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  1. Here's your choices: Armando near soccer field Chapala cell? 331-147-3136 Marcelo 045-331-343-5336 Miguel His cell is 331 305 7307 Carmen and Octavio Robles 766-0045. Cell is 33 3956 4852. Oscar by Christina park 765-2366 Pinocchio upholstery. Arturo 331 768-2613
  2. Large trucks, RVs, buses and trains all use air brakes. The brakes go off when air pressure is applied, brake full on is the default position. You often hear a loud hiss when one of these is started and before driving off, that is the air exiting to let the brake off. No emergency or parking brake is necessary as a lack of air pressure lets the brakes activate. If you see a tow truck towing a large truck or bus note that it has an air hose from the wrecker to the dead rig in order to get the brakes off. I am sure many of you have seen the signs calling for the use of the engine or Jake brake on mountain roads in the USA as it is standard practice. When a vehicle's brake is used on a long decent they over heat and stop working. This does not happen with the engine brake. Sure they make noise but they are the most reliable way to slow a heavy load. It is a wonder that more trucks and buses haven't plowed through the Walmart intersection. The people who complain about the noise should ask themselves if this is new or was it the situation when they purchased their home.
  3. This is exactly what is happening when I log on to the site kindly provided by Mexbound: https://cvcovid.salud.gob.mx/ Finally received the email notice this morning. Printed out the certificate and it is incorrect. It said I had Sinovac but I had AstraZeneca, the lot numbers bore no relationship to the lot numbers on the vaccine we were administered. I looked for my spouses email and it had come in after bedtime last night. When I tried to download her certificate it said the 90 minute time window had expired. Others have reported the same type of errors and their weeks long attempts to get the certificate corrected to no avail. Looks like the end of the line.
  4. This is exactly what is happening when I log on to the site kindly provided by Mexbound: https://cvcovid.salud.gob.mx/
  5. This is exactly what is happening when I log on to the site kindly provided by Mexbound: https://cvcovid.salud.gob.mx/
  6. How Mexico Forgot Its Covid Crisis https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2021-07-15/mexico-covid-crisis-amlo-government-s-response-ahead-of-delta-variant
  7. Vaccine certificate: what is the web address for downloading the certificate
  8. What is the contact info for Hannah?
  9. Gei a Skymed Emergency Evacuation policy or NRA has an inexpensive emergency evacuation insurance policy from. A Med evacuation jet to was was $41K 10 years ago.
  10. ExpressVPN works well on my firestick, I get 38mbps down on my tv checked with fast.com so the VPN sure isn't slowing me down.
  11. I walk on the malecon often in the little park west of Chapala as it has some shade. I also walk on the Ajijic malecon. The problem is the baños have never been unlocked. It looks like people finding the door locked use the area in front of the door to urinate or defecate and it is a stinking mess. Why do they build baños and leave them locked up?
  12. Has anyone seen Chocolate Lava Muffins for sale at Lakeside?
  13. We went to the Instituto Technologico Chapala and arrived at 3;00 they were finished for the day, come back tomorrow. I asked the hours responded 08:00 to 12:00
  14. The Walmart site is not that difficult. Look at the pictures of items. The service is great. Th website is a little clunky and if it hangs up just use the refresh button.
  15. Anyone who has Shipped Shaw Receiver from Canada to Ajijic? If so what were the duties for Aduana? I am still trying to find a Shaw 830 PVR.
  16. My Shaw Satellite TV 820 DVR got hit by power problem today. It does not turn off with the remote and the TV says it is sending no signal. I have unplugged for hours and when plugged in it turns itself on but has no no signal or guide. Has anyone else had this problem? There is no reset button. Is there anyone who works on the Shaw PVRs here at Lakeside?
  17. No problem this morning seems to be working well.
  18. CNBC Business on Shaw yesterday started running entertainment instead of the stock market. Does any Shaw user know what channel shows the stock market here?
  19. Antibodies from Sinovac's COVID-19 shot fade after about 6 months, booster helps - study https://news.yahoo.com/antibodies-sinovacs-covid-19-shot-142748493.html
  20. Watch Out for the National Guard When Driving in Mexico they are replacing the Federal Police they can write tickets for speeding. https://qroo.us/2021/07/23/watch-out-for-the-national-guard-when-driving-in-mexico-video/
  21. You can stream the Olympics on Peacock https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&view=btop&ver=ops2cvpehp6&search=inbox&th=%23thread-f%3A1706118924700017019|msg-f%3A1706118924700017019&cvid=1
  22. A third coronavirus wave fueled by the highly contagious delta variant is battering two of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations on opposite coasts, Los Cabos in the Pacific and Cancun on the Caribbean. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/other/covid-explodes-in-cancun-and-los-cabos-as-third-wave-hits-mexico/ar-AAMtzWj
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