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  1. I just went to Guad to get mine. I was told to take a thumb drive for them to load it on. The process includes scanning in facial recognization data, both hands 5 finger prints, and a iris scan. The RFC I received says valid for 4 years . I guess they think mt finger prints or iris scan will change.
  2. This video is from State of Colima, not Nuevo Leon or Coahuila. Is there another video showing the Laredo/Monterrey highway. Generally these are on Hwy 57 the free road, not the toll road 57D.
  3. You will need about $100USD in MXN pesos for the toll roads Laredo to Chapala. There is a nice hotel HSP Hotel San Pedro in the center of the toll road with secure parking 5-6 hours south of Laredo. Do not drive at night on Mexico's highways.
  4. We used to buy these in Texas. They did not sell them here but they have an excellent bag of 1/3lb Burgers that say Kirkland Sirloin and they are very good.
  5. If you use Chromebook you don't have to use Ms Word or Excel for the free Google Docs and Google Sheets instead.
  6. Costco has a Chromebook on sale, I will be trading up from my ancient laptop when I get there. HP 14" for only $199. read more
  7. I have a good number of Grolsch bottles with bail and ceramic stoppers with good rubbers for some beer maker. PM me The bottles need to go soon, it'd be a pity to have to throw them away.
  8. You are exactly right. It is possible to use a circuit that is only powered when the car is running and battery charging. In a boat i used to own I had a relay that was actuated by the output when the alternator was on. Might be advisable on an inverter as well. I have had this Norcold electric chest in various cars for over 15 years.
  9. Just about any mechanic can do this it's easy. Going north on C Madero in Chapala. You pass a grain and cereals store on a corner on the right. The next east/west street goes back west the stereo shop is located on that street on the left just 70' or so before it gets back to C. Madero. It ia just across the street from the late Dr Herirdea's office if you knew him.
  10. Many choices on Mercado Libre. Search under "Felt chair leg protectors"
  11. No Politifact is discredited. They are an avowed political organization with a mission. Covid 19 is a disease and should be addressed with science not Poly-sci. That is BS. Didn't Politifact told us there was Russia collusion with President Trump? I sue a mask when appropriate, wash my hands often use nasal spray with some H22O2 have been fully vaccinated but should I get covid symptoms I will use ivermectin, HCL, vitamin C , zinc, NAC, nebulizer with iodine and H2O2. Tell us you won't do the same while you are waiting to be sick enough to be hospitalized. So don't try to answer a science problem with politics. They are all ready doing that in the West. How many ivermectin studies have you read or do you just close your mind to any other alternatives? Science always embraces fair open debate and welcomes all information. Do you?
  12. Here is an interesting study comparing Covid outcomes in Mexico & Honduras both of which have performed better than the USA and a little worse than Canada. article here
  13. Your best bet is one of the saw mills around Mazamitla or between here and the coast.
  14. Can the CFE bill be paid online with a US or Canadian credit card yet? Last I tried it was Mexican credit card only?
  15. Cartels are planting IEDs along roads in Michoacan. The Mexican Military is responding by sending mine detection and disarming teams to the area around Aguililla. The army has lost one vehicle and seen injured 10 troops wounded. One farmer was killed and son injured when his pickup set off an IED. article here
  16. Thanks Ferret, I had been checking General Merchandise, glad you caught it.
  17. Want to buy a medium or small cargo trailer that is US plated. It you see one on the side of the road please advise me.
  18. Are we part of the problem? Yes the difference in Guadalajara and Chapala has to do with supply and demand.
  19. Going down the Gulf Coast you will come to Tampico (interesting commercial) then south to Tuxpan, beautiful small town with the Rio Tuxpan running out to the gulf. Frequented my nacionals for a break. Nice beaches on the Gulf. Then south to Veracruz, a beautiful city with wonderful square. They still had the paseo on Sundays when I was there. If you have been to New Orleans. Biloxi, Tampa or Havana, you'll think you have been here. Wonderful atmosphere and good food. Not many gringos when I was there.
  20. Well MC, there is no view from the restaurant. The whole thing is about the food. You might just want to do a drive-by
  21. We have had consistently great food at "Mariscos Guicho" for the last 15 years or so. It is the last resturant on the east end of the waterfront past the tacky junk market by the Malecon. We always get a Molcajete Mixto with shrimp and beef and chicken, melted with cheese. It is bubbling hot and stays hot for quite a while as the molcajate has been on the fire. You eat gobs of it on tortillas. See them on Facebook.
  22. I need good moving boxes to pack for a move..
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