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  1. On 5/4/2022 at 7:07 AM, cedros said:

    My doctor has suggested that a physiotherapist may help deal with neuropathy in my lower legs. Can anyone recommend a good one?

    I was bed ridden for four months and told by a Guad phtsican that I would not walk again.  Miguel Reyes  who came to the house 3 times a week. It took a painful three months but I now walk without a cane or walker. I wouldn't recommend anyone else.

    Miguel Reyes 331-758-2562 from Chapala college trained Physical Thearpist

  2. In the USA they would use a sand blaster with ground pecan shells. Here you might buy a rag wheel for your drill with a little jewlers rougre which is slightly abrasive.

    This is the way many rings get polished. Ask a  jewler where to purchase. 

    It should look like this:It should look like this from Amazon


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  3. Ziva fell on the stairs to the garden while atll under the effects os anethesia (6 hours latter) frim removing a small begnine fatty tumor. She is now afraid to climb up inoto the Expedition

    and I nor my spouse can lift her into the SUV. Due to my health it will take us 6 days to get to a hotel we will be staying while searching for a house to buy. That would require her to be lifted in or out 5 0r 6 times a day. Don't know that she would put up with that from some stranger we might find on the roads. She would then have to be vet kenneled for several months until we could find and close on a house. Just don't see that as possible.


  4. Our last 4 Great Danes lived eleven years, but I think Ziva will not make it that long. Large dogs are much more stable emotionally than the little ankle biters. Most small dogs being fearful of their own shadow and yap, yap near constantly. Remember that Danes and other large Mastine breeds just laid in front of the fireplace and slept in the dukes bedroom at night They don;t yap at nothing at all. Plus they're a big deterent for break-ins. Another salient fact that many don't know is that  Great Danes come in Wet mouth or dry mouth. The classic square muzzle and the hanging jowls do drool. In recently Danes have been the last couple of decades they have bred Danes with hound muzzles and "dry" mouths. Ziva is just such a pointed muzzle dry mouth.

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  5. You mighr have to make the block but I usually find parking near the one in Chapala, you might have to pass the store and make your first street going to the left then the next , then on that street that dead ended just east of the store 75' from the  store, There is nearly always parking on that one. 

  6. On 4/11/2022 at 5:28 AM, Mijo said:

    Radisson, Pancho’s, La Pueblita and others remain unfinished. Water issues? Lack of funding? 

    This is common. We saw lots of this throughout Latin America and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Looking at real estate 25 years ago it was explained to  us that  this was a financing.situation.  In residential property it was common for a started construction to change hands several times before being completed. In many countries where there was no financing available a couple would buy a lot and pay it off.. Months or years later when they had saved enough they would buy couple of bags of concrete and a dozen concrete blocks. These would be assembled then project would sit unfinished until more money was available. The beauty of this type of construction is that it can sit with being "dried in" as we would say without deteriorating for quirt a while. This was a good solution to a lack of mortgages and it used to be much more common.

    The same thing happens in commercial projects. They get initial construction loan and fail to meet progress points and the money dries up. Someone will eventually finish it or maybe the next one.  

    Gas stations and some other projects stall for years with their "permits being approved" or sufficient cash incentives paid. The Walmart intersection off the state highway is one such problem. Since the state seems to have met it's commitment and built the intersection with a traffic light but it is being blocked by the municipality, the problem is not with the state.  US companies are at a dissadvantage  as US law seeks to punish them for paying these cash incentives to get to operate in foreign countries. They have accessed large fines on companies caught paying these fees and pursued executives with criminal indictments for this activity in other countries. This puts US companies at a disadvantage in countries where is the norm.

  7. 27 minutes ago, mudgirl said:

    I use Telcel, not ATT, but when in Canada, calling Canadian numbers does not use +1. My phone when in Canada becomes a "Canadian" phone, so dialing is just like if you were calling from a Canadian landline or Canadian cell phone. Which is why you then have to input +52 and the number when phoning Mexico.

    That is probably more current than my info. I operated a cell phone company as an agent but that ended 29 years ago.

  8. 4 minutes ago, CADmn said:

    Thanks Geeser. I was concerned it wouldn't work at all in Canada once I get there.

    Some carrier in Canada uses that same frequency and will swap in a new 

    SIM card when your phone stops working. You will just sign a new contract on their plan and it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes.

    One of the carriers Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility, Freedom Mobile, or Telus Mobilie will be on the same frequency as ATT. That is the one to try first.

  9. 14 hours ago, CADmn said:

    Is there an English speaking att number I can call besides *611, which was Spanish only. I got an 8 month plan with att in Merida, Yucatan last October, but she thought plan wouldn't work when I return to Canada on 13april. I only post here because I'm pressed for time to know exactly what I have. My texting never worked, which was annoying, and voicemail doesn't work either. The loss of those two never bothered me much because most people I met here in Chapala either didn't have phones or if they did they didn't have texting.

    When I checked att's website it said the only office in the lake area was closed. My contact in Merida who sold me a new phone and plan was useless. It's obvious they're just vendors selling att products but can't/don't know how/don't care to help when problems arise. I guess I'll know if I have roaming when I land in Canada, but I doubt it.


    Just take your phone to Canada and use it as long as they leave it on. It is cheap enough to use and you have already paid. You should at a Mexico ATT office how to call another north American phone when you are roaming/ I think last time we just dialed 1 & area code and number. If that doesn't work call (plus) +1 and number.  The plus is accessed differently on different phones. The ATT prepaid plans DO include North America calling and roaming, use it all you can  include roaming and calling all north American numbers. Remember you phone for incoming calls still has a Mexico number. To call ours even if in the northern countries one has to press (plus) + 52 331-XXXX. 

  10. When I was in early teens we uses to trap roaches overnight behind the grocery; a single night would yield a couple of dozen large ones. They were absolutely the best bait for bream a d crappie would sometimes bite as well. They seemed to out perform crickets which were just becoming commercially available. I put thousands on a small hooks and never got a bite. Of course my hands were quite a bit tougher in those days.

  11. 2 hours ago, CADmn said:

    Thanks Geeser. I hope they have some English speakers answering the phone. I took a couple of basic Spanish lessons, but ran out of time, so I can't converse in Spanish.

    I was hoping to find something in Chapala to save on travel time. It's bigger than Ajijic, so it would make sense.

    Ill have to check Intercams hours.

    You will be most successful if you tell them face to face, they have 3 or 4 parking places.

  12. AT&T got off to a horrible start in Ajijic in 2018 due to an employee Jorge who who activated cell phones for gringos and possibly nationals as well. If cash was paid it seems it went in his pocket but I activated an iPhone with a credit card. After a couple of months most of these phones were turned off by AT&T. It waa in the Gusd Reporter that the money was taken by the employee who never filed an actual contract. Who knows how much the thief made off with.  Not ATT fault anyone can hire a rotten apple. ATT's  huge mistake was the refusal to honor the paper contracts many people received for a cash payment. So they refused service and would not honor these contracts and refused to refund the cash paid shown on these contracts. This was a public relations  disaster caused by a thieving employee who was improperly supervised but the company refusal to correct his crime probably doomed them at lakeside for a generation. The 2 year contract we used a credit card to purchase provided excellent service with unlimited data, calling Mexico, USA and Canada and allowing  roaming there as well. Last week we received an email notifying us that both our phones were going to be. out of service on April 4, 2022i We went to the store and he (sic) looked up the contracts   We agreed to renew them both and wanted the 2 year contract quoted at $4640mn.  The current employee tried to run the credit card, but said the system was down but cash would work or come back later. 4 hours later it was still not working. I smelled a rat.  We returned once a day on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. The story changed from system down to credit card not approved on three different cards. Then our Mexican debit card was not approved . Each time he insisted cash would work. Today we drove to an ATT office in the center where Superama was located on  south of Fresco grocery on Lopez Mateos/ Colima highway just south of Costco but on the west side if the street. The credit card renewal went right through of course and the cost of the 2 year contract was $4537 now with unlimited calls and text Mexico, USA and Ca with roaming in each. Avoid the AT&T store in Ajijic. The current employee may be honest but all the symptoms were there.

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  13. 20 hours ago, mudgirl said:


    The manufacturers? You are talking to a professional seamstress here,  don't condescendingly explain fabrics and fibres to me. I make my own masks. They have an outside layer of tightly woven cotton, an inner layer of double woven synthetic blackout fabric that holds water, and a layer of non-woven interfacing between them.  

    Since you have such qualified sources, perhaps they would like to test how much virus particles can pass through them.

    Seamstress surly you don't mean that you have the materials research staff that manufactures have available so you?

    Just because you can sew two pieces of cloth together does not mean you have any inside knowledge about fabrics woven or formed by compression.

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