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  1. Please tell that to the palm beetles
  2. When I get that notice you have lost signal, I press guide and select a very strong channel like one of the US networks. So far it has always found the signal. It mostly happens when I am on a weaker channel like Cottage Life, which I watch a lot.
  3. Days ago we had a power outage that lasted for some hours. When power was restored one leg of power to my house was at 198-202 volts. This will also be true of 2/3 houses in this area. The other leg is at the normal 127 volts. This may damage your electronics. Check your voltage. I have tried reporting this ongoing situation to CFE but to no avail or comprehension. There seems to be no one there that speaks any English and my Spanish is not up to this technical explanation. If you know of any contact with CFE that speaks some English please PM me so I can report the situation.
  4. 331-763-8554 • Rosey 331 738-1814. • Rosey In Chapala, Sastreria Karla, on Del Velesco (between Degollado and Miguel Martinez) 13:00-19:00 tel 332-131-5521. Turn at Bus station on Miguel Martinez to Rt on Acapulco to Rt on Del Velasco. Brown door on left
  5. Please don't eat any of these wonderful sport fish. They are worth tens of thousands in bass fishing tourism. Several international tournaments have been held and more are planned. These bass will be a huge boon to the local economy. Pro Bass tournaments never allow for killing or eating the fish. they even require the fish be alive for the weigh in ,so the boats have special live wells. The Florida Black Bass that have been stocked will eventually reach weights of 12-14 lbs. p
  6. Texas Customs and Border Patrol will send you to the small booth to pay and get a state tax seal put on your bottle same as all other bottles of liquor in the state. The amount is relatively small and the state booths are not always manned. I stop and if they don't show up I only wait a short time.
  7. We went to Mama"s for lunch today. You guys are right. Best onion rings in town. Yes I believe it is a Panko crust and it really is delicious. Thanks all.
  8. Does anyone have thin sliced onion rings? I have had the thick cut ones at Adelita's, but I still miss the plate of 1/4" thin ones.
  9. 4.5% yield after 20% tax is only a yield of about 3.6%, still not bad compared to US or Cad bank rates. Of course you also have currency risk.
  10. I got the jab yesterday a and received a paper to present for second shot and it specifies that I received AstraZeneca at the Technologico on the Libramiento. They said the second shot for the AstraZeneca vac may be as late as 90 days.
  11. Seychelles, Chile, Bahrain and Mongolia, 50% to 68% of the populations have been fully inoculated but each is seeing a surge in Covid 19 cases. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/health/they-relied-on-chinese-vaccines-now-theyre-battling-outbreaks/
  12. Just got my AstraZenaca vaccine at the Technologico on the Libramiento. It was very well run. It was supposed to be from 08:00 to 16:00. We arrived at 15:00 and we were finished and out by 16:15. For the handicapped drive up to the main gate and tell them. They will have you double back to a gate you passed and will unlock and let you drive up to within 6 meters from the front door.
  13. Ralph Courtney: what a great guy. He would help anyone and his wife Pat is the same. A great Christian couple who live their beliefs.
  14. Vaccines effectiveness https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/seychelles-e2-80-99s-covid-mysteries-pit-anti-vaxxers-against-scientists/ar-AAKqFfe
  15. I would think a start, would be for SIMAPA to repair the leaks that keep the water from being under pressure in all lines all the time. Would a Sticky Post at the top of the forum help where we could post water leaks help pressure the local SIMAPA to repair them? Water lines without pressure tend to syphon in bacteria and waste at most leaks.
  16. Dr Gabriel Garcia 333-841-0653 M-F 10-12:30, Sat 11-2:30next to Scandinavian Bakery Centro Laguna allesheilkraftig@hotmail.fr
  17. Super Lake has the gallon size "Arrowhead" over on the right hand wall.
  18. What and where is the Recaudadora for License payment as well as the "side window"
  19. There are many un-reported deaths from Covid 19 vaccines. Dr. Peter McCullough
  20. Most people now use a Linear Polyurethane. It will be a two part paint and we have bought it locally at paint stores.
  21. I think there are lots of Pyros here with poor impulse control. A few years ago I watched through binoculars as a young man set fire to the brush, up the mountain above Min Wah.
  22. I always wanted a Lake Buccaneer when I was a young pilot. They built them near Houston and we saw quite a few of them. Jimmy Buffett owned one thinkiing he gly around the Caribbean and land where ever he wanted. He soon learned that seaplanes take special government permissions in most of those countries and make you land at an airport to meet customs and pay some bribes. His book indicates that it didn't work our well from him. Taking off and landing in the same country must be easier. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=lake+buccaneer&ia=web
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