you or does a different shape in fiberglass or plastic work for you?
  9. I think many of us hesitant vaxxers will take the vaccine when we are convinced that it is safe over time. Remember that this is not a normal vaccine but a whole new technology. It does not have FDA approval, but has a special emergency cue approval. For different hesitant vaxxers, the time period without more serious DNA based side effects in order to decide to take vax will vary.
  10. The single biggest waste of water is the demand heater. They were sold as a solution for expensive gas but cost way more in wasted water, especially where water is a problem. I have swapped the instant on for a tank type and the water is warm at the most distant outlet. It has never been with the demand heater. Any savings in gas is more than offset by the lack of water. I always had plenty of hot water in the states with a tank heater. The very best help is to insulate the pipes in the brick stucco walls, they suck the calories out. You will probably have to bring the 1/2" or 3/4" insulation from the USA. https://www.homedepot.com/s/1%2F2%22%20pipe%20insulation?NCNI-5
  11. A couple of years ago Cabela's pulled the same stunt. I had been buying their chinos and liked them so well I had several pair. Then I ordered another pair a year later and they had shortened the zipper to 5" instead of the normal 7". I took them back and wrote a letter to the CEO. What a cheap stuint to save a couple of cents in cost. I don't buy their pants any more.
  12. 331-763-8554 • Rosey 331 738-1814. • Rosey In Chapala, Sastreria Karla, on Del Velesco (between Degollado and Miguel Martinez) 13:00-19:00 tel 332-131-5521. Turn at Bus station on Miguel Martinez to Rt on Acapulco to Rt on Del Velasco. Brown door on left
  13. Years ago when the Walmart was constructed the "Deal" was that they would have a light giving access straight through from Liberaminto with a turn light and lane from the east. So Walmart built the store after paying and going through the permitting and inspection process, then the problems started. The street there and signal light are state owned and they wanted a large donation to follow through. Walmart knows that the USA would fine them if they paid what appeared to be an illegal donation.
  14. Precautionary embargo on Interjet approved: https://es-us.finanzas.yahoo.com/noticias/aprueban-embargo-precautorio-interjet-173600156.html
  15. Where did your get the "Original Registration" form? We registered online but got no such form?
  16. appointed day by apellido paterno means you don't go when your spouse does but rather with your sister or brother, doesn't it?
  17. Farm raised Bull Frogs at Chapala http://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/lake-chapala/45076-chapala-fishermen-leapfrog-into-new-farming-venture ;
  18. I fear that insisting on "Wild Fish" is quite a bit like eating your seed corn. It is not necessary only eat non-farmed fish, either trout, catfish or tilapia.
  19. Thanks Chiillin, I've had one of those racks for 7+ years, but the directions said to immerse the folded corn tortillas in deep oil. well we're bit about to do that much oil. It has set unused for many years. I will try the spray and oven. Have you used yours? If successful what temp?
  20. 20 years ago there was always a notice posted on the Soriana BB offered dressed, farm raised Bull Frogs.for sale from a frog farm in Chapala.
  21. I have a hankering for some crispy tacos and need to find shells. These are fried corn masa shells and they are not Mexican, but rather more Texican.Have you seen them in any of the groceries that cater to gringos? We eat lots of soft flour tacos here but just wanting a change.
  22. I have ordered a couple of times for pickup from Chapala Walmart but today am having problems finding where to pay after selecting store and time. There is no place to click to pay or advance. Anyone remember what to click next?
  23. Beats the hell out of staying home and forcing a governmental change and fighting corruption.
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